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  • Loving Her Curves
    2.3M 84.8K 49

    "C'mon baby, don't be shy," she whispered in a sultry deep tone, making my dick twitch with arousal. My eyes widened as she straddled me with her beautiful thick legs. "I want you," she growled, placing her hands on my chest. "M-me?" I stammered stupidly, my glasses fogging up. Taking them off, she grabbed my awkward...

  • Hells Cross
    100K 4.9K 41

    A sudden rearranged marriage by her father leaves Zyela more than shocked. Especially when he mentions that she has multiple men to choose from. Going along with her father's whim started out with a curious approach but as time passed, feelings began to develop. Zyela tries her hardest to make a choice to pick a husba...

  • Number One Crush
    10.1K 305 4

    Angelina Caldwell thought her life was ordinary, boring, until four guys suddenly announced their love for her. Four totally different young men but only one will win her heart. Who will it be? And can she deal with all the attention?

  • Pledge to Perry
    49.4K 2.5K 7

    Norah's life takes a turn when she finds the journal of a dead man who dares her to go beyond her limits.

  • Social Suicide
    4.8K 312 3

    Blake Hudson has fallen from grace and right next to Penny. The two despise each other, one being a popular golden boy and the other an outcast disliked by nearly all her senior classmates, but both are somehow unable to go a day without running into each other. A boy who wants to fit in the popular crowd and an outs...

  • Falling for the Bad Boy
    1.9K 52 13

    NEW COVER!! Elena is an ordinary teen girl. She's a straight A student, super fun and energetic, but she can also be a bit grumpy and mean at times especially if you get on her bad side. She's not popular and is constantly picked on by the "plastics" in her school. She survives her high school years with her BFF Tayl...

  • Covered Edges
    282K 11.9K 36

    Scarlett White is an achieving teenager whose sole focus is her future. That focus seems to absorb most of her life, only leaving some room for her best friend and nightly episodes of her favorite show, Chopped. However, that may be attributed to her childhood and the absence that came with; a distancing mechanism dev...

  • The Street Fighter & The Gang Leader
    65.1K 1.6K 8

    Cason Knight is a 17 year old girl. She is also known as the Crimson Viper, a famous street fighter. Both of her parents died in a plane crash when she was 14. She has been living with her cousin Lana, who is also her manager, since the accident. Dakota is a 17 year old boy. He is also the leader of the strongest gan...

  • Living with the Harrison Family
    134K 4.7K 54

    My name is Blake Starr and I can honestly say I never expect anything in my life. No, I didn't expect to live with the Harrison family. When I move in I don't expect to be treated in any special way. I don't expect to make friends. I also don't expect to make enemies. I don't expect to be accepted into the family. I d...

  • 3 Stepbrothers
    20K 484 5

    My name is Callie. I'm 16 years old. my mom is getting remarried to her boyfriend of 4 years. My dad died when I was 6. He was shot. Lets just it at the wrong place at the wrong time. I have a 10 year old sister named Belle. She never meet our dad. then to add to wonderful family I have a step dad and 3 stepbrothers...

  • The Bad Boy Broke Into My House
    17.6K 582 17

    Highest Ranking Teen Fiction- #403 Maya was your average good girl who doesn't like to party. she prefers to stay home Friday night watching Netflix and eating. all that Maya wants is to finish her senior year without causing trouble. Ryder was your bad boy who likes to cause all trouble. He prefers to be free and rec...

  • Prince Charming likes Crazy Girls
    30.5K 1.3K 13

    One chapter a week Princess Crazy Series (book 1) Stacey wasn't always Crazy. There was a time when she was perfectly sane, but that was before her parents deaths. Her parents were murdered and the murderer was never found. With no family left Stacey's auntie sends her to a boarding school far away. Ever since Stacey...

  • The nerd??
    126K 4K 21

    Alexia the school 'nerd' has her secrets. Her parent are divorced and she lives with her mother her father is the leader of the most famous and powerful gang in country. She is bullied at school and she just takes it because she can't let anyone know who she is. She is a streetfighter and a street racer and she is rea...

  • I'm missing.
    1.5K 51 7

    I'm missing and I'm broken. I'm homeless and I'm broken. I'm caught and I'm broken. --- Nothing has ever been simple for me since they died... Now it is going to get a whole lot harder. Moving in with mums ex-friend and her six sons who are all fascinated by me is not going to end well... And not only that things from...

  • Naturally Random
    1.2M 28.6K 38

    "It's not my fault that dog food is only supposed to be eaten by dogs..." "You can't blame me for actually heating up an egg in the oven to see if it hatches..." "Can you stop staring at me like that? It's not like I did it on purpose..." "C'mon, you can't blame me for trying to figure out where the air vent actually...

  • The Rose Boys 2
    3.6K 98 3

    It's the Rose Boys, part two! In the view of Nick Monterro, a troubled man, still torn up about January choosing Darren over him. He's a troubled playboy, something he's always despises. Nick pulls his personal assistant Emily into a trap and now she's here to stay. Will this adventure lead to Nick finally finding lov...

