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  • A Love so Great
    7.4K 274 8

    A tragic accident sends a young woman to the well of sparks and in doing so meets Primus. With offer of a 2nd chance at life, the young woman agrees to help the mecha God. Now she thrust into a world not her own but know of. Who is she? who was she? and can she end the war that has been going on for over a Milena? (Hi...

  • Adopted By The Avengers *Under massive Editing*
    296K 8.7K 36

    Lauren, A girl who had nothing, now grew to having something. She got a loving new family, Them being the Avengers and all, but soon their happy ending begins to crumble. Not only is there 2 threats....but one other...that causes the Avengers, to need even more help than they thought they would need.... (P.S I own the...

  • I cry Just a Little [Legolas FanFic] (WattyAwards 2013 Finalist)
    199K 5.5K 23

    Ella Stormcrow, The granddaughter of Gandalf. She was born as the chosen one to protect and die for middle earth. but Ella lived on earth with her sister, Ally Stormcrow and her parents. Her mother, Aubrey Stormcrow the daughter of Gandalf. She would always enjoy Gandalf's stories every time he visits. Ella always bel...