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  • W.I.T.C.H Files
    44 4 2

    It's better to be weird, than to be normal but boring. •Blood bound •Magic circles •Heart •Sexieness •Seductive •Series Well, if you want to know more read this story and unravel their secrets and discover the W.I.T.C.H Files. -Jamseon_Ace

  • The Enigmatic Spiez
    103 15 4

    This is a story about War, Secret Organizations, Mission, Future, Spying and full of action.

  • ◆Mayikoss Academy: The Lost Oracle Gem◆ #Wattys2019
    3.6K 201 13

    Crystal an Ordinary girl(Well, that's what she thinks.)got to transfer urgently to a new school where she can be protected and made friends with which she hadn't done in her whole life because of being famous. Well, She got to a place that... Not so ordinary things exist... Where... Not so ordinary people live... Wei...

  • The Guardians Of Altariah:The Orb Of Light #Wattys2019
    144K 5.5K 64

    A world full of mystery and magic, A world where fairytales exist, A world where dark force rules, Ruled by an evil king, Until..... A girl landed on this world and discovered something that changed her life forever. Who is she? Can she save this world? Can save everyone? Do you want those answers to be answered the...