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  • Kidlock
    4.3K 196 4

    Sherlock has been de-aged and now John has to take care of a adorable toddler. Slight Harry Potter references. Crack, Fluff and mind-blowing cuteness coming your way!

  • Methods Beyond Magic
    27K 2K 45

    Sherlock is a new Defense Against The Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts, the only one who would take the job. Two years graduated from seventh year, he starts to see the school in a new light, trying to make friends and earn the student's respect, all while trying to sort out the ones who wanted friendship and the ones...

  • Soul to Keep
    34.4K 1.5K 9

    In a world where you're born with the first name of your soulmate on your wrist, some people spend their whole lives waiting, while others know too many people with the same name. Sherlock Holmes has always found the concept of soulmates frustrating and tiresome and, secretly, quite lovely. Or perhaps that's due to sp...

  • It Seemed Logical
    36.8K 2.3K 5

    Johnlock. This takes place more or less during season 2 (so no Fall, thank god). IF YOU KNOW ME IN REAL LIFE THIS IS A GOOD TIME TO STOP READING AND JUST GO AWAY, THANKS. I wrote this because I was a bit unnerved by how most johnlock fics presented Sherlock as if he was suddenly "normal", which he clearly isn't, and c...

  • Consider love - A Johnlock
    123K 8.7K 36

    Dr. John Watson thirty-four years old got shot in his shoulder during an army training after struggling with a depression. He decided to study Dutch for a new army training that he was planning to do. That's where he met Sherlock Holmes, his new part time teacher. And so it begins. ~ Johnlock ~ Johnlock AU ►Started w...

  • Signs of Devotion (Johnlock)
    3.3K 228 4

    Lestrade and Donovan visit 221b late at night and begin to witness unusual signs of devotion from the detective...

  • Conference Weekend (Johnlock)
    23.3K 1K 8

    Sherlock and John are invited to join Lestrade and the team on a residential conference weekend in the country… revealing many things about the duo that people don’t usually see.

    Completed   Mature
  • I Know Your Face
    45.3K 3.1K 43

    John really didn't want to think about the kid sitting in the desk next to him in math class. He didn't want to have to accept Sherlock Holmes' existence, the very boy that had managed to destroy John's life for good. Revenge certainly was sweet, but John might be getting a little bit carried away when he starts to d...

  • Heir Apparently
    70.9K 4.8K 51

    Sherlock is the youngest son of a powerful family dynasty, with all the pressure of being the perfect prince sitting on his shoulders. However, he builds his good reputation on lies and tricks, and he dreads the day when his failures will come into the light. John is a mere servant, thrown unwillingly from his hometo...

  • W.S.S.H.
    44.5K 2.9K 23

    John happens to stumble upon a book, a book with very peculiar powers, that introduces him to a mysterious boy on the other side of the pages, Sherlock Holmes. A PotterLock cross over Johnlock Fluff Some MorMor

  • Blending In (Johnlock)
    53.4K 2.4K 5

    Sherlock and John go on an undercover mission which forces them in to a situation where they can't deny their feelings any longer.

  • Our Dearly Departed
    13.3K 1.1K 30

    John's life is torn apart by the loss of his boyfriend, Sherlock Holmes. The world seems darker, the future seems desolate, and he can't go one day without a cruel reminder of what his own actions had caused. But then something magical happens, the ground stirs, and late at night there's a knock at John's door... John...

  • Amortentia
    122K 6.8K 38

    Assistant Professor Sherlock teaches seventh year John in potions Johnlock fluff :)

  • Just Johnlock- The Big Book of One Shots
    39.2K 1.5K 34

    One shots written about Sherlock and John, all Johnlock, some written for the fanfiction awards, some written just because :)

  • COLOUR - Teenlock/johnlock
    69.3K 5K 13

    Fluffy teenlock set in a world where you only see in colour when you find your soulmate. The idea for this was from tumblr. Don't worry it's not the hat fic.

