Sincerely_Rays's Reading List

  • Love Dont Cost A Thing (A Mb Love Story)
    • lisa_very_mindless
    • 37 parts
    • Updated 8 months ago
    148K 1.3K

    Skyler is a girl that got her heart broken once by a senior boy she gave all her heart to after that she changed.She promised herself she wouldn't let another...

  • The Real Her
    • KoolxKidd
    • 5 parts
    • Updated 3 years ago
    10.3K 106

    Sometimes it's best to leave things Alone. Sometimes it's better to not have Enemies. Sometimes you shouldn't make the mistake of Flirting with Taken Guys. ...

  • Ride or Die - An MB FanFic [Sequel to (N)JAD] [Discontinued]
    • jazmynyvonne
    • 21 parts
    • Updated 2 years ago
    430K 4.7K

    The phrase "ride or die" has never had this many meanings...for some, it means enemies vs. friends....for others, it means life vs. death...but for more, it me...

  • The Person I Once Was [Mindless Behavior Prodigy]
    • PurpledRoyalty
    • 31 parts
    456K 4.2K

    16 year old Kourtney looses her best friend along with everyone she love’s her parents. They are the only people she had but once they left and her parents die...

  • The House You Pass By( A Ray From mindless behavior love/horror story){Editing}
    • SenecaGray_
    • 20 parts
    209K 2.7K

    Living in this Ghostly house forever? Not gonna work. I need to get out of here! Out of this misery. And get my life back on track. Im being haunted.. Someone...

  • The Wild Ones
    • PrincetonLOVE_
    • 40 parts
    397K 4K

    Bianca Portilla is a good little mommy's girl from Crowning High while Jacob Perez is a sneaky bad boy all the way from Brantley High. Let's see what happens w...

    Completed   Mature