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  • Forest Fic // Joshler
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    if you are very easily triggered, please don't read this. i don't think this is very graphic, but please be cautious i don't want anyone hurting themselves. inspired by forest by twenty one pilots

    Completed   Mature
  • Melanie Martinez
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    All things Melanie Martinez!!! » Lyrics » quotes » links to interviews » News » Cry Baby Anouncements

  • Melanie Martinez facts
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    facts about a badass bitch *sorry if any facts are repeated*

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    Melanie is life if you agree this book is for you ♡

  • ♡ Melanie Martinez Lyric Book ♡
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    Contains all lyrics from her 'DOLLHOUSE' EP, her album 'Crybaby' and unreleased tracks. Songs may include strong language or sexual content. We ask that all readers be at least 13.

  • Twenty One Pilots lyrics
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    Lyrics to all Twenty One Pilots songs

  • 100 Facts About Twenty One Pilots
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    A growing collection of facts about American duo Twenty One Pilots. No longer updates daily because of school. Highest ranking: #2 in Non-Fiction

  • Twenty One Pilots- Joshler Now We're Stressed Out
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    © All Rights Reserved. It means a lot that you clicked this. I appreciate it and love you. Thanks for reading. THERE IS NO CHAPTER LIMIT, MORE TO COME!

  • Presidential Direction (A One Direction Fanfic)
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    The president's daughter is an eighteen year old with an addiction to risk-taking and adventure-finding, a wild child, you could say. Adding One Direction to the equation? Let’s just say that the royal kingdom of the USA is going to have to know who’s the princess.

  • The Sky Under The Sea
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    17 year old Nikketa Jones is a girl, who has life easy and great. Nothing in the past has seemed to make her life a living hell... As of now the life that she knows could change for the better...........