  • The Perv and The Nerd
    1.9M 48.2K 96

    What if you wished for your boring life to become interesting? What if it happens, but you soon regret having wishing for it? Life isn't always what we expect it to be. Expect the unexpected and learn to take things as they are. If so, all your problems will be solved and cleared out. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~...

  • Bad Chick {Completed}
    94.4K 3.7K 44

    #79 in Chicklit {highest ranking} [Completed] WARNING -This is my first books so read at your own risk plus please don't judge my writing with just this book. I have gotten better so if you'd like than check out my other stories :) Sophia is the girl every guy wants. Well, she's not like most girls. She is the bad chi...

  • Forever Gone
    2.7K 143 3

    CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONG NOVEL. "He's the idiotic version of Einstein who can't stop wearing a suit." Action packed and a bit overly sarcastic, Forever Gone follows the story of 18-year-old Ace Cariani, an apathetic genius who has a little trouble with violence and prefers to be the brains behind the scenes while...

  • Forever the Fighter
    240K 7.9K 26

    [HIGHEST RANKING: #22 ACTION] "She's not extraordinary, she's not normal, she's the girl that no one has quite figured out yet." Scarlett's life has been flipped upside down from the moment she was left to care for her brother alone, to her being chased to New York by a certified psychopath and his blood thirsty gang...

  • We All Have Scars (COMPLETED + EDITED)
    15.7K 615 18

    We all have scars, some just hide them better than others... +++ They say I murdered my own sister. They say I'm the problem they're sorrowing. They say I am a freak, and a killer. They spread rumors about me. How I am untrustworthy and evil. But what they do to me, is murder it-self. I am abused and inflict self-harm...

  • The Bad Boy of Mine II
    6.5K 182 3

    Amongst the past that keeps on coming back to bite them in the ass, Zoey Summers and Chris Martinez managed to find a home in each other's arms. - It wasn't love at first sight, more like a casual touch and a shy smile here and there that drew the two souls to each other. It isn't an epic romance - those that you se...

  • The Bad Boy of Mine
    2.6M 62.3K 53

    He says, "Screw that. I'll take a nap." She says, "Oh no, where did I go wrong?" - Zoey Summers, Chris Martinez. With their names together, side by side, they form a nice ring, huh? Meet Zoey. She's studious. She's kind. She's a good girl. Meet Chris. He's not studious. He's not kind. He's a bad boy. When Zoey move...

  • That Bad Boy in Glasses (Completed)
    27.1M 1M 36

    Violet Landon disguises herself as a guy and works secretly as a replacement driver at night for inebriated people who can't drive. 'Stay out of trouble' is the mantra she has always followed. This job is her key to college and keeping it away from her stepmother and stepsisters is her goal. Gage Mathews is a rich bad...

  • Kidnapped by the gang leader ||✔
    208K 6.5K 37

    Olivia Jade Oliver is your typical 17 year old girl. She loves to watch Netflix, eat, read, sing and dance. She talks A LOT and is always friendly...well most of the time. Oh yeah, and sarcasm is her only defense. Harry Tyler Depp is not your typical 19 year old guy. He hates about everyone and everything. His a leade...

    Completed   Mature
  • Messing With The Bad Boy
    10.7M 370K 48

    #1 in Teen Fiction _ He pushed me against the wall and stepped closer. Our faces were inches apart. He caressed the side of my face gently as his eyes bored into mine. He leaned into me and whispered," Don't mess with me, Stella. I assure you, you will regret it." And with that, he smashed his lips onto mine. _ Stell...

  • You Are In Hell Boys ✔
    1.1M 61.1K 27

    [You should read the first book : Welcome to hell boys, but it's not a must ] Imagine this ~ You are walking down the street, holding a bag that's full of Oreos for your pregnant mom, everything was peaceful until you feel yourself being dragged into an old truck. You look up and see a truck that's full of 5 hot sexy...

  • Welcome To Hell Boys ✔
    6.4M 275K 56

    Highest rank - #1 in humor 28/9/2017 Imagine this ~ You think that you are sleeping in your comfortable bed, next to your 3 year old brother who's so cozy and warm, but you open your eyes to see 3 hot, charming and good looking guys staring at you... but the worst part is that you are in a moving car laying on their l...

  • Hate vs. Love ✓ [Original Version]
    3.9M 148K 62

    L-O-V-E: something that only happens in movies, books, and other fiction. I live in the real world. Heck, I have never even said that word. Bad words, I tell you. * * * Cassandra Evans does not believe in "love." Because of this term, people end up unhappy. She is the epitome of brutal honesty; one of her primary proc...

  • Foolhardy (COMPLETED ✔)
    66.7K 4.7K 33

    "What is fun without a little touch of troubles?" *** Nyssa wasn't exactly a good girl. She got in troubles, was thrown into them or made them... So yeah... That's the reason why she got expelled from her fifth school. Tired of her daughter who gets kicked out from every school she goes, her mother decides to take he...