  • Luck Goes Both Ways
    40.1K 2.8K 37

    Sherlock is a Hunger Games victor facing paranoia and drug addiction and is pulled back in as a mentor for the unfortunate new tribute: John Watson Johnlock Fluff

  • Kleptomaniac (A Johnlock Fanfiction) [2015 Wattys Award Winner]
    352K 20.7K 30

    John's never seen a kid like him. He has this beautiful, crazy grace - withheld behind a smug smile and wisecracks that make John frustrated in so many different kinds of ways. And his eyes; crystal clear, decisive, cleaning through the unimportant things to find the valuables in life. He may or may not have a thing f...

  • Hooked (teenlock)
    95.7K 5.5K 16

    Sherlock Holmes is a teen with a curse. Well, not exactly a curse- in fact, some call it a gift. His mind automatically analyzes any item or scene in front of him, unwelcome words popping into his sight and providing him with information he doesn't need. However, his pain and problems are lessened when he meets John W...

  • Like a Fairytale
    268K 15.7K 48

    Sherlock is the son of a rich business man, and there was only one thing that he wanted but couldn't have; John Watson. There was no way the Freak and the star football player could ever have a chance together, especially when the two families had a blood feud. Johnlock Fluff Credit to the amazing artist who drew th...

  • Secretly I Think You Knew
    107K 6.6K 46

    John Watson never really bothered to notice the strange boy in his grade, the self proclaimed sociopath that lingered in the back of the classroom, that is until a chance meeting brought them together in the most unlikely of ways. Sherlock was always living under his brother's thumb, after their parents had died in a...

  • Hogwarts
    180K 11.3K 61

    John is the Quidditch star and Sherlock is the school freak. They hate each other at first, but what's to say old resentments can't be forgotten? Johnlock Potterlock Mystrade Fluff only

  • Please Be John
    38.1K 2.7K 14

    In this (BBC) Sherlock AU Sherlock Holmes is given a pen pal named John Watson for an university assignment. Finally. Sherlock has made a friend. A best friend, and he had never even met him. Well, until now. ***** SORRY ABOUT THE WONKY SPACING; I HAVE WRITTEN THIS ON MY LAPTOPS, AND SEVERAL PHONES! IT EFFECTS HOW T...

  • First meetings (teenlock)
    99.9K 5.2K 16

    Sherlock gets expelled from school and is sent to a boarding school. However when he meets John Watson, it seems the school may not be so bad. But can their relationship hold under the strains of school and other, darker threats?

  • A Study In Love - A Johnlock Fanfiction
    1.8M 86.7K 26

    It all started with a trip. Sherlock had been acting weird, and everyone thought he was just stressed, so he and John go on a trip to Fiji. Yet, what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation from the stresses of detective work only opened the door for much more stress and confusion when John begins to have strange feeli...

  • The One Next Door
    87K 6K 49

    Sherlock is an aspiring artist with literally nothing except some dried old paints to his name, living in the same ratty old apartment building with his best friend, Molly Hooper. Eventually, the unoccupied apartment across the hall gets a new resident, a cheerful and slightly annoying John Watson. Johnlock Fluff

  • These Days
    119K 7.6K 35

    John has the perfect life, he has a beautiful wife, a adorable little kid, and a large, cozy house. He hates it to death. Sherlock has the worst possible life, his job as a second grade teacher is more like purgatory and he could count the people he liked on one hand. When the two meet there is no way anything could...

  • And Together We Fell (prev. "Teenlock") - An AU Sherlock/Johnlock Fanfic
    887K 26.9K 35

    Meet Sherlock Holmes- a 15 year old sociopath; arrogant, tactless, rejected, but enjoys a life of solitude and deducing. Meet John Watson- a 15 year old footballer; quiet, popular, caring, but endures a life of isolation and oppression. A transfer from a state school, John pushes open the door of Room 22 to find t...

  • Human (Johnlock)
    401K 20.3K 16

    “I’m starting to think letting you into my home wasn’t such a good idea.” “Oh it was probably the worst thing you’ve ever done.” There was a moment’s pause before he spoke again. “Do you regret it?” “Not one bit.”