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  • Marvel memes [ COMPLETE ]
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    First book I do not own any of the memes (Complete) Hope you like it:) (new marvel memes 2)

  • Avenger Memes 2
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    Yes. I'm back. Wahoo! This time there's more! Oh! And i learned how to add gifs! Ah! *Please remember that any memes and gifs I post are all from the internet so go there if I stop posting someday :) All rights go to meme makers*

  • Marvel/Avengers Memes & Gifs
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    Hello everyone! Just as the title says, this book will be Marvel/Avengers memes and gifs and any other thing that I decide to put in here :D So get ready for: Fun, Awesomeness, AND FEELS! ~I update this book everyday! :D Have fun looking at this book! :D ~MC~ (Cover made by me)

  • Avenger Memes
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    A little book of memes to do with Marvel and different things like that... #473 in memes - 12/05/2018 *All photos and memes I get are from the Internet. If I don't post and you need more memes give the Internet a try :) Also all memes belong and pictures used belong to owners*

  • Would You Rather? [Marvel Edition]
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    I'm sure the title is self explanatory.

  • Marvel Memes
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    As the title says. NOTE: I did not make any of these memes myself! I do not take any credit. Some content may be inappropriate... Please 13+

  • Quotable Marvel Cinematic Universe Quotes (ON HOLD)
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    These are just a bunch of quotes I thought you could use in real life situations. Yes, there is a ton of others books just like this one, and I kind of copied the idea, but this book is all mine. The quotes from this book are not from other books, but, being that they are from the same characters, they could end up in...

  • Avengers Chat
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    *Post Civil War starts in chapter 13* This is a chat Tony started, with that you only have to imagine the funny and sometimes awkward conversations between the Avengers, it's set after Age of Ultron. Follow the daily lives of the Avengers and friends

  • Avengers Texts
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    Avengers. Texting. Not much else to explain.

  • Auntie Natasha (Percy Jackson/Avengers/other random crossovers)
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    Percy Jackson, a nine year old Shield Agent, just saw his Aunt's boyfriend/partner get turned into a mindless minion. Now he is willing to do anything to get him back. Even if it means pairing up with a stuck up billionaire, an old man, a rage monster, and a god. Besides he's got some powers they don't know about to k...

  • Son of a god (on hold)
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    What if Hiccup was actually adopted? What would happen if he found out that his birth father was actually a Norse god? But which one? Read to find out! Avengers & HTTYD crossover! (Cross-posted on my account)

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    Avengers. In a chatroom. What could possibly go wrong? ~ If you came here to read a logical story, then you're in the wrong section of Wattpad! This fanfiction has no plot whatsoever, it's simply for the enjoyment of those who feel like reading something playful. Thank you for joining me on this crazy adventure! DIS...

  • Fooled Around and Fell In Love (GotG Fanfiction)
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    Peter liked Gamora ever since he laid eyes on her. However, his reckless, womanising, music-loving attitude is not the best about him. After saving the galaxy twice now, Peter now wants to tell his feelings for her. Will Gamora accept, or turn him down one more time? This is told in both of their points of view (thoug...

  • Rockin' Robin
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    As they were on their way to the warehouse, where they were meeting the dealer, Peter and Gamora heard something different. Something that was familiar and rare at the same time; singing. What was unique about it; the lyrics were in English and it was coming from a little girl with an extremely beautiful voice. (Rated...

  • Natasha Revealed
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    the avengers are sent on a mission in Russia, they find some sensitive information about the red room, Natasha takes them to the deserted red room facility to uncover more information. All characters belong to Marvel

  • Happier 💘 Romanogers
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    ❝You knew, we all knew I was coming back.❞ ❝No we didn't.❞ [Post Age of ultron au] •Completed 🔒

  • It's love
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    Haha, well this is basically a story about Romanogers (Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers) and I pretty much write it the way I would have wanted it to be. I come up with new stuff for every part so if you have any suggestions I'll be glad to hear them! And thank you so much for commenting and liking the stories. It me...

  • I owe you
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    Another Romanogers story. I never get tired of writing these. Hope you enjoy!

  • Shades of Blue and Black.
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    'He's an ocean Blue, and she's a deadly Black.' 'That's why they are so good together.' 'They just can't see it.' 'No, No they can't...

  • Seeing Red -Romanogers-
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    In which Natasha Romanoff must relive her past, dragging Steve Rogers into the flames with her. {Post TWS, Pre AoU, Romanogers, slow updates}

  • When Blue And Green Collide
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    *Post Civil War Fanfic* Natasha is on the run again. Steve is on the run for the first time. She will never regret helping him that day. He will never regret trusting her with his life. Now that they are both on the run, different problems await them. ○○○ #Romanogers #CapWidow #SteveTasha #SteveNat

  • I'm Not In Love (Starmora-FF/ Guardians Of The Galaxy)
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    Just a lovestory between Gamora and Peter Quill/ StarLord. [Gamora×Peter Quill/ StarLord; Starmora]

  • To The Moon And Back (Fanfic)
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    Team Cap has escaped from the clutches of their jail cells. Steve & Natasha have come to good terms after what happened at the airport. With the team still divided - Steve and Natasha, and the remaining Avengers are on the run, hopeful that they'll escape Ross and witness a peaceful ending. Actively Featured Characte...