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  • Mysterious Hoodie Girl | ✓
    178K 6K 70

    What will happen when Dylan Taylor realizes that the mysterious hoodie girl he's been bullying is his ex best friend Katherine Wollace? NOTE: The first part of this story is not that well written and cringy, but as the story goes on the writing does get better! WARNING: This story has sexual situations, bullying, str...

    Completed   Mature
    2M 120K 37

    [Number 1 in Action! 19/09/2017] Hunter Ashley. The homeless girl on the streets. No-one notices if she goes missing, which makes her the perfect FBI agent. ***** "Calvin Black," I repeat his name, my eyes scanning over his bio. Eighteen years old. Studies at Westminster Met college. Son of Christopher Black. "He'...

  • The Artist and The Dancer
    5.4M 279K 61

    Hamilton Academy of the Arts. The school Sydney Acosta moved to all the way from Toronto, Ontario at some barely known town that should actually be considered a city. After the divorce between her mother and father, she's stuck by her mother's side as a best friend, following her to another city in Canada. Her emotion...

  • Chase
    259K 20.3K 25

    "Just go to prom with me." "How many times do I have to tell you no?" Side note: this story is pretty "fluffy" and was made from the many boring moments I had on bus rides. #17 in Chicklit (27/03/2018)

  • Everything Happens At 2:04 AM
    208K 16.5K 13

    Octavia. That's the name the world knows her by. Octavia. One word. One name. At seventeen, she was a girl who had her spotlight when she was whisked away to co-star in what would be an award-winning movie. From that moment on, she had never strayed away. Now, at 24, Octavia was a star and has found herself in multi...

  • Driven by the Pornstar ✔|| 18+ boyxboy
    23.8K 943 8

    "I own you." Hands roamed all over the hundred million dollar body he claimed. Jax shuddered but mewled at the touch. "All of you." "I'm not a prostitute!" "You sell your body for séx... the only difference between this and porn is that it's in front of the camera. Since I literally paid for you..." The words snakes t...

  • Code of Conduct |18+ (Ménage)✔
    4M 207K 90

    [COMPLETED]✔ Book 1 of The Deliverance Series Ménage--MxFxM 2017 Fiction Award Winner for Best Mature Book. --⊰♥⊱-- "Death would be too good for you," the evil glint in his crimson orbs startles me, not expecting this to be his reaction, "you've never been owned? You've never lived a day in your life by the code? Le...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fraternizing with the Enemy
    252K 9.6K 55

    || Highest rank - #62 in Teen Fiction || -- "It was an accident Alexandra, I swear!" "It's Alex and I'm going to gouge your eyeballs out and shove them so far up your ass you'll be able to see how much of shit face you are!" "Feisty... I like it" he smirked at me. ...

  • The Adventures of a Pumpkin and a Running Back Boy
    2.4M 83.2K 17

    Because their story is too interesting to ever have an end. Follow Blake and Lexi through the years!

  • The Spawns
    3.7M 108K 37

    The Spawns are back in town. With Cole and Jayden freshly out of their first year of University, Lilibeth in vacation for the summer and Maika finally out of her boarding school, mischief is on the horizon. But their summer takes an unexpected turn when Dakota Taylor, Cole's cousin, arrives. She's just as crazy as the...

  • I Sold Myself to the Devil for Vinyls... Pitiful I Know (slowly editing)
    98.6M 2.2M 94

    Lexi Grayson is a normal teenager, as normal as she can be with her unobserving skills and her overthinking mind. But she might need the overthinking if she wants to unravel the smirking mystery that is Blake Eaton.

  • Give Me Your Lovin'
    28.4K 292 14

    Danny, a immortal 300 year old male incubus who lives off of sex, usually keeps to himself, being the most popular guy in his state. Until he meets a young girl named Mao who ends up ruining a few things he enjoys ⚠WARNING ⚠ IF YOU CANT HANDLE BOYXBOY, GIRLXGIRL, BOYXGIRL, INTENSE SEX SCENES, AND RAPE, DONT READ! M...

  • Bad Blood
    56.9K 3.6K 12

    Natalya never imagined she would return to the town she grew up in - the small town she remembers with a bittersweet feeling for a variety of reasons. But ten years after she and her family moved, a compilation of mishaps and a sprinkle of bad luck puts her right back to where some of her best memories were created. S...

  • How To Survive A Reckless Boy | ✓
    8.9M 336K 68

    〚 completed 〛 Faye Frémont has never really bothered with boys. She is timid and insecure, not exactly two personality traits that have them fighting over her. Despite that she knows she would have a hard time maintaining a normal relationship because of school and her overprotective father. But things drastically cha...

  • Serenity Falls
    4.8M 82.9K 61

    Serenity Falls is one of the best, most exclusive and most expensive schools in the entire country - and Olivia Webb has just been offered a scholarship. On the outside, the school is perfect. Brand new, perfect students, perfect results. But on the inside, much more drama goes down than anyone could ever imagine...

