MeganFoncannon's Reading List

  • The Perks of Being a Rowling
    • killyourcupcakes
    • 10 parts
    75.9K 3.8K

    Growing up in a world related to everything Potter, Libby Rowling decides that she has had enough. Ready for a change, she packs her bags and embarks on her jo...

  • The Wallflower Game
    • Heartache
    • 28 parts
    67.8K 1.9K

    Emily is a wallflower because staying under the radar will protect her. Her life will be predictable, mundane, just the way she wants it. Then Keith, a boy wit...

  • Second Chances
    • Dreaming_Love
    • 12 parts
    12.9K 444

    This is Alexander Strolif's story. One day he was an ordinary boy helping his family make ends meet and the next he was a soldier in World War ll. It was one...

  • The Prince in White Loafers
    • Nika_Yaya
    • 23 parts
    420K 5.5K

    Nicole's troubles started the night of her 10 year high school reunion. Devastated to find her first love happily married and her life not going as she had pla...

  • {BIMONTHYLY UPLOADS} 365 Love Letters
    • kakashilovee
    • 5 parts
    • Updated 3 years ago
    811 37

    Lyla Willis is the school cupid. The letters she writes for a guy to confess to the one that they like is a 99.9% success. Getting tired of her job, she decide...

  • The Lucky Ones [Watty Awards 2012]
    • MsTrouble
    • 12 parts
    12.9K 404

    This isn't a love story, this is a lesson and book rolled into one. Falling in love is magnetic,cosmic. Broken hearts are just wrong and tragic. However it's...