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  • Bit by the love Bug-A Virat Kohli Fanfiction
    6.7K 792 23

    And I was there all alone again...My brightness turned into darkness.."Hansika" I heard Virat shouting I turned back with no hope in my eyes of being loved..I have lost everything I had for Virat. . He came running towards me "Love bug whats wrong?" I was trying my best to not shed my cold tears in front of him I just...

  • Virat Kohli - Imagines
    47.7K 2.3K 69

    Life is not as good and perfect as we imagine always... That's the reason why God sent to earth our heavenly hero, Virat Kohli, to help us smile. So here's his fan writing a bunch of short stories and imagines with him in her head. Hope you enjoy :D For those all who don't know who Virat Kohli is- wait, who doesn't kn...

  • A love diary
    1.5K 259 20

    Virat Kohli deserves to be adored to the highest extent. Here are some poems and tales written to be a part of this adornment, and feel love

  • Virat Kohli Imagines
    6K 580 34

    Well this book is just for the purpose of depicting my imagination regarding the nation's hearthrob The Captain Virat Kohli..

  • Behind Closed Doors.
    25K 1.1K 13

    Never peek through the doors that are closed, you might get shocked. |Mature| |Includes Sexual abuse| |Domestic Violence|

    Completed   Mature
  • Remember. (Sequel)
    22.7K 1.9K 22

    She wants to forget but life wants her to Remember. |Sequel to behind closed doors| |Can be read as a stand alone|

  • Ephemeral | Virat Kohli (1) [Completed]
    18.3K 1.2K 67

    Highest Ranking: #267 in Fanfiction A relationship which lasts for a very short time OR A story in which a cricketer and an Instagram famous personality meet and a series of events happen SOCIAL MEDIA FANFIC VIRAT KOHLI/OC ○Book 1 of 2 of the Aesthetic series Started : 29th March, 2017 Completed : 9th May, 2017

  • Arranging Fate. - A Virat Kohli Fanfiction.
    23.7K 1.5K 25

    Because sometimes, you've got to let your loved ones make the biggest decision of your life. (slow updates)

  • Meant To Be. - A Virat Kohli Fanfiction.
    31.8K 2.1K 49

    #3, #5 In Fanfiction • How will 24 year old Punjabi girl Maya Sandhu, born and raised in England cope with being around her hero, her idol, the reason she is who she is, Virat Kohli, knowing that their relationship is forbidden?

  • Jealousy. - A Virat Kohli fanfiction. [Completed]
    41.1K 2.3K 47

    Completed - Meet Jaya Dhoni, aspiring Bollywood actress, 22 years old and sister of Indian Cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni, best friend of Ranbir Kapoor. What will happen when she goes to a dinner party with Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli and more. Will there be romance, or drama?

  • Virat Kohli Imagines
    32K 1.8K 40

    Short stories and Imagines on India's heartthrob Virat Kohli.

  • Mending the Broken Souls ❤(A Mahirat fanfiction)
    34.2K 3.3K 51

    "I will find a way to mend my broken soul and i won't need you anymore I will tear down the walls find a light to get me home." He is happy and strong for the world but deep inside he is broken. Broken so badly that he can't be fixed by anything but love, care and support. The day that was meant to be one of the most...

  • Instagram | Virat Kohli ✓
    8.8K 810 19

    1 app. 117 million​ and more people 2 people. 1 heart . 1 love over 1 app. Instagram. but what's with their past? -------------- @virat.kohli - wish you were here ( posts a selfie) @mahi7781, @hardikpandya_official and 1,19,985,04 liked comments @virat.18love - aww, baby what happened? @royaln...

  • Critacious Love (A Virat Kohli Fanfiction)
    31.2K 1.7K 31

    ❝ Just be happy always and never forget me ❞ It seems quite awkward to even imagine a life between a full team of guys with smelly socks and jerseys. Anusha, had no choice but to join the National Cricket Team of the men in blue. At first things were a ity-bity uncomfortable with a few arguments with the hero of the t...

  • Kairos | Virat Kohli [Completed]
    32.8K 2K 42

    Highest Ranking: #193 in Fanfiction Kairos (noun.) the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement; also weather in which two polar opposites find each other OR in which a person is indecisive VIRAT KOHLI/ OC Book on...

  • Clean Bowled: A Virat Kohli Fanfiction
    80K 3.2K 28

    Satakshi Ray is a normal 23 year old Indian girl, happy and contented with her life. Everything seems to be totally perfect, except that it isn't. She finds out that her boyfriend of two years, and not to mention, whom she loved with all her heart had been cheating on her all this time with...none other than her very...

  • Complicated. (Sequel)
    23.3K 2.4K 34

    Love is easy, marriage is complicated. |Sequel To Twitter|

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Me- A Virat Kohli FanFicton (Slow Updates)
    44.3K 3.2K 33

    Meet Tia Kumble, a independent 26 year old girl who lives with her mother alone in London, got the best opportunity of her life to go to India where she will be the Indian cricket team's Manager, but there is one thing that is stopping her from going there, her FATHER, Anil Kumble, who left her mother and his little...

  • Behind The Curtains
    31.8K 1.4K 19

    ❝True love has the habit of coming back, usually in the most unexpected ways.❞ A Hardworking girl Alisha Sharvan meets a passionate guy Virat Kohli. They become best friends and eventually find love. But fate decides to play its role in the name of Ranveer. Follow their passionate journey of love P.S: Don't copy my...

  • Twitter.
    33.9K 4.1K 56

    @EiraSK96 : As Over-rated as Virat Kohli. @ImVKohli : @EiraSK96 Babe, you really need to stop being so obsessed with me 😏 A love story that knew no boundaries, and when they did, it had been too late.

  • One Life One Love(A Virat Kohli Fanfiction) #YourStoryIndia
    102K 5.6K 58

    Aranya Mehta was a normal girl who was living her dreams. She was a great fan of the star cricketer, Virat Kohli. She never knew that her life will change forever after sending one little tweet to Virat, the vice captain of Indian cricket team. Hands touch. Eyes meet and apparently he saw something special in her!

  • The Perfect Catch!
    55.3K 2.4K 48

  • From Here On [Virat Kohli Fanfiction]
    56K 3.1K 61

    The famous, heartthrob cricketer Virat Kohli and an average, simple writer Zara Malik. Two worlds apart but fate constantly brings them together. What happens as they start off a relationship that they're both oblivious to what it might lead to and might just end in hurt?

    Completed   Mature
  • Behind You✔️
    114K 5.9K 46

    Misha Dhoni and Virat Kohli are like oil and water. Not meant to be mixed together, can never dissolve or diffuse into one another. But under chaotic circumstances, they learn to accept their differences and deal with each other neutrally. But how can anything be neutral when a blast from the past resurfaces, a psycho...