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  • Finding Her
    167 17 10

    You would think he has learnt his lesson but no, Prince is determined to try one more time, they say third time's the charm right? Prince is in no way a prince but he's got it all from his looks to the money, the job, family...all except the woman, the one he could call the bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh, a...

  • The Sweetest Kiss (Sons of Worthington Series - book 1)
    966K 22.1K 18

    Lord Trey Worthington isn’t about to give his heart to a woman. He does not want a marriage like his parents. But when his mother brings in a childhood acquaintance into the home to sponsor into society, Trey has to get Miss Faraday trained properly. The more he gets to know Judith, the more he yearns for something he...