MeganFoncannon's Reading List

  • The Perks of Being a Rowling
    89.3K 4.8K

    Growing up in a world related to everything Potter, Libby Rowling decides that she has had enough. Ready for a change, she packs her bags and embarks on her jo...

  • The Lucky Ones [Watty Awards 2012]
    13K 404

    This isn't a love story, this is a lesson and book rolled into one. Falling in love is magnetic,cosmic. Broken hearts are just wrong and tragic. However it's...

  • Playing Criminal
    810K 22.6K

    Looks can be deceiving. Ally has a 4.7 G.P.A and is en route for an Ivy League. And, while dressed up in skirts and cardigans, she has the appearance of a mo...

  • Sugar Babe [Completed]
    5.5M 159K

    Ever had Ramen Noodles for an entire month? Lilly Fenster has and she's tired of it. Which is why she ends up managing the fashion industry's hottest Brazilian...

  • King Of Hearts | returning 2015
    247K 3.8K

    >>UNDER CONSTRUCTION<< -- Copyright © 2012 [adventure 9/ teen fiction 71]

  • Rain On Me
    422 21

  • The Wallflower Game
    69.4K 1.9K

    Emily is a wallflower because staying under the radar will protect her. Her life will be predictable, mundane, just the way she wants it. Then Keith, a boy wit...

  • Black and Blue
    • Elyzabel
    • 8 Parts
    • Updated Jul 08, 2012 04:13AM
    2K 215

    Davina Blake returns to her past life, hoping to fix it and tie up loose ends, but when she meets 13 year old Aamor Carter, she realises she can't run forever...

  • The Alpha And Omega Of Magic
    48.4K 1.8K

    "You're taking a risk . . . a very fatal risk." Dartel's voice rang in her ears. Shawna Tucker is at a new school for the gifted. When she comes across an age...

  • Destined Love
    • tianajade
    • 42 Parts
    • Updated Aug 21, 2013 09:50AM
    1.1M 18.2K

    IMPORTANT: Destined Love is currently being edited before the continuation and eventual completion. The old chapters are all still available, but please be awa...

  • A Shining Summer (Editing)
    • RAWR198
    • 6 Parts
    • Updated Jan 29, 2012 04:33AM
    4.8K 80

    This arrow that’s reached my heart, Feels like a part of my body now, Even though it hurts to death, I can’t remove you. ~ Every girl on this planet has obse...

  • {BIMONTHYLY UPLOADS} 365 Love Letters
    814 38

    Lyla Willis is the school cupid. The letters she writes for a guy to confess to the one that they like is a 99.9% success. Getting tired of her job, she decide...

  • After the Turning [c o m p l e t e d]
    35.3K 798

    Power is a curse. With power comes hurt and suspicion. Jane has hurt others with powers she cannot explain. Desperate to find reasons for what she can do, sh...

  • Black Equation - The Deceived Ones (Watty Awards 2012 Finalist)
    474K 8.9K

    "Things will never be the same again." Gneiss Underwood never thought that he could have a shot of a normal life. Growing up in an environment where everyth...

  • Sinner
    15.1K 320

    Hooker boots, fishnet stockings, fried hair, and crayola makeup. Throw in sex and a high possibility of STD's and you've got the image of a whore. There's alwa...

  • The Chronicles of Heavaden; Return of the Lost Princess
    • AirGem
    • 18 Parts
    • Updated Nov 07, 2012 08:38AM
    8.1K 138

    She is there Beloved, yet she left when she found love in mortals lasting even if they die. She was banished out of her kingdom and put away from magic and pow...

  • The Prince in White Loafers
    430K 5.7K

    Nicole's troubles started the night of her 10 year high school reunion. Devastated to find her first love happily married and her life not going as she had pla...

  • Second Chances
    13.3K 455

    This is Alexander Strolif's story. One day he was an ordinary boy helping his family make ends meet and the next he was a soldier in World War ll. It was one...

  • Buried Past, Whispered Secrets
    • RaeWrites
    • 8 Parts
    • Updated Aug 20, 2012 11:58PM
    810 46

    Jasmine and Eric both have a story. Both stories are tragic and heart-breaking, that is the exact reason why they are buried deep into their past. Dare not men...

  • 30 Day Writing Challenge
    2.8K 70

    30 day writing challenge inspired by @ashwee411 Project to keep me busy and enhance writing skills. On The Agenda: Day 1: Your Best Friend Day 2: Your Ex Day...

  • The King's Tale
    179 10

    Events to paper.

  • When The Stars Twinkle
    2.6K 61

    He had stepped away from the dark side.. and was now sitting on a bar's rooftop. He never prolonged any type of relationship with anyone.. No permanent home. ...

  • In Her Favor
    1.2K 63

    Hallie Bellamy is sick of love. Her boyfriend only just cheated on her, and it's been a year since her mother left her deadbeat father for a new, shiny bus...

  • Lee MinHo fan fiction<Happy to meet You>
    71.1K 1K

    Ava has just turned 27 and is at a point where she has to make a lot of important choices about her life as she is finally ready to move on. But before she dec...

  • Under the Gray Willow Tree [Watty Awards 2012 Round 2] (Editing)
    394K 6.3K

    Meet Willow Rayne, the girl who lost her family on that one fateful day. And now, meet Gray Lopez, the guy with a few dark secrets of his own. Willow has exp...

  • What I've Been Missing
    625 19

    Since Vanessa was 14, she had raised her little two year old sister on her own, never having time for herself. When her parents died, they had left her with a...

  • Gone with an Angel
    46.5K 919

    Kris is alone having to deal with her alcoholic father, with no one to turn to. Her past is corrupted by her father and she feels doomed to deal with another a...

  • Mr. Player Meet Ms. Mistress
    211K 3K

    Nora Trenton likes her men simple, uncomplicated and married. Wait what?! That's right she a mistress and enjoys every second of it. While working at her law...

  • The World - Ruled by Me
    317 14

    When Carli and her best friend Milla finish grade 12 they think that for a little while life is going to be full of parties and relaxing. Howver when Carli goe...

  • But I'm Not The Princess
    32.9K 538

    (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A PRINCESS STORY! NOT FAIRYTALE STUFF!!!) Meet Liz! The fat ordinary girl who seems to be hated by everyone, except for this new hot g...