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  • I'm sorry (Bakudeku)
    181K 5.8K 17

    Izuku finally decides to take Bakugou and his parents advice. As he is standing on the edge of a building with his cuts and bruises out in the open right as his foot is of the edge someone pulls him down,he looks up and sees...Bakugou. However after this the bullying only got worse and his classmates joined in all whi...

  • The Universe Lies Docile in Your Eyes
    106K 4.3K 27

    Izuku had it all until it was ripped away from. First his mom. Next his freedom. Then his eyes. After it all, he was thrown to the street. Fortunately for him, a certain sleep deprived hero and two toned boy came into his life and changed it for the better. UPDATE: New cover done by Scinn-Tilly! Thank you so, so, SO m...

  • The Five Times Izuku Scared The Heroes, And The One Time He Scared A Villain
    24.1K 870 8

    Description Inside, but it is pretty self explanatory!

  • Merlin one-shots
    191K 6.8K 50

    One-shots from the BBC show Merlin! Currently taking requests and completed until more ideas are made. Please no requests for YN imagines or reader inserts- those requests are no longer being taken.

  • Operation: Steal the Pinky's Heart (Various x Natsu)(BoyxBoy)(Short Hold)
    25.5K 793 9

    Let's see... Ever since Natsu's father, Igneel left without a trace. Natsu has been living all by himself. But one day a person who claims that he's related to his father barged in (well not really barged in, but, you know what i mean) on Natsu's doorsteps. And made Natsu live with him Since then... Natsu has been liv...

  • The Fear From Within
    743 23 1

    After serval unexpected inccidents, Zane has to face his fears within himself to defeat a dark part that has been made in him. Will Zane be able to face his fears and free himself? Note: There is some blood and fighting involed A/N- Hey all! Sorry I haven't published in a while, this one took some time to write. I w...

  • The Black-Hearted Ninja (The Dark Triangle #1)
    37.3K 1.3K 41

    "You know why you're the Black Ninja? Because it's the color of your heart!"-Jay When Morro dies and Nya defeats the Preeminent, the ninja expect that life will go on more or less the same. And it does, for some. Zane rebuilds Pixal, Lloyd focuses on training, Skylor returns from her noodle shop, stealing Kai...

  • A Ninjago Fanfiction : Ninjago HighSchool
    22.8K 606 57

    Wonder if Jay is a new student at school and he goes up and down but threw it all he meets interesting people on the way and maybe make friends. Jay also isn't the bravest kid ever and will get bullied but will people he meet help him? ( This story might have romance but will for sure have friendship). I DO NOT OWN...

  • Faded Memories
    35K 1.6K 44

    All the ninja have lost their memories expect Lloyd. While Sensei and Lloyd are trying to figure out a way to bring their memories back the ninjas are living their life's as regular high school kids. Will the ninja still be friends with each other and will Lloyd and Sensei find a way to bring their memories back

  • Zane sick fanfic
    9K 242 11

    Zane has a terrible cold which would turn into a terrible sickness that he can die from, it's only for nindroids and everyone tries to help until there's an antidote that they have to earn. Will Zane die a second time? Or will he be saved??