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  • My Hero (Ivan Karelin/Origami Cyclone)
    421 5 9

    Today was the day of Saito Maire's death. Every Year since his death of Feminal Fatal Insomnia, the family holds a party to honor his life, and celebrate the memories they shared together with him. Hanako Maire, younger sister to Saito, now at the age of 17, is told by her Aunt Rena of what has been happening over the...

  • Wolf
    65.4K 3.6K 14

    Jace is the up coming beta of his pack. A week after his 18th birthday, he decides to go out on a run. Then he unexpectedly found his mate near the end of his pack territory, and she was with a pack of wolves. The thing is, they were just ordinary wolves, so does that mean she is too?!

  • Positions of the wolf pack
    87.6K 321 1

    These are the nine positions/ranks of a normal wolf pack. i hope you in joy this information. I might add more info of wolves to this article. enjoy ~ Victoria Rochelle Reavis

  • My Assassin (FavreMySabre x reader)
    550 14 3

    Y/N L/N is the Princess of Minecraftia. A blocky world separate to the real world. Minecraftia was filled with many things. Assassin's, Sharks, Moose, etc. When Sabre was hired to assassinate Y/N, he falls in love. But, Y/N's parents don't agree with the love that Y/N and Sabre share. The only person in the royal fami...

  • Sahara Potter - The Not So Secret Sister
    28.8K 520 25

    "Let me go! Voldemort! You baster I'll kill you myself!" I screamed trying to pull away from Voldemort's goons. Everyone became silent. It was like the forbidden forest had lost its sound until we heard footsteps... I knew instantly who the footsteps belonged to, "don't you dare, don't you touch my brother!" I screame...

  • Percy Jackson x Reader-The Lightning Thief
    391K 9.5K 20

    (Y/N) is a daughter of Apollo that went on a quest with Percy, Annabeth, and Grover to find Zeus's missing master bolt. No harsh comments please this is my first book on Wattpad. This is a Percy Jackson x reader during the Lightning Thief. I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING AT ALL. THIS BOOK IS BASED ON THE NOVEL/MOVIE BY RICK RIO...

  • The Lost Demigod (A Percy Jackson X Reader) [One]
    289K 7.9K 30

    You were just a normal girl waking down an ally in New York... The bad thing is that you are being chased by a manticore and you thought they have been scented in millennia, not even by the goddess Artemis. Find out what happens next.

  • Project Goddess || Percy Jackson x Reader
    344K 9.7K 25

    One day on Olympus, the gods agreed to test their powers and see what they could do. Which resulted in them creating a whole new goddess named (Y/n). (Y/n) must train and learn how to survive as an immortal goddess. But when the Fates arrive and tell the gods they have altered time in an negative way when creating (Y...

  • Silver Eyes
    14.9K 937 28

    ~ NOT WEREWOLF~ Silver is a lone wolf who is constantly being rejected by other wolf packs. Her Silver Eyes, the cause of her rejections, have powers that she has yet to discover. She lives in Tynder, a place that she soon learns is being ruled by an abusive wolf named Alpha. She plans to rid him, but she can't do i...

  • Inuyasha x Reader (Edited)
    189K 5.6K 28

    *Ranked #2 in inuyashaxreader *Ranked #4 in Inuyashafanfiction *Ranked #30 in Kagome *Ranked #9 in Inuyasha *DISCLAIMER: This story was written about a year ago, and has been slowly edited throughout. So I apologize for any mistakes.* vvv Born a Half-demon, identified as...

  • Fullfire Alchemist - Reader X Edward
    69K 2.5K 51

    Hi! This is my first story ! I don't own fma ! Hope you will like and vote ! You're the daughter of Fuhrer King Bradley and Maya Bradley ! You love them very much! But one day , your mother died! You were destroyed.At age 10 , you passed the exam and became the Fullfire Alchemist. After a year,you get to met the famo...

  • Alchemical Sparks (Ed x reader) (FMAB) - ON A PRETTY SOLID HIATUS
    15.5K 641 14

    Ed and (Y/N) have been friends since the very beginning, but (Y/N) left a year before Ed and Al's mom died. Years later the three reunite and continue to find the philosophers stone. Disclaimer: I do not own anything and a lot of the story comes straight from the show. I do not own you, the reader, either. Also update...

  • Dojima's Daughter | Shokugeki no Soma
    14.7K 457 12

    1st runner up in the New Author Awards 2018 ✨ All Alyson Dojima wanted was to travel the world and cook along the way. Little did she know, she was fated to become part of something bigger than herself. A story in which Gin Dojima's daughter discovers that there is more to life than just her and her cooking. (Enjoy th...

  • food wars yukihira x reader
    756 19 4

    you have been bestfriends with yukihira but what happens when you have to go to the same cooking school. will their be romance or silence. FOOOODDDD WAAAARRRRRRSSSSSS

  • I Could Even Learn How To Love (Yugo X OC) Wakfu
    2.6K 53 9

    Well this is for my Wattbuddy FruitSalad212! Angie is a magical being called a Lyxfi. Long ago the Lyxfis could shift into their counterpart familiar to protect them against threats. These beings were feminine, and they all had a kind heart. They were not allowed to fall in love. But what happens when a sixteen year o...

