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  • In Between
    81 12 8

    Sky Rosetide was a normal 17 year old girl. She had a boyfriend, she was going into her senior year of high school, and she loved shopping at the mall. Everything was like this -normal- until a girl insanely in love with her boyfriend kills her.

  • The Clans In The Core
    115 17 6

    When Lenny starts Middle school, her whole world changed. Join her in her story where there is a little more to the world than you think. It all starts when the new girl begins to clap after hospitalizing her long time rival. Read this story of drama, action, and surprise...

  • One Shot ~ A One-Shot Style Dating Game
    68 13 5

    Welcome to One Shot! I am your host, Kian. One Shot is a one-shot style dating game simulator. There will be three guys at a time for you to choose from. You will go on one date with each of them. You will have to decipher their personalities through the date. In the 'Decision' chapter there will be a summary of th...