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  • Love Dont Cost A Thing (A Mb Love Story)
    151K 1.4K 37

    Skyler is a girl that got her heart broken once by a senior boy she gave all her heart to after that she changed.She promised herself she wouldn't let another boy break her heart again instead she breaks their hearts just to get over that one guy.She leaves them with the same feeling she once felt that is until a boy...

  • The Real Her [HIATUS]
    10.4K 106 5

    Sometimes it's best to leave things Alone. Sometimes it's better to not have Enemies. Sometimes you shouldn't make the mistake of Flirting with Taken Guys. Sometimes you should do these things, If you want to stay alive. Alitha is just a Normal Girl..... Not. - Alitha is just a Girl that wishes to be Normal. She's me...

  • Ride or Die - An MB FanFic [Sequel to (N)JAD] [Discontinued]
    434K 4.8K 21

    The phrase "ride or die" has never had this many meanings...for some, it means enemies vs. friends....for others, it means life vs. death...but for more, it means real friends vs. the ones trying to get you killed... From teen spies to a notorious drug dealer/murderer, nothing is ever as it seems in L.A... [Book Two]

  • The Person I Once Was [Mindless Behavior Prodigy]
    469K 4.5K 31

    16 year old Kourtney looses her best friend along with the only other two people she loved, her parents. Her best friend was the only person she had, but once he left and her parents died, There was nobody to turn to but her dads 'dangerous' cousin. Meaning at 12 she adapts to his lifestyle and lives an unhappy life...

  • The House You Pass By( A Ray From mindless behavior love/horror story){Editing}
    217K 3.1K 20

    Living in this Ghostly house forever? Not gonna work. I need to get out of here! Out of this misery. And get my life back on track. Im being haunted.. Someone save me. Some body? Anybody? Or is this just the house you pass by...

  • The Wild Ones
    413K 4.4K 40

    Bianca Portilla is a good little mommy's girl from Crowning High while Jacob Perez is a sneaky bad boy all the way from Brantley High. Let's see what happens when a Good girl gets involved with a Bad boy.

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Faces... <3
    113K 1.5K 32

    WARNING: this story is Rated R! not to be read by 14 and under! may contain various language and very descriptive describing of various things! ok apart from that! this is a mindless behavior love story about Princeton finding dat one special person and shows the diverticulitis and struggles they have to go through...

    Completed   Mature
  • 'Til My Lungs Collapse . . ♥ [ON HOLD]
    299K 5.6K 28

    Deanna Jas'Mariee Smith, A name that has no meaning to you, for now. From a young age I had alot on my plate, and one night it went too far for a little girl to handle. I took matters into my own hands and did what was best for me at that time, resulting in me leaving. I'm now 19 years old and struggling to make ends...

  • Nightmare in Paradise
    30.1K 303 7

    Princeton, Prodigy, Ray Ray, Roc Royal, Issa, Jawan, Jacob L, Diggy, Chris Brown, Nadji Jeter, Ace Primo, Justin Bieber, Roshon Fegan, OMG Girls, Mani, Syd, Naomi, Kaii, Nessah, Joy, Armoni, Bree, Tia, Keita, Rookie, Cassie, Sarah, Samantha, Nicole, and Becky. 32 Friends And Lovers Go On A Retreat on The Beautiful Isl...

  • MB Sex Slave ...
    127K 1.3K 20

    When Anjel Is Walking To Her Friends House ... She Get's Snatched Up . No One's Know's Where She's At , They Only Know She .... Got Kidnapped . By Who ? What Will They Do To Her ? ... Use Her As The "S3x Slave" , There Comes, Beating , Bad Punishments , and Unexpected Arrivals , But The Question Is Will They Ever Find...

  • A Mindless Behavior Love Story
    3.7M 50.6K 40

    Two best friends meet Mindless Behavior on their way to Florida. More friends are made throughout the story. All the boys find love or they think they do? There are breakups, makeups, drama, everything else in between and majority of it falling in love. Just a mindless love story♥ ♥ YES, I USED to like MB.

  • Behind One Door (A Mindless Behavior Story.)
    158K 2.9K 22

    After a rough break up at the end of senior year, Kiara Johnson is starting afresh as a freshman in a college out of state. In to start a ruckus with her closest friend Ciara Watts, they plan on having the times of their lives and most of all, meeting new people, boys on the top of their lists. Trey Young and Jacob Pe...

