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  • Reaction
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    A series of events culminate into one reaction that wasn't expected in this scifi story. For every action there is an equal an opposite reaction but in a world full of actions can all reactions really be accounted for?

  • Society™
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    highest rank - #32 in Action #28 in Futuristic ❝She was like a moth. And the need for justice was the light burning deep within her. But everyone knows what happens when a moth touches the light. . . . they get burned.❞ It was a seemingly perfect system. How far would she go to uncover...

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  • So I Write
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    When it comes to mental health, words make a difference. To every person who has shared their inner worlds, used their words to shine a light on mental health, and created characters that speak to the experiences of so many-thank you for making Wattpad the place you share your story. For 2018 Mental Health Week, @ Ti...

  • Summer & Nash (One Shot) [COMPLETED]
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    [One Shot - Completed] 23-year old Summer Parks had already been in a really bad mood about Nash McKeen's return before she was blackmailed into sharing a car with him. He wasn't only her boss's son but also her summer-love-gone-wrong from a year ago. Now the jerk - who had left her without so much as a word in the mi...