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  • The Guilty Ones 》Glee/Klaine ✓
    89.8K 3.3K 24

    What do a wealthy, studious boy and a poor, "troubled" teen have in common? They both have a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Blaine Anderson had worked hard to build the walls around his sheltered life. He had achieved a line-up of A's, a leading position in Dalton Academy's hottest group, and w...

  • Relighting Candles { Klaine } // Currently Editing
    185K 6.5K 35

    Kurt is the broken boy. He never speaks, hardly smiles. Blaine is the new roommate at Dalton. He's rude, doesn't think. Cover made by the lovely, @The_Midnight_Wolf!

  • Please Don't Tell! (Klaine)
    171K 4.8K 20

    Blaine Anderson, McKinley Highs Badboy has his eyes on one Kurt Hummel, the fashionista who was never seen without a hat and a heavy coat. But what happens when Blaine finds out the reason for the extra layers, when he finds out what Kurt was hiding. NC-17 // Smut Beta: dontspeakjustread Cover by: The_Midnight_Wolf

  • In My Veins
    66K 1.7K 38

    Blaine Anderson is the bully of McKinley. When a new boy comes in town, Blaine doesn't like it very much.. What happens to them? Does Blaine go crazy? Or do they fall in love?

    Completed   Mature
  • A Heart in New York (Klaine AU)
    10.8K 483 16

    Kurt Hummel is nine-teen years old. Two years ago he graduated from William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio. He attended the school's glee club, 'New Directions'. He was bullied in school, because of his sexuality, but he pulled through and didn't let anyone stop him from dreaming. He is now starting his second yea...

  • Silent Cries (Klaine- Glee)
    317K 8.7K 41

    Kurt never met Blaine and the bullying escalated. Kurt is now refusing to speak and flinching away from people, do Blaine and the warblers have it in them to restore Kurt's confidence? (eventual klaine, slight niff and a wevid bromance) WARNING: Has mentions of suicide, swearing and sexual abuse DO NOT READ IF TRIGGER...

  • Forever (Glee: Klaine) ON HOLD
    22.1K 620 12

    Forever. That's how long Blaine Anderson will be able to live without dying. Unless of course a stake is driven through his heart. But that's not likely when he's the hot new boy at Mckinley High and of course Kurt can't help but fall for him just like everyone else. (Partially Vampire Diaries with Glee)

  • Klaine one shots
    94.9K 2.6K 38

    Random Klaine one shots. Some are super super short, and some are longer. Emma is also going to be writing in this! I think it's time to end this. Thank you guys so much. Love you all (Highest rank- # 3 in klaine tag)

  • Independence Klaine fanfiction
    189K 5.8K 28

    Kurt moves to Dalton Academy to escape his bullies, baring in mind that there is a zero tolerance bullying rule. Dalton is beautiful, and everyone is really nice, but can Kurt handle the pressure, and how far will the bullies go to keep bothering Kurt? Will Kurt open up to Blaine?

  • Not So Stereotypical (Glee: Klaine)
    727K 11.5K 51

    Blaine had everything. He was popular. He was on the football team. He could have any girl in the whole school. He's the new kid but everyone already loves him. Including Kurt Hummel. But the football hottie isn't suppose to fall for the only openly gay kid. He's suppose to hate him for being different. But Blaine's d...

    Completed   Mature