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  • At Least They Are Small
    19.4K 3.8K 138

    Tiny windows to bigger stories.

  • Second Wind
    6.7K 2K 145

    Ranked #21 in Poetry 23/11/16. Second Wind Is mostly light hearted with a mission to entertain but it's often topical picking up on what's in the news and the humour often comes with a message whether it's a satirical side swipe at our political masters or gentle words of advice like 'Choose Happiness' or the 'Cat and...

  • letters from here and there
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  • Is your Blue my Red
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    I wrote these comments and other random thoughts on Wattpad and elsewhere on the web. I think we as poets have all lost a bit of our soul with the passing of our friend @Lisaner and we are just a bit more mortal and reflective, may we always hold the poet's word as a living thing. Love, peace, and freedom, Olan L. Smi...

  • Writing Tips
    1.2K 135 6

    Writing Tips in a continuing series of essays. This is copyrighted work. I'll open with the essay "How Autobiography Works in Fiction" and move on from there. Your comments and questions are welcome. I want to help writers emerge, be brave, and take risks. More essays on invention, point of view, on co...

  • Birds, Words, & Inspiration
    5.2K 181 25

    An ongoing collection of weekly inspirational essays on writing, art, and the stumbling blocks we all face and fight to overcome.

  • Movements of Life in Time
    78 17 1

    Our continued legacy for a connected pulse in Poetic crafting. References~to Edger Allen Poe for "Tell Tale Heart" and "The Raven" Poet/Lyricists/ Singer Don McClain for "American Pie" "Prelude" From Night Voices by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  • The 99 Poem Challenge (Fox-Trot-9)
    21.2K 482 104

    Genre: Poetry. Summary/Credits: This poem collection is for Warrior_Prophet's 99 Poem Challenge. Special thanks to cristinaaragon for making the book cover. All poems in this collection comprise of different poetry styles. Hope you enjoy! ( ^_^ ) Status: *Complete!*

  • Wisperlings
    115 30 28

    A series of poetry to help uplift and comfort the soul.

  • Frank Was Right
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  • While I'm Here...
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    This is just a couple of lines that take me a couple of minutes to write.

  • Inktards | ✓
    6K 1.5K 100

    ❝thick with overuse and blunt, to the point of extinction.❞

  • Triveni
    5.7K 1.5K 78

    A collection of Triveni, a form of Urdu / Hindi Poetry that I am trying to adapt to the English language. Highest Ranking in Poetry: #6 [26th June 2016]

  • Blackbird Fly
    254K 1.6K 18

    In Blackbird Fly a house in France connects three women together -- the woman who owns the house, the woman who lives in the house, and the woman who died there sixty years before. Merle Bennett inherits the house of her late husband, in a small village in the Dordogne. But when she arrives a deranged squatter won't l...

  • Carrion
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    Completed   Mature
  • Inky
    153 14 13

    Short stories and unfinished fragments from a variety of genres. Created for, inspired by and dedicated to: Inky. Warning: stories in this collection may contain dark themes, inappropriate language and sexual references.

  • Ruby Slippers
    59 8 3

    Dorothy had learned some things about witches during her time in Oz. Things like how throwing a bucket of lye soap and wash water on a witch will get you a good performance. But that's all it is. A bit of witchy burlesque. She may sizzle and boil and shriek that she's done for, but it's just for show. She'll always b...

  • The Lament of the Bard
    8.9K 1.5K 100

    The collection of my thoughts and feelings this contains They rattle around the heightened corners in my brain And to the public I have cast all these flowing words askew And as I try to release more pieces to the the winds anew To all those who have watched my work, I plead that you don't tire You may request a poe...

  • Haunted Verses (Paranormal poems)
    6.9K 681 36

    Who needs Prose to tell Paranormal Stories? We don't! We are the official Trio of Bards conscripted by the Magistra to write her some Haunted Verses! Come join us as we try to satiate the Collective's hunger for all things paranormal.

  • Smoke and Snowstorms
    447 96 24

    Poetry conceived in the heart of Kazakhstan. "Here, I have opened my heart for you, I have shone a candle on its brokenness." "I believe that the most inspiration comes from our darkest days, not the ones where we are happiest, because if we are happy, we don't have much to write about. A few years ago, I spent over...

  • All the Little Monsters
    5.3K 453 20

    A collection of short stories dedicated to the monsters that haunt our nights and waking hours. Some are unrepentant fiends, others, closer to human than we'd like to admit.

  • At the Gym with Allen Ginsberg
    3.2K 391 48

    "I really would like to stop working forever-never work again, never do anything like the kind of work I'm doing now-and do nothing but write poetry and have leisure to spend the day outdoors and go to museums and see friends. And I'd like to keep living with someone - maybe even a man - and explore relationships that...

  • In Her Shoes
    4.4K 532 14

    ǁ You stare at her in the mirror, at those sad and empty eyes you know so well and wonder how it feels...

  • fishy #westcountryfantasycontest
    842 85 12

    In the first fishy tale, the intrepid pair set out to sail and see what they might see. They don't know what they are looking for. They are met by a fish, that seems to jump out of legend. Could it be the salmon of knowledge? Families that live by the sea have ways of telling stories that help them travel far and wid...

  • EVENTIDE #wattys2016
    24.6K 4.8K 55

    Poetry by a 15 year old girl #2 in the What's hot Section #13 in Poetry! 17th March 2016 ......................................................... Short and long poems that flow out of my mind and into your screen. ● All rights reserved © IshaThorat ●

  • The Wizard!
    8.5K 806 34

    The Wizard! This collection from Olan L. Smith is a dialogue series that asks questions and ponders evidence about existence. We will take a look behind the curtain to see what the Wizard is up to and what tricks he (she) has up his (her) sleeve, be warned that in so doing it might spoil the illusion we call life.

  • My Brilliant Friend (Elena Ferrante Fanfic)
    569 33 5

    The summer at Ischia, re-imagined. With Nino, Lenu and Lila. This takes place during events from Book Two, so if you haven't gotten that far in the series, this fanfic will contain spoilers. I'm sorry! But also, just read the second book already; it's awesome.

  • Passing Through
    6.2K 727 32

    This novel is now on hiatus-Back soon! Thirty chapters are completed here (41,000 words). I wrote the first 14,000 words almost as if struck by lightening-at least that's how it felt. See what you think and let me know: I'm exploring therapy, adoption, fear and all caps LOVE that, oh dear, means some hurt too, as in...

  • Storyteller's Epic Poem
    291 22 5

    A story told in the style of an Epic Poem. The adventures of a child from a humble village who at first is lost, ill and alone is force out to travel the road in search of his father. As the story grows here the edit will happen to correct the many mistakes so be patient and eventually the real gem will be revealed.