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  • Outerbanks Imagine
    1M 10.9K 64

    Outerbanks imagines! . If you want to read something specific, please send me a dm or comment on a chapter on what to like to read and about who. You can request one by sending me a dm!

  • JJ Maybank Imagines
    4.4M 56K 117

    Imagines of JJ Maybank❣️ *Please request, vote, add to your lists, and share!!* *Goal=500k views*

  • vinnie hacker smut
    1.9M 10K 40

    title explains it

    Completed   Mature
  • A Kiss To Change It All - Montgomery de la Cruz
    197K 4K 35

    "He is a jock, for fuck's sake, a jock. Not just a jock but the worse of them all and ... And I fucking liked kissing him." Originally posted on Tumblr (under the same name)

  • EFFORTLESSLY - [Draco Malfoy]
    10K 224 8

    Two families. Two purebloods who fell in love. A short Draco Malfoy love story.

  • Morphine | Montgomery de la Cruz
    6.7K 87 18

    He meets the relative golden girl sidekick with the taste for blood and danger. She meets the hot headed jock, self-proclaimed sex god. Their world collides and falls in deep into his world and into their love. That they will do anything to protect even if it means dragging everybody else down to protect themselves. T...

  • Without Me ▪ 13 Reason's Why ▪ Monty - ON HOLD
    10.1K 185 23

    ON HOLD INDEFINETELY Monty x OC. Lexi is just like other students at Liberty High. But they all have their demons. (This story features scenes/story lines from 13 Reason's Why. But I've made a few changes, making it a AU story. Adding in story lines for Lexi.) Will or may contain triggering subjects. ©️ The character...

  • Trust Me (a Montgomery de la Cruz fanfic)
    44.9K 879 24

    How does the invisible girl become friends with the school bully?! And how on earth could she actually fall for him?! "Trust me" is a story about Maya and Monty, and how their worlds intertwines. It's a story about love, friendship, honesty and trust.

    Completed   Mature
  • we don't make sense // montgomery de la cruz
    72.3K 1.7K 33

    "I'm convinced that we don't make sense, but I will kill anyone who gets close,"

  • perfect? - montgomery de la cruz
    361K 6.9K 59

    "I was so busy trying to protect you that I couldn't see that I needed to be protected FROM you."

    Completed   Mature
  • Lil Jensen • Montgomery De La Cruz
    196K 2.7K 33

    Social Media Based

  • Tape 9 (Montgomery De La Cruz)
    272K 4.7K 59

    Camilla Anderson was living an ordinary life. Well as ordinary as it can get being one of the most popular girls in school and having a jock boyfriend with anger and jealousy issues. That was when she received the tapes. That was when her whole world came crashing down. What was she to do knowing she was one of the re...

  • Evan Peters Imagines
    908K 15.9K 48

    Evan peters and character imagines. What more could you want? Have not and will not be updating in a while, sorry but life hasn't made the time.

  • jersey√
    201K 3K 32

    Jersey Zandyers is a teenage girl who was part of Hannah Baker's trial due to past experience with her ex boyfriend Justin Foley. Now dating Montgomery De La Cruz, being friends with Bryce, a released sex tape, she is faced with new criticism. -- This was written cause I was bored I know it's trash. -- #686 7-26-18 #...

  • Scott Reed Imagines/Headcannons
    37K 572 15

    Scott Reed from 13 Reasons Why Imagines/Headcannons. Best friend! Scott is my favorite to write. Also includes some Smut imagines/Headcannons

  • Bloom || Montgomery de la Cruz
    4.8K 76 7

    You could break my heart in two But when it heals, it beats for you

  • Issues || Montgomery De La Cruz
    279K 4.6K 38

    "I've got issues Renee." "I know you do, but don't we all?"

  • [1] the truth's out - Montgomery De La Cruz
    133K 1.9K 14

    "i guess i'll find out." "Little did you know; I already knew." [book 1 of 'the truth's out' series]

  • Found | m.dlc [BOOK 1]
    129K 1.8K 28

    In which a best friend returns home (Social media x real life) [book 1]

  • thirteen reasons why ; gif imagine series
    126K 2.7K 120

    i can take requests too ;)

  • 13 Reasons Why Imagines
    402K 5.4K 57

    In my imagines, I use the characters from 13 Reasons Why, but I portray them as if they're better people. So that's just a "warning" I guess. Also, I don't do imagines of Bryce, Marcus, and Tyler.

  • 13 reasons why • gif imagines
    40.7K 1.1K 8

    gif imagines about characters from the netflix series '13 reasons why'. [ BOOK TWO ]

    642K 14.1K 94

    in which I make imagines based on gifs from the netflix original and book series thirteen reasons why. " No return engagements. No encore . And this time, absolutely no requests. " 13 REASONS WHY GIF SERIES

  • take me home | montgomery de la cruz
    129K 1.7K 29

    [COMPLETED] BASED ON SEASON ONE OF 13RW! #3 in fanfiction "would you take the wheel if i lose control? if i'm lying here will you take me home?"

    Completed   Mature
  • issues // m. de la cruz
    10.7K 182 6

    "you look different," camila hesitated making monty smile. "different is good." {real life x social media}

  • with you // montgomery de la cruz
    164K 2.4K 30

    @monty_ liked your post || 13 reasons why

  • Instagram- Montgomery💋
    7.5K 55 17

    Where Christina Jensen the sister of Clay Jensen falls for Mr.De La Cruz. The cast of 13 reasons why go to all creators Maggie Linderman as Christina Jensen All Instagram pictures or pictures go to all owners! Enjoyxoxo💋

  • Hothead?|A Montgomery De La Cruz Imagine|?
    2K 30 7

    She sees him as the hothead in detention. He sees her as the good girl people fail to mention. • • • What will happen when opposite worlds collide?

  • Lil standall- Montgomery De La Cruz
    94.2K 1.7K 48

    One drunken night changes a lot

  • come back » de la cruz
    17.8K 309 12

    "i just wish you could come back." in which he writes her letters everyday. [sequel to take back] [13 reasons why seasons 1-?] [lowercase intended]