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  • Wakingdeath Alchemist (Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction) Book One
    88.9K 2.9K 25

    Shiomaki lost her mother to the government of her region because she used Alchemy which was thought if "witchery". She would get her back no matter what so she sets off in search of her friend Alphonse who is said to know Alchemy and thinks he can teach her. But in search for him she sort of teaches herself. When she...

  • Red Racketeer {Black Butler}
    93.2K 1.9K 30

    Alice Faloria, a cat demon with the past unknown to everyone. She holds pain of not using her time to find her dear older brother that went missing. But with the help of Ciel Phantomhive and his butler Sebastian. She hates his guts, but feelings overcome that. A good friend that's there for her a doctor, Robin Peoples...

  • Breveena, the last born Saiyan (DBZ FANFIC) ON HOLD
    15.3K 369 18

    Here's a story of Breveena, the last full blooded Saiyan to be born. She travels the universe to find any remaining of her kind...and stumbles upon Earth to meet Goku, who happens to be a family member of her father's he sent her to find. After discovering that the Briefs and Kakarot's family isn't as carefree and be...

  • The Rain
    42 0 1

  • Hunted down
    216 4 2

    What would you do if you had the choice of being killed within less than a year or stayed on constant lockdown by a gang? Is being killed worth that little bit of freedom? Is it worth being constantly used? Amira chose her path. Stay with her to see if she made the right choice

  • Spice!
    13.5K 238 10

    Len Kagamine is what most would call a player. He gets the girl, stomps on their heart, and moves on to the next one. But for some reason, it's getting harder and harder for him to break a heart. And when a new girl moves in, Len falls head over heels in love! Will this player win the game?

  • Dear Len Kagamine...
    1.1K 58 1

    A poem, for Len Kagamine. (:

  • The Fierce and the Fearless
    540 2 3

    a whole bunch of poems, free writes, really whatever I want :)

  • Student vs Teacher
    4.2K 84 11

    Students hate their teachers and teachers hate their students..well most of them anyway. But you don't know the true rivalry between those who teach and those who are being "taught" until you've witnessed. Mr. Bentley and I. Watch as we take it to a whole new level, trying not to kill each other 24/7. Why 24/7 you ask...

  • Living With The Boys
    2.7M 46.7K 35

    {SEQUEL HAS BEEN DELETED}After Kathleen's parents go on a month's long vacation to get away from the bad times at home, Kathleen is shipped off to her brother house, where she lives with her brother and his friends. It's not every girls dream...well maybe it is, but when your usually arguing and fighting over the litt...

  • I Kissed a Mummy and Got a Prince
    179K 3.6K 27

    It all started with a dare. A disgusting, devilish dare that I didn't have the guts to turn down. So, I kissed a mummy and not only did he taste of death and decay but I broke a curse and brought Prince Amsi back to life. Now he is determind to win my hand for some strange reason and he won't leave me alone! What's a...