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  • Madilyn Mcgonagall (A George Weasley story) UNDER MAJOR EDITING
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    Madilyn Mcgonagall is a 11-year old witch that will be attending Hogwarts, the school where her aunt is the professor transfiguration. While shopping for new school stuff in Diagon Alley, she meets the red headed family, known as the Weasleys. She finds herself fooling around with Fred and George even if she is two ye...

  • Madilyn Mcgonagall ( A George Weasley story) Part 2
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    Madilyn starts her fourth year at Hogwarts. She became really close to Fred, But She has a preference for George, the better looking twin (Sorry Freddie). Last year She met someone with the same condition as her, Remus Lupin, her defence against the dark arts teacher. This year is the year of the Tri-Wizard Tournemen...