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  • *DISCONTINUED* Can you hear me? [Sans x Reader]
    575K 21K 45

    *Discontinued* This is the original version of Can You Hear Me? in it's unedited form. Monsters were back on the surface! But not everyone was happy with the change... though you aren't one of those people! Happy as a (relatively) popular singer, you were oblivious to the growing discontent. That is, until you met Met...

  • Blossoming Angel
    5.9K 320 10

    One young girl, Chara, has been a diamond covered in dirt to her family. She's always being blamed and yelled at due to the poor state of her family. Her only escape is a secret garden of golden flowers. But when those are taken away from her, she sought an escape from Mt. Ebott, a place rumored to be the end of all t...

  • (Sans x Reader) When Two Souls Meet
    502K 14.8K 28

    Sans has lived through countless timelines. He's seen the kid make friends with everyone, only to give up in the final moments. He's seen the kid killed, over and over and over again. Sometimes, he'd even done the killing himself. And no one ever remembers. Not even the kid herself. It's an exhausting cycle, one that...

  • A Magi (Male! Chara X Reader)
    11.7K 392 17

    (SEQUEL TO: SHADOW CHILD (MALE! CHARA X READER X SANS)) You read the other book, I won't hold you back ;)

  • When Two Fates Intertwine (Sans x Reader) DISCONTINUED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
    60K 1.7K 8

    [THIS IS A SEQUEL TO MY OTHER FANFIC "WHEN TWO SOULS MEET!" If you haven't read it, I would highly suggest it--the story won't make much sense otherwise.] Sans has finally found someone he can trust--Frisk's sister, the eighth fallen human. After months of step-siding and awkward interactions, the two are finally a co...

  • The Smell of Old Books (Sans/Reader)
    199K 11.2K 38

    The old bookstore wasn't your home anymore, you finally realized. It was with them. It was with him. (Sans (Undertale)/Reader. The story takes place in second person view. Reader is not Frisk!) (art is by @Elmer_Heiji on twitter)

  • Dropped // Sans x reader
    118K 6K 46

    It all started when your best friend was pulled down into the depths of the mountain. Only to lead you through a place that has closer ties with you than you'd ever thought possible, which forces you to uncover a dark power that has long been harboured inside you for a torturous amount of time. Patiently waiti...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost in Despair (Lonely!Sans x Mute!Reader)
    342K 18K 49

    Press your fingers together, zip your lips shut, and throw away the key. Once it's time to be free, go fetch that golden key and speak. Unless someone stole your golden key and threw it in the depths of the Black Sea; your nightmares and worst fears. ---- "Even if it kills me a second time." ---- The series- First...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cryophobia - (Sans x Reader)
    1M 39.7K 34

    Next person to comment on this monstrosity gets fucking vored!! × ❝You made your choice a long time ago.❞

  • The Time Before (Undertale)
    215K 13.9K 59

    ~o0o~ Book 1 of the "Better Times" trilogy ~o0o~ (Book two: "A Name to Remember") (Book three: "No One is Happy with This") There was a time where a Royal Scientist got an idea. A time where he created two weapons, who turned out to be people. A time where he built a machine to power the Underground. There was a tim...

  • I'm OK: Sans x Suicidal
    46.7K 1.3K 15

    I'll never be okay Sans...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unexpected Love | Sans x Reader
    180K 6.2K 35

    You climbed the famous Mt. Ebott to prove to a group of your friends that humans don't disappear when they go up the mountain. While walking around the peak, you trip over a root in the ground and fall forward, expecting to hit the ground. Instead, you were met with open air. As you fell down the large hole, you let o...

  • Love Me, Love Me Not
    5.3K 447 18

    Mental illness. It's one hell of a thing. Either born with it, or not. Sans, diagnosed with atypical and chronic depression, agliophobia, and agateophobia, becomes a different kind of monster. The overwhelming insanity that took place in his mind starts to take control. He starts to think remarkable thoughts like what...

  • I Can Hear You. [Sans x reader]
    15.4K 601 3

    This is a collection of chapters from my [Sans x reader] fanfic, Can You Hear Me? but from Sans perspective. Before reading this, I suggest you take a look at the main story, as this one will be based on the votes I get for the different chapters and probably won't make sense otherwise. It's been a few years since the...

  • Mercy
    192K 4K 29

    It's been four long years since Frisk saved Chara. Chara had tried to thank the child by helping them rid and keep away the Anti-Monster cult members, but it didn't seem enough. Frisk finds a way to thank them in return for not trying to kill anyone these past four years by giving them a gift they would never forget. ...

  • The Confession
    384K 12.1K 167

    [Highest Rank: #369 in Fan Fiction, 2017-05-14] In a world filled with evil, this is my contribution to give life a little more love and happiness. The story begins right as Frisk escapes the Underground, freshly completing a True Pacifist run, and decides one last 'Chara'cter needs to be saved. Frisk didn't expect t...

  • Reset (Sans x Older!Frisk)
    98.5K 4.1K 18

    There are some things you just can't take back. No matter how many times you reset. After breaking free of Chara's grip, Frisk decides to do one final reset before defeating Sans or proceeding to the throne room. But some memories last longer than others, and broken trust isn't easy to repair. Female, aged-up Frisk. S...

  • Matching Tattoo
    66.5K 2.3K 11

    We all have it... the tattoo that will bring us to our mate... but.... is that easy? they can be really far away... but what if he/her actually really close without we knowing it?

  • Echotale - Thought So (G!sansxFrisk)
    415K 20.6K 67

    FRANS This is a request and I have been really exited to start writing it! I really hope you like it! Echotale is not my AU! Neither is Jailtale! This is just my own little version of it. So please, do not get mad at me.

  • Mafiatale - An Eye For An Eye (SansxFrisk)
    73K 4K 29

    HERE IT IS! Mafiatale! NOT MY AU! My own version. SANSXFRISK They my OTP. I hope you like this story! Another Fransfic to go!