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  • Amaranth
    134 15 1

    The boy looked at the box in curiosity before opening it, removing the cover to reveal its contents. Inside, dozens upon dozens of envelopes, all in different colors, lay stacked into neat rows. On top, a single white envelope with the words "First Letter" printed neatly across lay. ---------------- At a fanmeet, Park...

  • Hit or Miss
    1K 110 3

    In a desperate attempt to rebuke the advances of her overly energetic coworker, YN asks her quiet roommate Jungkook to pretend to be her boyfriend until Taehyung lays off. But YN comes to realize that there's more to the quiet man than she could have ever imagined. I guess they never miss, huh? Highest Rankings 2 in...

  • Lied Boy (PKA I'll Never Forgive You)
    188K 213 4

    "I become shunned by the soul suckers, but where were you? Were you there with your arms open like a good little angel? No. No, you weren't. Where were you, hm, baby? Love of mine?" Prince Merullo is in the prime of his life. Twenty - one with the world in his palm, more money than he knows what to do with, and an ins...

  • Recrudescence
    51.7K 2.6K 21

    It's nearly easy as breathing (for six of them, at least) for BTS to pretend to be just like everyone else - humans with big dreams and aspirations. But one person brings the façade crashing to the ground and for some reason, they just can't let her go. Soulmate OT7 x Reader Also posted on Tumblr and AO3 as @chimchims...

    8.3K 362 23

    A compilation of oneshots. Also posted on my Tumblr and AO3 under @chimchimsauce

  • Sanctuary (✔)
    83.9K 4K 17

    YN is a young girl, bright and ambitious, but due to her busy schedule, she's been unable to make any real friends. When an ad for Saint Mary's Sanctuary catches her attention, she never expected her life to be changed by a certain hybrid named Jimin. Hybrid! Jimin x Reader Also posted on Tumblr and AO3 under chimchim...

  • Wolfie and Zaya
    1.4K 122 21

    His eyes are gold. Not honey golden or golden brown, but actual gold, shiny, glittery orbs. When eighteen-year-old EliSa entered Saint Mary's Sanctuary, she expected to find a cat or dog to fill the empty hole in her heart. She did not expect to undercover a secret rebellion, did not expect to find herself tied to the...

  • Okay, Google!
    126 7 2

    Seven I - ARMYs from across the world win spots on Okay, Google!, BTS' new reality show promoting the new instantaneous translation device called Fluidity. Through culture shock and mistranslations, will they make friends with the boys they've loved from afar for so long? Or will their lives become more entangled than...

  • V & ㅌ
    13.3K 760 71

    Taein (태인) Kim, affectionately known as "Blondie", is an incredibly talented young man and leader of the ever popular kpop group Eclipse. The band has danced, sang, and rapped their way into the hearts of millions of people worldwide. Tae has his whole life and career in front of him, but what happens when a standard...