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  • The Bad Boy's Heart (Bad Boy Series #2)
    24.6M 701K 35

    *SEQUEL to The Bad Boy's Girl' and cannot be read as a stand-alone. Tessa O'Connell is a girl as in love as possible. Her goal for her freshman year of college is live wholly and love deeply, a task made easy by the spectacular man whose name reminds her of ice-cream and who supplies her endlessly with Kit- Kats. But...

  • Living with the Millers
    57.1K 2K 34

    Shiloh Quinn and her sisters loose their only guardian, forcing them to move across country into a strangers home. Their world is quickly changing, and not everyone sees eye to eye. Will Shiloh be able to find her footing, or will Benjamin Miller become the bane of her existence? "Sometimes your heart is looking for...

  • Surrender (Werewolf)
    10.7M 294K 34

    "Will you be mine?" he asked me in a husky voice. I stared at him apprehensively for a moment, thinking over his proposal carefully before finally settling on an answer that would, in the end, please us both. "Yes, Alpha. I'll be yours." For Claire life was rather mundane and boring. Nothing particularly exciting or...

  • The Alpha's Law
    1.1M 26.2K 29

    Riley Marie Kendall grew up like any other American girl. And as any other normal 16 year old should, she thought werewolves were fiction. That is until the Kendall family moves to Torchwood. Where Riley discovers secrets so deep they twist even throughout her whole family. Secrets that not only change her view on a w...

  • Living with the Carter Brothers (not continuing)
    24.7K 734 2

    The seventeen year old, Jennifer Beer, leaves behind everything she's ever known and flies over two and a half thousand miles away from Pennsylvania to a place that she knows nothing about. To make matters worse, she lives with people who she knows nothing about. Meet the Carter brothers'. Not ten, not eleven, not twe...

  • His Number
    6.8M 153K 22

    Charlotte Everley and her best friend had a tradition. Every summer on June 26th, they call one number--one random number of the same area code, purely for entertainment. When Charlotte's best friend Stella found love with the help of their 'tradition', she added another reason. To find Charlotte a boyfriend. After t...

  • The Boys I live with.
    3.6K 192 1

    Ava Patterson is funny and witty and awesome. Well, according to her. She lives with her dad, her brother and their friends. Those are the boys she lives with every single day since the day she turned 4.

  • Seducing Alpha
    976K 21K 44

    EDITING As the two collide in a twisted faith, the path they walk through can only lead to a road filled with complications. **Completed August 31, 2013

  • Running to Declan
    241K 2.4K 3

    River Carver's life has been turned upside down and sideways. She seen her boss, Calvin of two years, murder a man while she stood in the hallway of his club. Terrified to move, she ends up being chased and runs for her life. Now, Calvin Hunts wants River dead for knowing his secret. Declan Whelan is the head Alpha of...

  • Behind Bars
    6.1K 230 8

    Adrienne did nothing wrong. She followed the rules, got good grades, and was loved by her peers. All this changed when Adrienne is caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Soon she finds herself in the last place she ever would've expected- Juvie. She is thrown into a world of crime, gang rivalries, and violenc...

  • My Protective Daddy Mate
    1.8M 45.7K 19

    Beautiful cover created by alysxc Summer and Aiden are back! <3 But now, not only is Aiden overly protective of his mate, Summer, he is of his precious new baby! As partners in crime and in marriage, will Summer and Aiden be able to protect this seemingly wanted baby from rogues all over the world? Or will Aiden ha...

  • Everything We Ever Wanted [Everything #1]
    5.7M 147K 47

    REVAMPED version of the ORIGINAL Living With The Bad Boy posted on wattpad in 2012. "Sometimes when you least expect it, you're faced with the one person who could finally change everything for you. Make everything right after so long. All you got to do is take a chance. My brain was against the risk. But my hear...

  • Serendipity | 1 | ✓
    3.2M 83K 38

    serənˈdipitē/ (noun): The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. "Girls are awful, that's why I'm not friends with them." - Sydney Barker. Seventeen year old Sydney Barker prefers to have guys as friends over girls. For her, girls are just too dramatic and problematic. Her five b...

  • Living Life With The Parker Boys
    687K 17.2K 31

    Brooklyn Matthews; a delinquent, troublesome, disobedient, young teenager. When her father finally decides that enough is enough he decides to send her off to live with his close friends from high school and their family. A war kicks off when Brooklyn meets arrogant, self-loving Ash Parker. From pranks to fights to te...

