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  • Materio (No Capes Fanfiction)
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    The tall Super in the purple suit is a figure far in the future. Materio. The origin. This is FANFICTION of No Capes by joecool. I don't own Materio.

  • No Capes
    1.4K 13 1

    No Capes Teen Fiction By: Joecool123

  • No Capes One Shot (Fox and Madeline)
    1.7K 72 1

    One shot for No Capes. I don't own the characters. All rights belong to the rightful author @joecool123.

  • No Limits
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    This is a fan fiction entry for the wonderful story "No Capes," written by the just as wonderful, Joecool123. This work of fiction is told from Damien's perspective, and I hope you all enjoy it! ~ "I used to think that my love for her was something's extraordinary, super even, but now I realized it was som...

  • Costumed - A No Capes Fanfiction
    6.9K 255 21

    When most heroes start out they pride themselves on designing their own suits. The rolls of spandex never end. But what happens when two young heroes meet a professional designer? Madeline and Fox have left Capitol City behind them and now are traveling across the country during summer break. When a golden envelope a...