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  • Freak Show AU short stories
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    These are short stories for my freak show au with my gf on instagram (aesthetic_spacekat). This is a dark au and can contain triggering themes. suicidal thoughts, depressive thoughts, murder, suicide, torture ect. Its really bad please don't read if you don't like these themes. The art is mine.

  • Philip The Prostitute
    54K 2.1K 15

    The adventures of Philip the Prostitute. Watch him evade his father's attempts to keep him "civilized", balance his social and family life, all while trying to seduce a certain, very handsome, George Eacker. Credit to Lauwurens, who drew the cover @justanotherone2u, this is for you.

  • Sickness, Freckles, and Magenta (ON HIATUS AND SLOW UPDATES)
    9.8K 575 44

    Disappointment was an understatement. Philip Hamilton was ashamed, embarrassed, angry, confused, and yes, disappointed. The Reynolds Pamphlet has torn the Hamilton family apart, so much that Philip runs out angry and collapses emotionally at his father enemy's doorstep. He plots a way to get back at Alexander, but wil...

  • Muffin family
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    Anyone is allowed to write (^^) Here is the story of the muffin family, hope you enjoy! THE KITCHEN IS ON FIRE AND A FRYING PAN NAMED MJ IS CALM-

  • Art Book 2 rip your eyes edition
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    expect the worst kids

  • Hamilton x Reader [COMPLETED]
    42.6K 909 22

    im going to dedicate my time to this :D ive been really into hamilton latley so might as well ps. this also includes hamilcast and works they've been in!

    Completed   Mature
  • The Colors of Love
    118K 5.4K 36

    This is a Lams modern au. Alexander Hamilton always wears sunglasses. He wears them outside, inside, at night, he even wears them at the movies. No one has ever really questioned him on why....that is until a certain man named John Laurens comes into his life. Can Laurens find the odd reasoning behind the sunglasses...

  • Non-stop •Mute Alex•
    80.8K 3.6K 51

    (co-written by @OwlWithAHat) ~MODERN DAY LAMS~ Columbia High School, his escape from reality. this is a fresh start for Alexander ***I own nothing except for the storyline and cover art. All characters belong to singer/songwriter Lin Manuel Miranda***

    Completed   Mature
  • Oneshot book [mainly Hamilton...?]
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    Oneshots full of ships hamilton updates crack ships smut fluff angst collabs between the four of us all you can imagine all in this book of lit-ness

  • umm, smut i guess
    1.7K 51 1

    one shots of anything, OC's, hamilton, DEH, BME, heathers, etc., etc. doesn't JUST include musicals, can branch out to other fandom's and games or whatever i feel like don't expect frequent updates, since i've really just been trying to get better at playing all the instruments i play and art, plus school and anxiety...

  • 💘┇ Oblivious
    277 14 1

    This is a lams story with a gender bent Alex.

  • Someone different ( mullette )
    32K 851 19

    Hercules has been through a lot of relationships each being with the same types of personalities. He starts to get bored and has relationship issues. He then gives up on the thought of love until he transferred to Princeton university, he was immediately paired up with someone else who had also transferred. Before he...

  • The Project (Eacker x Philip) [Pheacker]
    26.9K 1.1K 14

    Recommendations: To The Groom... Working with someone you hate. Awesome. Wow. So much joy, isn't there? It just had to be with... him; but guess what? It might as well be two projects to work on, because the other one is about how you bonded with your project partner. Bonding? With HIM? Good luck. Yes, but time passes...

  • Red (jeffmads) [Completed]
    49.9K 1.9K 35

    James has lived a fearful and lonely life, he often gets sick. He has recently been informed of the existence of vampires. He is now more fearful then ever. Thomas has always had a drive for human blood but when he can't feast on anyone he goes for animal blood, he has always lived alone and being a vampire doesn't he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Laurens I like you a lot (Lams Modern Fanfic/Smut)
    23.4K 746 38

    Hamilton is non-stop. He is busy writing a new proposal for a financial pay-plan for a new building they purchased. With Thomas Jefferson now home from France, he has competition in the G.Wash building in the heart of New York City; the greatest city in the world. He has disappointed his dear wife and son, Eliza an...

  • the true Maiden ( jamilton ) [Discontinued???]
    20.4K 949 13

    the royal family of cenhor was cursed that the 76th prince must find true love from a maiden fair and kind to continue the family blood line. who ever that prince is the pressure is on. Good luck. ( art by halpdevon on tumblr )

  • HamilBabies
    38.2K 1.6K 11

    Just a fanfiction about the Hamilton characters as toddlers and George Washington as their babysitter. The Schuyler sisters won't really be in here, sorry.

  • Never Forget Love (Jamilton stuff)
    49.9K 1.3K 22

    College AU, Hamilton and Jefferson are, of course, enemies and hate each other very deeply but when Jefferson hear something from Lafayette his whole world is changed. Especially when George King comes and promises to make Alexander's life a living hell!

  • The Mafia
    109K 3K 17

    Evan, the meanest and ruthless Mafia leader when he needs be. He has a temper and fights and protects what he loves. he is kind and caring till you piss him off. Jonathan is just an average guy. He lives with his parents. He just so happen to be at the bank when the Mafia comes in.

  • Ink And Quills (Hamilton One-Shots) {Requests OPEN}
    9.3K 256 13

    Hey y'all I'm hella bored so request some one-shots s'il vous plait.

  • ❇️Pride❇️ - A Lams College AU
    55.2K 2.8K 23

    (HAHA HOW ORIGINAL LMAO) Long-distance relationship are always hard: The constant feeling you get in your chest that's just longing to see the other person. The lonely feeling you experience for a long period of time. The realization that you may never see them again, or possibly drift apart. These are all the conseq...

  • Raise a Glass- A Hamilton Lams fanfic
    18.7K 746 14

    Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens met online three years ago, they became best friends. Alex surprises John by moving to New York and going to his school! Follow the boys as they go through College, with tons of drama. (⚠️There will be Dark thoughts, mention of child abuse, death, and more stuff I can't think of⚠️)

  • they didn't cover this in boarding school •lams fic•
    36.2K 1.8K 11

    imagine a world that's colorless and dull until you meet your soul mate well meet John Laurens, another face in the crowd until he meets the world famous author Alexander Hamilton, and suddenly color (LAMS FIC)

  • The Washington's
    11.2K 534 27

    What if George and Martha Washington had adopted Alex, John, Lafayette, and Hercules? This is what it would be like from the age of tots to teens.

  • The Coffee Shop Boys / Lams
    103K 2.5K 14

    Just a cute fanfiction with very little angst unless you guys request angst a lot. I don't really have a specific plot in mind it's more whatever happens happens