  • The Last Memory
    1.7M 28.5K 59

    Hi. My name is Ellie. This is the story of how I fell in love with my enemy, Chresanto August. I came from a broken household and grew up to be extremely independent. My independence, though, left me a loner throughout most of my high school career. As I grew more and more fond of Chresanto, he began breaking me down...

    Completed   Mature
  • He's Finally In Our Lives
    17.9K 168 9

    Jeniya (Niya) has just turned 15. Her life was great until now. She finds out secrets and must now spend her whole summer with her father, Princeton Perez. She must deal with his groupies, drugs, and the mental/physical abuse. Watch as her two friends Asia, and Karmyn (Car-Min) help her through it all as they discover...

  • Crazy in Love - A Prodigy Love story
    49.5K 532 7

    Dezi And Craig have been best friends since 1st grade. Since then theyve literally done EVERYTHING together. Buut as they get older, they start to notice things about eachother ... that they never noticed before. Will there long friendship turn into a steamy relationship? Or will they end up with other people and drif...

  • Cuz Were A.S.S 's Baby ;)
    1.8K 23 4

    A action filled romance staring Jacob Perez aka Princeton from mindless behavior and a girl named Gwen. Later adding the rest of Mindless behavior. They end up in the A.S.S's because of their past and how it affects their future. They kill for a living. Not for bad, but for good reasons. With obstacles separating the...

  • Mindless Fairytale Book I (Mindless Behavior Romance)
    44.3K 353 20

    After years and years of moving around, Leila is forced to live with her uncle and step-aunt and 3 cousins. Leila's mother has been too wrapped up in work and moving out of NYC was the hardest yet easiest thing Leila had to do. Her mother gone trying to cope to with getting moved from job to job leaves Leila alone wit...

    Completed   Mature
  • (Not) Just a Dare - An MB FanFic [NEEDS EDITING]
    868K 8.8K 21

    16-year-old football star Chresanto August has a little bit of a problem. The dare. Not just any dare, a dare to go out with Alexandria Carter - his sworn-enemy-turned "love interest" that also happens to be his ex-best friend, but no one needs to know that. And since he doesn't pass a dare up, he agrees. It only gets...

  • Mindless Behavior Coincidence Story :)
    31.8K 160 33

    This is a story about how 3 & more friends get one of the greatest surprises of their Life: They moved to Cali since they Adutioned to Interscope records , and it turns out...their new neighbors are Roc Royal Ray Ray and Princeton (Prodigy dont live in cali :( )... Take a trip on their lucky new mindless lives Btw Ple...

  • She Needed Me.
    6K 53 2

    They Met , They Fell In Love , She Said She Would Be There For Him When He Needed Her , Will He Do The Same?

  • Church Boy (Prodigy MB Love)
    22.7K 221 17

  • Criminal Lovers [Editing]
    302K 4.5K 23

    (Book One) Sade Johnson is a Criminal. Point Blank. And the fact that her own father is a Police Officer doesn't stop her from robbing liquor stores, buying illegal drugs, or even murdering someone. But when her father gets sick of her behavior, he tells her to either clean up her act or else she'll be sent to a Juven...

    Completed   Mature
  • *Wish I Never Left You* (Prodigy Love Story Sequel) ON HOLD !!!
    106K 1.8K 16

    Sequel To *Wish I Never Met You*

  • In love with my mother's boyfriend.. (Starring Princeton) ON HOLD
    132K 2K 12

    Gianni Thomas is a 16 year old girl with a 17 year old step dad whom is her favorite member from Mindless Behavior. At first, she avoids him but after he tried to push up on her more than once, she gave in. Things end up happening & Gianni turns up pregnant. Ironically, her mom is too. How does she tell her mom that g...

  • Step brother [A Prodigy Short Story] *completed*
    621K 7.6K 37

    Jamiya and Craig hate each other with a passion. They fist fight and never have anything nice to say to each other. When Miya's mom marries Craig's dad with she and her siste rknowing, she feels like her life is going down the drain until she and Craig finally get on good terms and a relationship blossoms. Sadly, it's...