• Movements of Life in Time
    65 13

    Our continued legacy for a connected pulse in Poetic crafting. References~to Edger Allen Poe for "Tell Tale Heart" and "The Raven" Poet/Lyricists/ Singer D...

  • The 99 Poem Challenge (Fox-Trot-9)
    20.2K 454

    Genre: Poetry. Summary/Credits: This poem collection is for Warrior_Prophet's 99 Poem Challenge. Special thanks to cristinaaragon for making the book cover. A...

  • Wisperlings
    • wisperine
    • 27 Parts
    • Updated Mar 19, 2016 06:21PM
    57 11

    A series of poetry to help uplift and comfort the soul.

  • Frank Was Right
    • grapher
    • 7 Parts
    • Updated Jul 11, 2016 04:35PM
    998 106


  • How To Starve {Poetry Section}
    112 24

    I don't know who or what I am So I use this poetry to nail something down. It's the closest I ever come to something that makes sense. Note: I care what you t...

  • Inktards | ✅
    4K 998

    "happy cat ladies, right?" Highest : #22 in Poetry (5 / 5/ 16)

  • Triveni
    3.8K 1.1K

    A collection of Triveni, a form of Urdu / Hindi Poetry that I am trying to adapt to the English language. Highest Ranking in Poetry: #6 [26th June 2016]

  • Blackbird Fly
    244K 2.8K

    In Blackbird Fly a house in France connects three women together -- the woman who owns the house, the woman who lives in the house, and the woman who died ther...

  • Carrion

    Completed   Mature
  • Inky
    140 14

    Short stories and unfinished fragments from a variety of genres. Created for, inspired by and dedicated to: Inky. Warning: stories in this collection may con...

  • things
    940 204

    no wattpad i don't feel like putting in a summary of this book

  • Ruby Slippers
    36 7

    Dorothy had learned some things about witches during her time in Oz. Things like how throwing a bucket of lye soap and wash water on a witch will get you a goo...

  • The Lament of the Bard [Completed]
    7.5K 1.4K

    The collection of my thoughts and feelings this contains They rattle around the heightened corners in my brain And to the public I have cast all these flowing...

  • Haunted Verses (Paranormal poems)
    5.2K 585

    Who needs Prose to tell Paranormal Stories? We don't! We are the official Trio of Bards conscripted by the Magistra to write her some Haunted Verses! Come jo...

  • Smoke and Snowstorms
    430 96

    Poetry conceived in the heart of Kazakhstan. "Here, I have opened my heart for you, I have shone a candle on its brokenness." "I believe that the most inspir...

  • All the Little Monsters
    • LynnS13
    • 19 Parts
    • Updated Jun 07, 2016 04:41PM
    4.3K 360

    A collection of short stories dedicated to the monsters that haunt our nights and waking hours. Some are unrepentant fiends, others, closer to human than we'd...

  • At the Gym with Allen Ginsberg
    2.5K 335

    "I really would like to stop working forever-never work again, never do anything like the kind of work I'm doing now-and do nothing but write poetry and have l...

  • In Her Shoes
    • PepperPoet
    • 14 Parts
    • Updated May 23, 2016 06:10AM
    2.7K 428

    ǁ You stare at her in the mirror, at those sad and empty eyes you know so well and wonder how it feels...

  • fishy #westcountryfantasycontest
    756 80

    In the first fishy tale, the intrepid pair set out to sail and see what they might see. They don't know what they are looking for. They are met by a fish, that...

  • EVENTIDE #wattys2016
    22K 4.5K

    Poetry by a 15 year old girl #2 in the What's hot Section #13 in Poetry! 17th March 2016 ......................................................... Short and...

  • The Wizard!
    6.3K 588

    The Wizard! This collection from Olan L. Smith is a dialogue series that asks questions and ponders evidence about existence. We will take a look behind the c...

  • My Brilliant Friend (Elena Ferrante Fanfic)
    • zoedinovi
    • 4 Parts
    • Updated Jul 07, 2016 01:51PM
    355 29

    The summer at Ischia, re-imagined. With Nino, Lenu and Lila. This takes place during events from Book Two, so if you haven't gotten that far in the series, th...

  • Passing Through
    • maryltabor
    • 28 Parts
    • Updated Jun 27, 2016 10:28PM
    5.6K 682

    For #JustWriteIt! I wrote the first 14,000 words of this novel--almost as if struck by lightening--at least that's how it felt. See what you think and let me k...

  • Storyteller's Epic Poem
    • newpoet
    • 5 Parts
    • Updated Nov 04, 2014 02:31AM
    284 22

    A story told in the style of an Epic Poem. The adventures of a child from a humble village who at first is lost, ill and alone is force out to travel the road...

  • THE FREEZE-DRIED GROOM (One of the Nine Tales in Stone Mattress)
    43.6K 173

    The Freeze-Dried Groom is one of the nine stories in Margaret Atwood's fantastic new collection Stone Mattress. A collection of highly imaginative short piece...

  • Bloom
    • jmkemp
    • 5 Parts
    • Updated May 17, 2016 03:13PM
    157 16

    This is a collection of poems written for a university level creative writing course. If you like them please let me know, and share them with your friends. ...

    • FlyBum
    • 35 Parts
    • Updated Mar 28, 2016 12:35PM
    3.4K 524

    " with one eye open "