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  • Cherry Bomb (HOLD)
    17.1K 1.2K 6

    (On Hold) Sakura wasn't a fangirl. Sakura wasn't annoying. No, Sakura was actually raised right by a bad ass mom. When Sakura's mom walked Sakura to the training grounds that day, Kakashi didn't think anymore of it. But when he decided to learn more about her, he found himself wanting to find out more, and was gettin...

  • Red Mist (Naruto FanFic)
    233K 12K 21

    [Book One] "I'm proud of who I am. A thief, a lone traveler who never stops running. Just watch me, I will fight and survive, for me and by myself." Akai is not a shinobi. She's just a travelling mercenary with no destination. Okay... 'mercenary' is just the kind way to call her... She's also a thief. Merely just for...