  • Wakfu - Makenna the Eliatrope
    245 10 7

    Heyyyyy.... READ THUS NOW Its cringyyyyy!! This is just an origin from where My character came from. Everyone looks like they do in season 3 of wakfu except for Yugo who wears a blue robe thing and Amalias hair grew like 2 feet. Disclaimer!!! I don't own wakfu. it belongs to ankama. there will be some time skips...

  • Eliatrope
    14.8K 447 57

    ~Wakfu~ A young Eliatrope who is looking for something, decides to go on an adventure. She ends up finding Yugo and the gang, so she hangs out with him knowing he is looking for the same thing. As the journey continues, she finds out something strange about herself, and what happens when she isn't all that she thought...

  • Eliatrope Queen {OC x Yugo}
    207 4 1

    Sakia lives on an island near the Sadida Kingdom, so most on the villagers are Sadida, along with a Eripsa or two, a pick pocketing Enutrof, and the tiniest little spirit that, stays by Sakia's side no matter what. Anyway, Sakia works at her mom's Bakery, when she got some very unusual group of travelers...

  • Kira the Eliatrope (Wakfu fanfiction)
    8.4K 226 5

    Yugo is sent on a vacation and decides to bring his friends with him... Including Amalia. But when he figure out that she already has a suitor his heart sinks. They journey far to a small bakers village that was not sapost to exist. But is replaced with a giant ball of Wakfu on Skribble the map. After a little freak o...

  • Yumi the Eliatrope (Wakfu fanfiction)
    11.8K 251 7

    This is a type of 'my version' type of story. Yumi is a 14 year old Eliatrope girl from Yugo's past life, yet sadly she has amnesia from when Yugo pushed her and her sister through a portal at the last minute. But when he doesn't have enough time to make another portal for them to go through, they are sent through ti...

  • The secret Eliotrope Royal (a Wakfu fanfic!)
    2.9K 29 7

    Yugo and his dragon brother Adami are running around in the woods of the Sadida kingdom when they run into a young girl with sandy blonde hair, and a blue and green had like Yugo's, as she's practicing powers that look almost exactly like Yugo's but dark blue... What will happen, who is this girl, is she an Eliotrope...

  • Wakfu Warrior Keyaria
    1.7K 33 3

    Keyaria is an Eliatrope, just like Yugo! how ever, unlike Yugo, she had been trapped inside a cave, stuck in an orb of wakfu, keeping her alive, she was born on the world of 12 when her dragon brother sent her away for her own safety when the planet was being attacked & destroyed 300 years before Yugo was born the fir...

  • The Dragon Empress (Natsu x Reader)
    206K 5.6K 36

    ON HOLD!!!!! I REPEAT!! THIS STORY IS ON HOLD!! SO I DONT WANT TO BE GETTING COMMENTS TO UPDATE.. I APPRECIATE THAT YOU LIKE THE STORY.. ITS JUST DONT WANT TO UPDATE SOON.. The Dragon Empress is the strongest dragon slayer of all of history. She locks it away for she already experienced the consequences for when she d...

  • Torn Between Two Lovers: A Yami X Reader X Yugi Love Story!
    244K 7.5K 168

    Hello! This is my first story so I hope you like it! Guess you'll want a summary so here you go! When (y/n) moves to Domino City, She doesn't know what to expect. But when she meets Yugi and Yami, love blossoms. Will this love continue to bloom? Or will it's fate be to wilt away? P.S-Now includes Yu-Gi-Oh! Boyfriend...

  • ♥~ Yami Yugi x Reader ~ ♥ The Millenium Earring
    3.1K 60 11

    (Disclaimers: Yu gi oh belongs to Kazuki Takahashi , I own the cards I freaking made up Yardah yah leggo into the story) Hmph. The impossible has happened. But does this mean it was ever impossible? For a mere human without any Millennium items to bypass the power of other Millennium items? Some other power to create...

  • Seize {Yami Yugi X Reader}
    9.7K 380 10

    "And you are the ones to seize the light of victory." (This is book two. I suggest you read my first Yami x reader, "Savior" before moving onto this one.) P.S. I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh or any of the characters. Except I will be adding my own villain so he's the only one I own. *cough* And this book.

  • Dueling and People (Yugi X Reader) [On Hold]
    11.1K 267 20

    [YN] was a duelist who was the "second best" duelest after she beat Seto Kaiba in a duel. But not only was she a duelest, she was the keeper of the Mellenuim Pendant. She then met with Yugi and his friends at school. That is where her adventure began =========================== I don't own any of the art unless I say...

  • Yugi X Reader (College Years)
    18K 675 24

    It's been Four years since that day yugi had left for japan. Now you were on your way to Japan as well! As luck would have it. You were accepted into a Japanese college! But fate has something unexpected planned for you...something special.

  • We Finally Meet (Yugi Muto X Reader X Yami Yugi )
    10K 279 26

    Yugi has been talking to a girl online for the past two years. She finally tells him that she will be moving from her old town to Domino City every soon for college. But little does he know that the girl he starting to fall for is not only the lead singer of his favorite band but she also a secret that she is worried...

  • Yugi x Reader Tournament
    35.3K 1K 12

    Duels are going on and everyone has something on their mind