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  • Edit like an Editor: A Wattpad Featured Guide ✔
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    *A WATTPAD FEATURED GUIDE* *Highest Ranking #5 in Non-Fiction's HOT List* *Ranked #1 in #how-to, #1 in #editor, #1 in #publishing, and #1 in #grammar* • Do you find yourself with too many typos? • Do grammar and spelling tools not always find your slip-ups? • Is English grammar just not your thing? • Are you a victim...

  • Beauty and the Beet #onceuponnow
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    As Clementine Bell has learned, running a successful NYC patisserie is tougher than it looks. Even with training in classical French baking from the best school in the world, getting people to walk through the doors to the Clementhyme Bakery proves much more difficult than drawing millions of viewers to her sensationa...

  • The Chronicles of Emberstone (#Wattys2018 Longlist)
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    King Halbard of Emberstone dies under suspicious circumstances on the fifth anniversary of his son, Prince Embrand's mysterious disappearance. Anger and confusion simmer through the once peaceful provinces, and a new king is swiftly crowned in an attempt to quell the unrest. Julienne of the Emard Province finds hersel...

  • Evie's Empire
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    On the eve of Evelyn Cort's sixteenth birthday, she discovers that most of her life is a lie. She thought her life was normal, and that her best friend was just like her. She was wrong. Her grandfather turns her life upside down and brings her to a whole new world of intrigue, quests, and deceiving parents. Her life i...

  • Glass
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    A retelling of Cinderella. For years, Ella has lived under the tyrannical thumb of her stepfamily, wishing for nothing but freedom. One night, a spectacular series of events leads her to a sparkling castle and a handsome prince...but is the life they offer really what she wants? Beautiful cover by Abyss-Of-Crazy! :D

  • No Capes
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    "Why wear a mask?" I whispered as my fingers brushed the satin garment that revealed only his enigmatic eyes. "No one can find out my real identity," He replied, his gaze pouring into mine, "Anyone could be behind this mask. Besides, it keeps me safe." I held my breath, realizing just what could happen if he left t...

  • Contests
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    ❤Looking for contests? Well come on in! Cover contests as well as writing contest are our specialty's to judge! First, Second, and Third place winners will be posted in this book! So come on in! You know you want to❤

  • Unwavering
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    At the end of middle school, Havilah Smith sees her faith as merely going to church and praying before meals when mom and dad are around. Soon, her paradigm changes. She views Christianity in a whole new light. But, when faced with trials and difficulties, will she choose the narrow path that leads to salvation, or th...

  • Writing Tips & More
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    Need help improving your writing? Want some helpful tips? Come on and check this out! We'll pretty much wait for you too! Posted once a week (usually).

  • Annabelle's Will
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    Born a slave, made an heiress, Annabelle must battle a society unwilling to accept her and a love that threatens to ruin her in order to keep her freedom. ***** Born a slave, Annabelle soon finds that fate has other plans when she's purchased by a m...

  • Chasing the Future
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    Fatigued from her adventures in London and Bath, Juliet Sinclair finds a refuge on the country estate of her newest employer. However, her work is not yet done. As she searches for the identity of her brother's killer, she must use her skills to keep from being revealed as a house party takes shape.

  • The Debutante (The Sinclair Society Series, Book Two) First Chapter Preview
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    Juliet Sinclair knows her brother was murdered--now if only she could understand why. Proving her family innocent of treason is taking a toll on lady-turned-maid Juliet. Her latest investigation has brought her into the service of the spoiled Miss Dunbar and her salacious older brother, who pursues Juliet despite repe...

  • My Testimony
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    This is my story of how I am became a Christian. I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions I'll try my very best to answer them:) Love, and God bless friends!!! -Reba❤

  • The Heiress Queen (Season Series Prequel)
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    **The Season Series Prequel (#0.5)** Isabelle de Haviland is hopelessly in love with Prince Leopold of Germania. Fortunately for her, the dashing foreign prince is her betrothed, thanks to a decade-old marriage treaty signed by her father, the Duke of Kentshire. But Kentshire is a rich and bountiful duchy, with Isabel...

  • [ON HIATUS] The Rebel Prince (The Season Series #3)
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    Forced to sail to the sun-drenched kingdom of Ardalone to fulfill a marriage alliance, Prince Thomas of Pretania must choose one of the Ardalonian princesses to be his wife. But every choice comes with consequences. Spurned by Thomas' older brother, Princess Dulciana stands to inherit the throne as she is eldest, but...

  • The Debutante (Season Series #2)
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    ***2016 WATTY AWARD WINNER - VORACIOUS READS*** WINNER OF THE FICTION AWARDS 2016 - HISTORICAL FICTION Against all odds, Libby Marks-Whelan is back at court - and no longer confined to the service corridors as a lady-in-waiting. With the start of the new Winter Season, however, the competition for a crown just got a...

  • The Season (Season Series #1)
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    **A Wattpad Featured Story** Libby Marks-Whelan is decidedly not a lady. Kicked out of nearly every finishing school in the country, she's shocked when her demure, straight-laced cousin Ella invites her to the royal court as attendant during her debutante season. What Ella fails to realize, however, is that Libby's...

  • Covers by Evara
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    this is my first volume of graphics that I designed! It starts at the very beginning of my design journey, and is so crazy to look back on how much my style has changed! just as a note, unfortunately I am not accepting any cover requests any more.

  • A Second Chance
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    After the Last Battle was written C.S.Lewis said he wasn't finished with Susan yet. It appears that he planned on writing another book but passed away before he had the chance to. I am not trying to write a story for Lewis, this is simply a fanfiction on how, I believe, Lewis' eighth story may have gone.

  • Cover Tutorials
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    As the title says, this is where I will be posting the cover tutorials that I make! :) If you would like, you can comment what tutorials you would like next, or any suggestions for anything, really. :) Again, if you would like, you can go to my cover book, and comment which cover you would like me to make a tutorial o...

  • Short Stories by GadSul
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    Hello! Don't expect much from this; it's just a place to put some short stories that I might come up with. Hope you enjoy! -GadSul

  • The Captured Princess
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    Princess Adira never wanted to have a royal title, and she most certainly never wanted all the pressure that came with it. She just wanted to have the freedom to be herself. To practice sword fighting for fun, and to be with the one she loved, Theo. But of course, that was something that could never happen. Theo was j...

  • Thankful (Completed)
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    Travel back in time to the year 1620, the May Flower has landed and the pilgrims are eager for a new start and a chance to begin a new life. But there is one young girl who is unwilling to forgive the terrible journey she endured. How can you be thankful when you've lost so much? My original story. I had actually writ...

  • The Untold Tales of the Golden Age of Narnia (Completed)
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    The reign of the four Pevensie children over Narnia is known as the Golden Age. Evil was stamped out and Narnia prospered. This is a small collection of the untold tales during their reign. I am going by the books. These stories will take place somewhere in between book 2, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and bo...