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    michael was just trying to look for a present for his best friend, but ended up stumbling into the best present he'll ever get [girly!calum] © 1940sluke | 2015

  • 10:05 :: malum
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    the one where two boys meet on a train in the city of chicago.

  • collaboration ♡ malum ✓
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    collaboration {kəlabəˈreɪʃn/}; the action of working with someone to produce something (for example: videos or songs) - in which calum has a youtube channel called 'collabcal' and michael's weekly highlight is to watch his videos [side lashton] first place in the 2014 holiday bromance awards, malum category! © 2014, O...

  • connection ♡ malum {sequel to collaboration} ✓
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    [ SEQUEL TO 'COLLABORATION' ] ❝ the wifi connection here sucks ❞ ❝ but that's not important if the connection between us works perfectly ❞ - in which calum and michal experience the ups and downs of a youtuber relationship [side lashton] © 2014, Oliwia (skittlesmalum), All rights reserved

  • the rain → lashton
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    "he only comes outside when it rains."

  • spotlight :: malum
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    [ BOOK I OF THE SPOTLIGHT SERIES ] Where Calum can't seem to forget about the fame so Michael shows him how to be normal. [ a malum fanfiction ] [ highest rating #22 in fanfiction ]

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