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  • ❝Redamancy❞ || BakuTodo Omegaverse || EDITING
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    "I can't do this if you aren't going to enjoy it. What the hell do you need me to do?" "I...I don't know - I'm fine, really." "I'm going to stop if you don't tell me." "...A kiss, gentle touches...These are special circumstances, and they probably won't ever happen again...But for now, I'd like to feel your praise...

  • Differences ~DekuTodo & BakuTodo
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    Updated Summary! Todoroki Shouto, though he was a first year he possessed one of the most powerful quirks among the newer generation of hero's, yet it was an even bigger surprise when his second gender was revealed. Todoroki Shouto was an omega? Surely this did surprise the lot of class 1-A, but they'd decided to sti...

  • I'm Yours, Heart and Soul [ BNHA Bakutodo Fanfic]
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    Fantasy bnha AU Bakutodo w/slight slowburn Eighteen-year old Prince Shouto stumbles upon an abandoned nest of dragon eggs while out hunting with his father. He takes them home, determined to raise and care for them. If only he knew they weren't ordinary dragon eggs. ____ Warnings: smut, violence, inappropriate lang...