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  • Lips (Percy Jackson Fan Fiction)
    104K 3.4K 14

    Percy can't help but love the way Nico mouths along to songs, books, movies, etc. Considering that's basically all he can do. But the past always leaves some mark on us. Disclaimer: Don't own any of the characters ._. (Mute!Nico AU)

  • Shattered glass
    25.1K 1.5K 200

    [Highest ranking: #15]"Perhaps 'it wasn't meant to be' was our meant to be" he says as he chugs down yet another drink. She looks at him and rolls her eyes, "I wonder when your organs will give up on you too".

  • That's not me // Gratsu
    3.5K 284 16

    Natalie Dragneel. Sixteen year old girl, completely average in every way. Average school, average friends, Average family, average job... average me. That's what everyone else see's. I know different though. Let me introduce myself properly. Hi there! Natsu Dragneel at your service.... You're probably confused so let...

  • Dropped Roses ~ Viktuuri (Yuri!!! on Ice)
    345K 11.3K 200

    KingofSunRealm!Viktor and KingofMoonRealm!Yuuri stolen from @beanpots on Tumblr ~ Every sunrise, right before King Viktor takes over the skies, I find a rose he's dropped on the moon. Every sunset, right before I take over the skies, I return King Viktor's rose. "Do you not like th...

  • Blind (Yuri on Ice) AU
    217K 10.2K 39

    Slowly losing his eyesight, Yuuri has very little time left before there is nothing else he can see at all. He's tired of hearing nothing but pity and the groans of digust from people that had just assumed he was stupid. Until one day, he meets a man named Victor Nikiforov and he changes everything for him.