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    9.8K 149 9

    This is my first book of imagines so,don't hate on it.Also you can request a imagine if you want.

  • When Love Is Gone (Lauren/You/Camila)
    265K 6.3K 55

    "Lovers come and haters go" Cover by: SLOTHTATO

  • TLAPB (Camila/you)
    27.5K 885 9

    camila/you Really short story. An actual book may be coming soon depending on how well this story does. When I say book I mean more chapters the next time around.

  • Fifth Times a Charm You/Lauren/Camila
    206K 5.9K 32

    You know what they say, fifth times a charm. All Rights Reserved ©

  • Light In The Storm
    36K 1.5K 14

    Normani/ You G!P

  • 30 Days (Minsung)
    338K 34K 41

    "You're our lucky winner for today." "Um so... what did I win?" "You won me."

  • Fighter
    152K 6.9K 49

    Normani/ You G!P

  • Hold Me By The Heart
    28.4K 1.2K 7

    Kehlani/You G!P @kpg13f came up with this idea.

  • West Coaster// Choni x reader
    8.9K 210 11

    You where from the west coast. You where bad news. It only got worse on your 19th birthday. Warnings: G!p Poly! Gxg Light smut

  • The beast inside
    315K 9.7K 20

    Percy is betrayed by his friends at camp half blood, and unfortunately both his mother and step father were killed while he was in Greece. Not to mention that he was bitten and is now part werewolf. all Percy wants to do is be alone and free in his demigod/werewolf life. Unfortunately a certain goddess won't stop look...

  • 5 Loves of my Life? (Fifth Harmony FanFic)
    20.2K 498 7

    Jane Marie Hart. A girl from England that can sing, dance, play any sport, and play any instrument. Her manager scores her a tour but she didn't expect these 5 beautiful girls to join

  • Wishing I was 23
    4.3K 89 37

    Rachel Blue Lynch. An ordinary teenager with a superstar family. With her siblings in a band call R5, parents that are rich and own it's own company, she was out of the spot light like Ryland. What stands her out is that she was adopted by them. She doesn't mind. She also is the songwriter for the band alongside her...

  • Weird Days (Fifth Harmony/you)
    42K 1.9K 23

    A love triangle between four beautiful and crazy women? Ally hates you Dinah loved you from the start Lauren's your best friend in need of comfort And Normani is falling without even knowing. What happens when you love them too? But can't choose? Note:Does not include Camila, I may add her later on but not now becaus...

  • mate? you/camila
    97.4K 2.4K 18

    you are a werewolf. a alpha to be exact. your ones of the world powerful alpha but no one knew that. you keep your hidden . one day you sister wanted to go a Fifth harmony concert. how you can no, you love your Sister since she the only family you have. you go to meet and greet. you lock eyes with these brown bea...

  • This Time (Camila/You)
    109K 2.7K 24

    This is a story where you are a normal girl who loves music, one summer, you went to the Miami Beach and accidentally met a girl and fell in love with each other, but things didn't turn out the way you expected, you two haven't seen each other for quite few months, until you both achieved your dream as being a recordi...

  • Two Worlds Collide (Camila/You)
    44.6K 1.3K 12

    You are a mixture of a werewolf and a vampire, you've been moving across the country, but your parents decided to stay in Miami, you got the chance to be a normal teenager finally, and fall in love with a certain young lady who is actually, in fact, a human. What if she falls for you and finds your deep darkest secret...

  • Daddy (Laurminah/you)
    119K 3K 39

    Read and find out 🙃

    Completed   Mature
  • L M S
    87.2K 3.1K 20

    Dinah is your dads girlfriend daughter which whom you have a lot in common. but when you catch feelings for her will her secret scare you away? will she reciprocate these same feelings for you? G!P so if you're not into that sort of thing please don't read.

    42.2K 1.7K 21

    Normani joins a group chat on Twitter and shit happens. Boy Y/N

  • Camila/You Imagines
    1M 17.1K 61

    Self explanatory, story contains fluff and smut (a lot of smut actually) •GirlxGirl •G!P •BoyxGirl Mayyy contain graphic abuse of all kinds Enjoy tho x

  • Just a Fan (Dinah/you)
    215K 6.8K 36

    You were just a fan, she was just an international popstar. What happens when she starts to fall for you at a meet and greet. Love at first sight?

  • The Purge (Norminah/you)
    27.4K 929 25

    Read and find out

    Completed   Mature
  • Not So Different At All Normani/You (COMPLETED)
    117K 3.7K 67

    As Fifth Harmony's Tour comes to an end, Their manager Mark and SYCO records decides since the girls will mostly be recording their next album for a while, it's time for them to go back to school. All the girls are happy, except Normani. People bullied her when she was in school. She's pretty sure the girl still goes...

  • Girlfriend or Friends camila/Y/N
    1.3K 41 4

    Hey gus well this is my first time writing a book I hope you guys like it and I hope this book become a hit but yeah I hope you like it and leave vote and comment

  • Ain't Trippin
    339K 10.8K 62

    You and Camila are best friends, you've had a cute little crush on her since you both were twelve. Camila is your 'straight' best friend and can tell you anything, what happens when you keep secrets from her? You G!P (Girl with a penis)

  • Sports love Camila/you
    48.9K 942 34

    you're the captain of the basketball team and camila is the captain of the cheer leading squad. ya'll used to be close,but ever since she tried out for the cheer team,became popular and rude she thinks of you as a dweeb,but camila doesn't know that you're trying out for basketball cause well you're like super smart...

  • The Speakeasy Camila/You
    108K 4.3K 25

    Nothing was more illicit for you than the early 90s being only the tender age of eighteen. With your parents handing you over to your uncle in Chicago for your rebellious behavior. Moving in with your Uncle comes a whirlwind of temptation, What happens when you meet your first taste of the nightlife through a gorgeous...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love like War (Camila/You/Lauren)
    25.9K 985 26

    COVER BY SLOTHTATO Y/N Y/L/N became a superstar at the age of 17. For her first world tour, Fifth Harmony was opening. Just read what happens

  • Devil With A Halo (Camila/You)
    36.9K 2.2K 9

    The people of the headquarters think of me as the devil and I don't blame them. My abilities are meant to be used for evil, to kill...destroy. I was raised to be fully yellow even though at times I could feel the heat inside of me claw at my mind to get out and I succeeded at letting it stay in for years. That was un...

  • Serendipity Camila/You
    2.5M 74.1K 162

    G!P you/also dominant you. Definition of G!P: you're a girl...and you got a dick __ You're in a band named Serendipity with your three friends Natalie, Amber, and Erica from New York City. Being new to the media but also going straight to the top can be a bit overwhelming. Especially if everyone is saying they have a...

    Completed   Mature