  • The End of Summer
    14.4M 372K 46

    Summer Jacobs knew full well about her town’s tradition. Every year at the end of the summer, a party would be held on school grounds without the knowledge of the parents or the teachers. It had been happening since before Summer was born and never once was anyone the wiser. This year however, everyone was going to fi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Just Right
    2M 34.2K 16

    William Weston. Everyone knows the name. Werewolves and humans alike, they’re both familiar with it. Werewolves know him as one of the strongest ruling Alpha’s of his time. Humans know him as the hot shot CEO of his company. Either way, William Weston is a household name. Hanna Crest. The name is whispered by werewolv...

  • Convincing My Mate
    8.5K 217 25

    Spencer Bandera meets his mate at work. She is such a sweet and sassy girl. The only problem is that she's a human with trust issues when it comes to relationships due to her parents' constant fighting. Can Spencer convince Kerri to give him a chance and to trust both him and his wolf? Will she even stick around after...

  • My Alpha
    4.1M 61K 20

    Kaila Hataway is a book worm, who trys to keep to herself. Reading has always been her escape, ever since the day her dad was attacked and killed in front of her. After a year of living in a place where her dads memory haunts her, she and her mom decide to move to a new town for a fresh start. She trys to keep her h...

  • Trespassing Into The Alpha's Heart
    2.8M 57.6K 27

    When Avalon Stavros is sent to a summer camp in middle-of-nowhere North Carolina right after graduating high-school, she thinks her life can't get any worse. Enter Talon Rivera; the sexy and determined nineteen-year-old Alpha who has been waiting for this blonde bombshell his whole life. Only, she doesn't know it. So...

  • Mr.Possessive
    4.1M 44.1K 34

    Avery is a shy fragile girl with an abusive father. They moved to a new town near the forest where wolves howl at the moon every night. She is hoping for a fresh start here but her life only gets more confusing. Not only boy drama but a lot more..

  • Unexpected Mates
    3.7M 16.4K 5

    'I watch his slow gaze travel over all of us until it settles on me. I also watch as his pupils dilate and his lips pull back, exposing his teeth as he growls out "Mine!" I don't even have time to process what he said before the table he's sitting behind flies to the side and he lunges forward. Jamie pushes me to...

  • The Alpha's Toy
    15.9M 301K 55

    "Let me love you as a mate someday," Angelo is not one to be ignored, pushed aside or kept as a secret. Yet he finds himself doing just that by his newly found mate, Diana Harris, daughter of an alpha. Next in line for the title, Diana is forced into responsibilities that she cannot be distracted from thus she denies...

    Completed   Mature
  • Boarding School For Wolves
    9.6M 143K 45

  • I'm Sorry, But We're Not Mates
    728K 17.9K 10

    From the very beginning they’ve known they aren't mates; there's no way that they can be. She can't have one and he lost his. Yet, what do you call the tingles they get when they touch and the attraction they feel for the other?

  • Mini Series
    982K 15.9K 16

    This is a 'thank-you' for all the readers of She's One Of The Boys and She's On The Hunt. It will give short looks into the lives of Vance, Chris, Harper, Travis, Stevie, Brody, Grant and Saxon revolving around their mates since everyone was eager to find all that out. I havn't worked out what order they are going in...

  • Because The Bad Boys Said So
    1.9M 10K 5

    She's a senior in high school, a funny girl who is as clueless as they come and has a knack for tripping over everything and everyone. He's more so the silent type, effortlessly intimidating and an infuriating man who has her heart doing back flips every time he's around her. about a beautiful girl who is hopelessly r...

  • Going to a Delinquent School for Boys, While Living with 11 of Them...
    540K 10.8K 19

    Aria Strider is a 16 year old girl whose been in the foster system, for 3 years. After her only family died in a car crash with her younger sister Cali, she has nowhere to go. Until, the police chief of Waughtown finds her a family friend for her to stay with fot 2 years. This house hold is a little different from o...

  • One Girl...Seven Boys...No parents...I Think That Explains It All...
    13.9K 290 8

    One Girl... 17 year old Nicole. Seven Boys... Ben who is Nicole's family friend and 6 of his idiot friends. No Parents... Nicole's parents trust Ben enough to send her on a wild road trip around Australia with the supervision being Ben's older friends who are in their early 20's. I think that explains it all...

  • It had to be the Reese Boys
    392K 4.5K 28

    Alyssa's parents are gone. In a way, they both inadvertantly left her. The Reese family decides to lend a helping hand and take her in. What Alyssa forgets is that the Reese's have 8 lovely boys...Who she will be rooming with. Coming from a sibling free life, will she be able to handle it? Will she find that the ann...