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  • Ordinary Girl
    348 19 1

    "You're fine exactly as you are. Your curves, words, flaws, strengths, thoughts. You don't need to change. You aren't ugly, fat, stupid, or worthless. You are you."

  • The Story Of Us
    361 40 1

    "That moment when you burst out crying alone in your room, and you realize that no one truly knows how unhappy you are because you don't want anyone to know."

  • A Simple Boy
    306 14 1

    He was a simple boy, he did not ask for much. Yet he wants something so very badly.

  • 101 annoying tongue twisters
    35.6K 766 52

    Hi guys! I hope you have your tongues ready for exercise, cos I'm going to write 101 (yes, 101) very annoying tongue twisters. You probably know me for The Potter Siblings, but this is a lot less faff about destroying a Dark Lord and a lot less wand battles (sorry!). You'll probably wish that you never read this book...