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  • rucas | au's + one shots
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    moments every rucas shipper wants to remember forever. © rucasquad 2016-2017

  • HYPNOTIC ✗ rucas
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    [ 2016 GMW Choice Award Winner ] [ 2017 GMAWARDS Winner ] ❝I l o v e d her not for the way she d a n c e d with my angels, but for the way the s o u n d of her name could silence my d e m o n s.❞ [Highest Rank #51 in Romance] [BOOK ONE] 2015 | © meg

  • necessities - rucas [small hiatus]
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    ❝she likes him. he likes her. it's obvious to everyone, except them.❞ a story where two people go from being complete strangers to inseparable lovers. {somewhat slow updates}

  • Electrified | A Rucas Fanfiction [ reediting ? ]
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    *:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚ Apparently, most couples have fallen in love by the spark they have. But the spark can be lighted, or it can be stronger. It can be electrified, but can the electricity can be ruined just by one mistake? ( A Riley And Lucas Fanficion ) *:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚*:・゚

  • Good Girl Gone Bad | Rucas
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    Lucas Friar is new to John Quincy Adams high as a freshmen, trying to find a place in this new school. Friends, He has none. Family, a mom. That's all he's got. Then, Riley Matthews comes into his life. A beautiful girl with a sick heart. She plays guys, has fake friends, popular. Everyone is afraid of her. But does...

  • How To Be A Heartbreaker↣ Rucas
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    Riley Matthews is sick of Lucas Friar breaking girl's hearts left and right. She decides it's time for him to have a taste of his own medicine. These are the steps she takes to become a heartbreaker and break the heartbreaker's heart. But will her own heart get broken in the process. Based off of Marina and the Diamon...

  • City Lights (Rucas)
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    Riley is a 17 year old city girl who grew up in New York City. She is a very talented singer and travels all around the world to concerts and meet & greets. Lucas is a 18 year old small town boy with a little sister named Bailey. He isn't that well know in his small town but is still an amazing guy. Bailey is in love...

  • huntress ➶ r.m // [rucas] ; ON HOLD;
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    girls who run with w o l v e s aren't here for boys to l o v e. Riley Matthews, Huntress. Ready to kill. » r u c a s [ inspired by Allison Argent ]

  • Mad Dog ❀ Rucas
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    ❝In a world that was black and white, she brought color into it. She was worth the fight, even when he was still fighting himself.❞

  • audacious → rucas
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    ❝i am absolutely jealous of you.❞ ❝why?❞ ❝because you're audacious. you're everything i have always dreamed of being.❞ it's like what they always say: confidence is key. a popular jock, an invisible girl, one plan, one main goal. 2016 GMW Winter Awards Winner

  • broken // rucas((ON HOLD))
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    "I never wanted to hurt you, I need you." He's crying now, and I almost care. Almost. "Oh, but you didn't hurt me," I inform him, wiping my own tears. "You broke me."

  • Still Into You • 1
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    What if you wake up and realize that you're still in love with your ex boyfriend who already has someone else? :: FIRST BOOK OF THE "YOU AND I" TRILOGY ::

  • Never Let Go | Rucas
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    Riley Matthews is a rich 17 year old American girl, who is traveling from Southampton, England to New York City on the Titanic. About to get engaged to her finance Brandon, Riley is feeling the pressure of her rich family about marriage and growing up, when all she really wants to do is life her life as a teenager. Wh...

  • Mr. Perfect Stole My Diary || Rucas
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    Riley always wrote in her diary, it was a special gift given to her from her father. But what happens when one night, she looks under her not-so-secret hiding spot, and reveals that her diary is missing. Then the next day, the new school's bad boy is caught reading it right in front of her. What will she do? Get reven...

  • Rucas - One Shots
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    [2016 GMW Summer Award Winner] A book that will fulfill all of your Rucas needs.

  • Home (Sequel to Bring Him Back) (a Rucas fanfiction)
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    A sequel to the book "Bring Him Back" *********** A few months later and everyone has settled in, especially Lucas who is finally back in school with him and Riley's relationship stronger than ever and a place he can call home. Although things have begun to calm down for the two and their friends, members of the publi...