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  • ☠ Momma's Boy ☠
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    What would you do if, one day your mother visited you and told you she had feelings for you? her own son, her flesh and blood? How would you react to that? you can call me crazy, but after that, I have been looking at my mom in a different way, more with lustful eyes, than love. I have been thinking differently about...

  • Call Me Crazy (Short Story)
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    I've done all I can for him, i really have but I cant take it anymore. I have to turn my little boy in..... Te Amo Jacob but you have to go...... -Teresa You thought I was gone forever? You got ANOTHER thing coming ma. -Jacob

  • Cannibalistic Love (On Hold)
    34.3K 344 21

    Four boys. Barely even men at the age of 18, but they aren't normal. These boys are always hidden in the dark, Waiting for the sun to set and the moon to rise. Specific hunters know about them; they know their 'kind' exist, and they are trying to end it permanently. One Purple. One Blue. One Red. One Green. All di...

  • Backstage in Harvard (A Mindless Behavior Story)
    173K 3K 14

    Dear, dear, dear Princeton...You thought you were an OG player? Please. Valentine Lobo (porteguese for Wolf) is made up of game, deceit, and indirect revenge—all with one post on her private blog entitled "Backstage in Harvard." Otherwising that, Valentine is your average sixteen-year-old nerd attending Cypress Woods...

  • My Lover, My Stalker. (Book 2 To My Lover Series) ~Completed~
    316K 5.9K 22

    She’s mine. Everything piece of her is mines. Her body belongs to me, her hair, face, and mostly her soul. You see, yes, I am crazy. I’m crazy for her, I’m her lover. She’s my lover. Even if she hates me, I will get what’s mines. I crave her in so many ways. Love, Lust, Happiness and also Death, I missed her sweet, st...

    Completed   Mature
  • Clowning Central
    31.6K 377 7

    Blessing had always thought that she truly wasn't a Blessing. She felt that she was a misfit from the moment her mother conceived her: People hated her and she didn't know why. Blessing was bullied and tormented everyday at school, therefore when she gets the chance to go to a boarding school in America, she grabs at...

  • Bad Girls Club : Season 1 : New Orleans
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  • Forbidden (Roc Story)
    14.5K 239 4

    Logan Wright was doing fine until a sex offender named Braylon August moved down the street from her.

  • Teacher's Little Secret.
    498K 5.8K 25

    Going into her senior year, Pashmina thought it'd be no different than her previous high school years with the exception of graduation. That whole idea was wiped completely from her mind the day she walked into her biology class meeting her new teacher, Mr. August. Tall, handsome, toned, and smart, Meena became attrac...

  • Opposites Attract.™
    299K 4.6K 15

    Ne'Vaeh Boyd is very well known and the most popular girl in school. Jacob Perez is new and town and already labeled as the nerd, but is keeping a huge secret from Ne'Vaeh. What happens when she finds out this secret that can possibly put her life in danger? Rumors, scandals, and drama. What will happen when these tw...