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  • A night fury's love boyxboy
    258K 6.7K 19

    This is a story about hiccup and his beloved dragon, toothless. Where hiccup and toothless get stranded and hiccup turns into a dragon. Warning mpreg and bestiality

  • The Speed of Sound
    26.7K 900 92

    Reader insert. As a shy and insecure mobian, you don't spend much time around others. You'd much rather speed through the forest alone, taking on your own quiet "adventures." However, when you meet a blue blur who seems to be just as quick, your life begins to turn around.

  • Miracle (Hiro x Tadashi)
    68.2K 2.1K 14

    I rocked back and forth, tears streaming down my cheeks as I looked at it. I'm a boy. I'm very much a boy, and right now, it reads positive. Maybe it's broken? I gulped, continuing to rock on the cold bathroom floor. Deep down I know it's authentic, I know it's real. I know I'm pregnant, and Tadashi is the father. Th...

  • Camp Camp on Crack
    52.8K 3K 36

    First Eddsworld, now this? Oh great. Anyways do you ever love weird shit on the side of your main dish? Like just a whole booklet labeled "Weird Shit" and you're looking at it. And you consider opening it and once you do it's just this book. This whole book. It's weird shit. ... Wait mostly everyone in Camp Camp is ki...

  • Gravity falls sayings/ quotes
    5.3K 278 36

    Hi I'm angel ✨ I'm in love with gravity falls so I decided to make a quote/ saying story H o p e. Y o u. L i k e. I t

  • ask Stanley And StanFord! (Stancest)
    19.6K 587 35

    Ask the twins some questions! And if you want you can ask the others some questions too!!, feel free to ask anyone anything! Please don't be shy! (I'm sorry of you guys don't ship stancest. Cause honestly I do, but you can still ask questions that isnt related to Stancest! :D)

  • FML Stories Part 1
    193K 5.3K 202

    Just some funny (and 20% of the time sad) stories I got from

  • • Creepypasta Zodiacs •
    1.6M 48.2K 179

    Hello creeps! Who's your boyfriend? Who's your partner in crime? Find out in this book! Requests are taken but may take time Highest Rank: #3 In Random, #3 in Silver, #1 Maskyandhoodie

  • snowed in(lemon)
    1K 20 1

    Mickey and Oswald get snowed in feelings emerge and things become rather... heated between them.

    Completed   Mature
  • Undertale - The Story of Determination (Sans X Frisk)
    24.1K 1K 41

    When a human fell into the UNDERGROUND, a journey begins... Explore the five terrains, encounter monsters and this fills you with DETERMINATION. (A/N: This is the Pacific Route Story!) (NOTE: New Announcement! after Chapter 4) (NOTE 2: Sans x Frisk OTP) (NOTE 3: If not or don't ship, don't read and GET OUT!)

    Completed   Mature
  • Nick Wilde x Judy Hopps
    66.3K 1.6K 25

    Just some Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps stories:)

  • Thank you for following the development, Jay
    2.2K 150 5

    Welp I jumped on the kubdev train. Choo choo

  • Dancat stories ~request open~
    54.8K 1.2K 121

    This is the ship of Dantdm and stampy from the minecraft story mode and their YouTube channels so you give me requests of what kind of suggestions that they have and have love also maybe a few adventures. swearing aren't allowed in this (Also Google search this shipping and also see it on tumblr to see it) don't like...

  • Bone-ly Ness Is Overrated (Sans X Reader)
    68.3K 2.2K 18

    The monsters have been liberated from the Underground by Frisk. You didn't mind the monsters, they were nice. You befriended Frisk, Toriel, Nabstablook, Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, Mettaton and Asgor once they the monsters had settled in. The monsters attended human history classes and the humans attended monster...

  • Ashes - Undertale (Charisk Fanfic/Completed)
    23.2K 725 54

    Chara feels for Frisk. Frisk feels for Chara. For Frisk went down such a familiar path, one Chara chose so long ago, pone that caused others to call her a "Demon" or "The 'real' monster", Frisk had reset, changing her path, but others have memory, and what both Frisk and Chara did is unforgettable.

    Completed   Mature
  • Ask Stevidot
    3.7K 128 18

    Steven Hey guys this Is steven and just ask any question and me and peridot will answer them !!!!

  • Sonadow : Loving You Harder {Book 2}
    4.5K 386 32

    {Summary 1} Ethan and Maxine now have to go through the troubles of high school, but that's not all. There's trouble at home as well that they don't know of. Their family is falling apart because of all the pain and suffering happening. With all the mishaps and misunderstandings going on, will Ethan and Maxine be able...

    Completed   Mature
  • Meant To Be (A Zanemau Fanfic)
    31.7K 770 24

    Aphmau and Zane have been best friends since Sprinkles. They're been through so much, from protecting each other to getting Zane to get some sunlight(and trust me, that takes the both of them). Suddenly, they begin to have feelings for each other, deeply, but Aaron wants Aphmau for himself, while Michi is looking for...

  • To Be a Mother (bendy and the ink machine fan fic)
    69.4K 2.3K 16

    This is just a fan fiction from BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE where YOU the reader (female) or (male if you want) goes inside of the office to find joey. Until seeing a gruesome sight of Boris on the wall, after falling into a fight with joey and bendy you begin to realize he's alone, it's time to be like something you...

  • Test Gone Wrong: An SCP: Containment Breach Fanfiction
    26.5K 404 10

    Damion, a death row inmate turned into a rogue D-class personnel at the SCP Foundation. When his work there had begun, things had looked like they would warm up. However, during a test with one of the more violent objects, one of the SCPs mysteriously gains control of the facility and causes tons of Euclid and Keter-c...

  • stevidot, and gemlings
    15.1K 396 29

    a stevidot story, Steven and peridot wanted to have gemlings and so they had them. learn more about the story. the first chapters are about peridot's pregnancy ,beware of some mature chapters, read them if you dare,I hope you guys enjoy the story, have a nice day/ night

  • New Neighbors (Markiplier x Reader)
    7.8M 259K 104

    You just arrived at your new apartment in L.A. and are waiting for your favorite YouTuber, Markiplier, to upload, but when his videos are late and you hear a crash from next door, you never would have guessed who you're living next to... Romance is blooming, but it isn't all tiny boxes and rainbows. The Internet is...

  • Mating season
    143K 2.4K 25

    Natsu feels desires for Lucy .... Lets find out what happen between them two when Lucy finds out that Natsu has a mating season and that she is his mate

  • My Kohai (Yandere simulator reversal) [Hiatus]
    113K 3.6K 26

    (A/N: this is a world where Taro Yamada/senpai is a yandere instead of Ayano Aishi/Yandere-chan) Taro Yamada want's someone to love. On his way to the entrance ceremony he bumps into the girl of his dreams: Ayano Aishi. Unfortunately, it seems that Ayano's childhood friend Osana Najimi is a tsundere and likes Ayano as...

  • Rin x Amaimon ~ I Just Want To Eat You
    14.9K 601 2

    A short AmaiRin one shot for my friend :) Now changed as there is another chapter.

  • Ask Oswald and Mickey
    13.6K 258 43

    Just for funny Oswald x Mickey

  • What teachers say
    120K 8.1K 62

    A bunch of things that teachers say

  • Amaimon x Rin adventures
    5.3K 235 3

    Basically stories about these two demons, enjoy perverts~ xD

  • Snowed In
    46.8K 983 8

    DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 Both bros get cooped up inside the house from a blizzard. And then things happen ☞¬ ͜ʖ¬☞ I'm horrible. Book 2 is cancelled

    Completed   Mature