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  • Taking Back Saturdays: Daryl Dixon - Pre-Apocalypse Fanfiction
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    Jennifer was your average, hardworking country girl, who liked to live in her past. and it's not like her past was bad. It wasn't filled with torture, hate and abuse growing up. She had her best friend by her side to make things alright. Daryl and Jennifer haven't seen eachother in over 15 years. Ever since she went...

  • Caramel Latte & Coffee Black (A Norman Reedus Love Story)
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    How well can you actually know someone? Now, that's a real question right there. In all honesty you cannot know anyone as well as you're supposed to know yourself, not even your own flesh and blood. How about those strangers you know only vicariously through movies, TV shows and the public image they uphold in intervi...