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  • Our Love is strong--Henry Slade
    27.8K 363 107

    Taytum Blackburn is a 22 year old girl who has a passion for rugby. She used to play rugby but she doesn't play any more. Taytum surprises her best friend at his rugby club and he doesn't know she is coming. They have known each other since they were babies. Both of them are inseparable. After surprising him, she meet...

  • My Hero -- Jack Nowell
    6.4K 190 108

    Kaylee has had some trouble in the past. She runs away and wants to start over again. She ends up in Exeter and finds a place to stay. She buys that place and hides away from someone she never wants to hear or see again. But one day that one person she didn't want to see finds her. Kaylee wants to find a man who truly...

  • Our Love Is Strong-- Part 2
    822 17 9

    This is carrying on from the first Henry Slade book. Enjoy!!! #Wattys2018

  • This Is Our Year.
    4.2K 115 12

    When three friends live together and share one common interest, rugby. And then on your 18th something happens that is totally unexpected, you have no choice but to agree to it. And you know it could be the beginning of a wonderful future.

  • The Coach's Daughter
    7K 113 15

    Mackenzie Jones is Eddie Jones' daughter (England rugby coach) and is just a normal 23 year old.She goes by the name Mack or Kenzie​ but most of the time its Mack. She likes to play football and rugby. Her two favourite sports. Mack goes with her dad to work one day and meets new people. She meet two rugby players, Ge...

  • Trying hard
    38.5K 778 51

    Hallie is 23 years old, living in London, and hurting over a variation of unrequited love - in which she has to see the guy she'd crushed on for years be with her best friend. When she bumps into Owen Farrell and they become fast friends, will Hallie fall for someone else? Or will their relationship spiral downwards?

  • He's just a rugby boy... (Part 2)
    10K 183 21

    *This is a sequel to He's just a rugby boy... so if you haven't read the first story, I suggest you do as it will give you an idea as to what's happened. This story will not make a lot of sense otherwise* Those few rocky years that Red and Owen had been together had ended in the perfect way that they had both hoped...

  • Me, my rugby boy and my brother
    17.5K 265 38

    Chelsea is twenty - year - old woman and she has grown up with rugby. She loves it. Rugby is a part of her life since she is the personal assistant of Will Greenwood, a rugby analyst but especially a former English international rugby player. First and foremost when you are the sister of one of the most famous even th...

  • My brothers best friend|| O.F ♥️
    49.7K 594 42

    Your brother is a professional rugby player. He is James Haskell. When you meet Owen there is an instant connection. You're meant to just be friends but you can't help it if fate chooses otherwise ;-)