  • Xavier's Confession
    580K 37.4K 30

    [HR #4 in Teen Fiction] You don't have to worry about me. I have my place in hell. _______________________________ All Xavier ever felt was pain and rejection. He's lost all hope, trust, everything he ever believed in... Including his younger brother, Kevin. Now that he's growing up away from his parents, he doesn't g...

  • IRIDESCENT (Sequel To Silhouette)
    107K 7.5K 19

    [ Sequel to SILHOUETTE ] "If I could stop time," he said softly, gently cupping my face in his hands, "I'd stop it right here." Tightening my arms around his neck, I nodded and whispered back over his lips. "I think I'd like that." _______________________________ Tomorrow wouldn't be easy, Alana knew that. Xavier was...

  • Silhouette ✔
    15.5M 684K 67

    SHORTLISTED FOR THE WATTYS 2018! #1 in Teen Fiction [Completed] [Trailer Inside] "You either hate him without a second thought or love him with all of you. There is no middle ground when it comes to Xavier. He pushes you to the extremes." Xavier Arquette, bad news of Los Carlos, knows just the right string to pull whe...

  • Two Gangs and a Golden Girl
    9.4M 444K 70

    "I didn't ask to be in the middle of your ego-battle," I grumble. Blake pins me to my locker, hands resting on either side of my head. "Well, you got it in anyway, Darling," he whispers. His face is inches away from mine and damn me for licking my lips. I am NOT falling for these guys. And then, at the corner of my e...

  • Lipstick, High-Heels, And Smoking Barrels.(#Watty's 2015)
    54.3K 2.3K 49

    A team of killers. Highly trained, very deadly, and unknown to the public. They've had a hand in most of the 'mysterious' deaths you hear about in the media. But all is not as it seems. 2 have a price on their heads, the other 2 are simply along for the ride. But why are 2 of the world's most elite killers walking tar...

  • The Girl In The Hoodie √
    5.3M 189K 41

    Bailey Washington is just a shy bystander flowing through life. The only thing that makes her stand out against the crowd is that she wears a hoodie. She also doesn't talk to anyone. People haven't ever seen her face or heard her voice. ------------- "Are you ever going to take that hoodie off?" "You know shes not...

    Completed   Mature
  • Crazy~Sexy~Psycho
    1.5M 50.6K 37

    ***MATURE CONTENT *** ***Rated R*** *****WARNING ******* CONTAINS: Lots of music, humor, sexy guys......SEX......sarcasm, swearing, and twists you won't see coming.... YOU'VE BEEN WARNED ~~~ They all think I'm crazy. So, why not act like I'm crazy? ~~~ After an attempted suicide, Angelina finds herself bein...

    Completed   Mature
  • ~Gavin & Angel~
    49K 1K 1

    This is a sexy bonus one shot chapter from Crazy~ Sexy~Psycho that was a little be in the book ;-)

  • Ryker (offshoot of Saintwood series)
    5.8K 235 37

    Being in a town with so many haunting memories have their own price to pay. Wanting to leave and never look back Ryker is stuck dealing with things from the past that that he would prefer to leave in the past. Well that was until she walked in, changing his view and outlook on life. Will he be able to change for the...

  • A Touch of Saintwood
    3.4K 165 28

    What happens when the boys of Saintwood help the boys of A Touch Of Hope with the Santiago Crew? One word: trouble. Join the boys as they come together to fix a problem. What could possibly go wrong? Everything.

  • Saintwood: TNG Game Over (the final and eighth book of the Saintwood series)
    16.8K 621 52

    It's the younger kids final year in college and with the older kids starting families of their own what happens when an old foe takes on Alex's and the fearsome three's families once and for all. Two words: game over. Follow the kids on their final journey of finding love, friendship and laughter along the way. This...

  • Saintwood: TNG college chaos (seventh book in the Saintwood Series)
    14.5K 564 41

    What happens when Alex's and the fearsome threes children all hit college? Two words: pure chaos. Join the next generation as they deal with college, life, love and humor along the way. Everyone is for a wild ride with this generation.

  • Saintwood: TNG Senior Chaos (sixth book of the Saintwood series
    15.1K 592 42

    While Alex's and the fearsome threes older kids are adjusting to college life, the younger kids are entering their senior year in high school. What happens when the hellions, the double trouble twins and RJ have to juggle their senior year and relationships? One word chaos. Join them on their journey as they navigat...

  • Saintwood: TNG College days (fifth book in the Saintwood series)
    17.7K 613 42

    Alex's and the fearsome threes older kids just graduated and are onto the next chapter of their lives. What happens when they enter college and find out life is not so simple as before. With a crazy fanatic on their heels, anything can and will happen. Find out in the next chapter of the series.

  • Saintwood: The Next Generation (fourth book in the Saintwood series)
    22.4K 822 42

    Join Alex's and the fearsome three children on their adventures in high school. With having parents like them everything should be a breeze right? Think again! All bets are off with the next generation of Saintwood.