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  • Mia <3 lucas
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    This is about two girls who fall in love, Mia isn't sure about her interests in men or women and Lucas is a girl who changed her original name Leah to Lucas because she is interested in women and a lot of women are interested in her (eyebrow wiggle lol) but when Lucas and Mia meet its a relationship readers will love

  • Fighting for Her (Girl X Girl)
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    Rebeca is an orphan who was adopted at the age of 16. She has finally graduated from high school. Shes going to college now and to a really good one but she encounters new things. Like lesbians, gays, and all the other ones in the package but she never thought she was one of them. She dated some hot guys in high scho...

  • Young&Beautiful (GirlxGirl)
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    Riley is Senior year, straight A+ student. Don't think she's nerd though. We're talking about the most 'famous' girl in school. And well there's is Miss Tomson(Annalee). The teacher who changed her whole life.