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  • Silent Storm Lesbian Story
    238K 12.5K 48

    Davis Kaplan is a rising star in academia. Young and already an expert in speech pathology and trauma she's facing a move thousands of miles away to pursue a career that she hopes will help children and their families. Her jarring entry into in to New Orleans is not what she expected. Struggling to find balance she...

    Completed   Mature
  • Caught Up
    56.7K 1.6K 12

    After going through a difficult separation from the woman she thought she would spend her life with, Taj heads to the club for comfort. Shortly after, Taj realizes that things aren't quite what they seem as her life spins out of control. How will she deal with the obstacles life throws at her? Will she ever find true...

    Completed   Mature
  • Learning to Love (Lesbian Story)
    649K 16.9K 39

    Three kids, a fat baby, and a dog. That's what her mother left her. Kaliya Jefferson's mother has passed, and it seems her whole world has turned upside down. One day she's a free single, childless woman with a great career, and life is just perfect. The next day she's a struggling single guardian for four children th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pursuit of Serenity (gxg)
    19.7K 990 35

    se·ren·i·ty /səˈrenədē/ noun -the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. _______________________________________________ Jada is a single mother struggling to escape her ex-best friend who is now known to her as her rapist and baby's father. Jada takes her daughter and moves from one city to another in hopes n...

    Completed   Mature
  • If She Finds Out
    9.6K 409 18

    When two studs fall for each other

  • Kidnapping The Princess (Editing For Publication) (lesbian, girlxgirl)
    7.6M 223K 52

    Say hello to the perfection of Cybele- tall, gorgeous, millionaire. She's a supermodel by day and a kidnapper extraordinaire at night. When she took Princess Talia from the castle one night, the whole country was sent into chaos. Princess Talia was the only successor to the throne, and her absence baffled the kingdom...

  • The Shy Stud of Atlanta ( Lesbian, Studxstud)
    1.3K 104 4

    Ronnie a typical player stud with a type A personality knows all the in and outs of lesbians in Atlanta. In fact she has her own club and clothing line. And occasionally does a great lap dance for the fems. Still she's over confident and on top of everything she thinks. Life though gets boring when everything's workin...

  • Love Affair. (GirlXGirl)
    27.6K 1.2K 82

    {Copyright © 2017️ All Rights Reserved} - Tionne and Normani were with the same guy without knowing about each other. After they fight, their forced to see each other every day. When they start catching feelings that's when everything changed. Lies, drama, cheating and fame gets in the way. Will these two be togeth...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mine (Lesbian)
    217K 7K 22

    Snapchat? RastaBabeee Kik? OnBob Twitter? @__Tay2x Instagram? @__Tay2x Add Me, Follow Me, & Hit Me Up! I'll Reply To ALL Questions & Comments. Love You Guys! Show Me Some Love!! Salone is a 22 year old, stud living in Atlanta, Ga. She is a successful OBGYN. Yea it might be weird for a lesbian to deliever your baby bu...

  • Atlanta Lesbian
    259K 6.6K 45

    Lena is a 23yr old lesbian who just moved from Miami to start her new career in Atlanta..she has always wanted to move there since she was 16yrs young...but she's been searching for a real relationship lately. Will she find it? Or will she end up hurt. Read to find out more about Lena's new life.