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  • Love demands all... rightfully without asking
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    Karan Khanna, the renowned & equally celebrated and controversial lawyer, who has the record of 100% win since he started his career independently. Affording him is not everyone's cup of tea. Widower, he is too much negligence about his daughter. Arrogant and Ruthless in nature he never agreed to re-marry not for he l...

  • ❤ My Personal Drug ❤
    71.6K 3.5K 19

    #4 in Chicklit as on 25 th June , 2017 Hearing his footsteps , my heart still thumped loud . I still get Goosebumps . But something has changed from the last time ...... And that something was his flavour of touch . •°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°••°•°•°•°•°••°•°• Meet the devil himself who believes in winning no m...

  • The Beautiful Chapters #Watty2017
    3.8K 272 15

    The Beautiful Chapters. Knowing this couple is not only a heavenly experience but a feeling that changed the meaning of companionship, partnership in love, marriage. This couple surly gives #couplegoals to me. Hope I can present the celestial beauty of their relationship in my words. In this story the characters are...

  • Why You Loved Me.. So Much ? #Watty2017
    3.1K 127 9

    This story revolves around two people, Ram Kapoor, elder son of the Kapoors, a ruthless business man, with torn past. An arrogant and hater of "Love" . With a past locked safely inside his heart, he welcomes every girl into his live, who wanted to dare to test him. Once used to be a polite "One woman man" turned h...