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  • Wrong Ties (Urban BoyxBoy)
    579 53 7

    Two of the most biggest rival gangs in New York have been around for decades. There is one member named Kasey who has his eyes on an opposing gang member, Gee who is the co-leader of his own gang. A lot of street code starts to be broken. If anybody finds out about this- especially Gee's brother who runs the whole gan...

    1.4M 66.1K 61

    Ian Becker, an innocent teenage boy, ends up in an all boys mental hospital after a life-ruining misunderstanding. He isn't like the rest of the boys there. He isn't crazy. He doesn't hear voices, get into ruthless fights or want to die. He doesn't belong with them. Does he? Start date: 5/2/20 End date: 5/30/20 Tags: ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alternative (a UC one-shot)
    774 62 1

    This is a different ending branched from different choices made before the Great War. This is what happens when everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. This is the Alternative. [This is a fanfiction. Every character used in this story belongs to rotXinXpieces]

  • Social Menace [boyxboy]
    371K 24.2K 27

    Nolan Fletcher isn't bothered by his new school. He doesn't mind the uniforms, the bullies, or the requirement that he join a club. He is, however, a little bothered when he finds out the Social Action Club he's joined is just a cover for a revenge business. Run by the mischievous Tyson Strazio, the members include at...

  • A Saint For A Sinner (Boy X Boy)
    3.3K 246 26

    Two Boys, Two Bands, A Satanist, A Christian, A Metal Band and a Pop Group. Cole and Dominic are polar opposites, they don't look right together in public, they argue all the time, everyone loathes their relationship, except them. Follow their story as they figure out how to be in love. ♥ (First story I ever wrote so...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hopelessly Devoted
    12.2M 381K 56

    "Never call a girl a bitch," I glared into his eyes as he opened them, piercing into me, the bright blue drink I had just poured over him still dripping from his dark hair. "Or she just might act like one." I gave him one last sarcastic smile before pushing by him and walking away, practically strutting. Well, this ye...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bright Lights, Black Rainbows
    171K 6.4K 22

    Ethan Grace, a loner, and Billy Bradshaw, football player and one of the in-crowd, were secret boyfriends but broke up at the end of their junior year. Senior year brings them back together and puts their relationship out in the open for all to see and the ramifications can either bring them together or tear them a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blaze (boyxboy)
    2.1M 94.9K 35

    Elliot Spellman wanted to live; he wanted to feel the rush everyone else did. He was tired of being just some kid in the back of the class who went home every night to study in his bedroom. That was how he found himself in an alley, dealing marijuana. He wanted this, he needed this. Not marijuana, but friends, a grou...

  • Hunter's Hidden Camera [completed]
    630K 31.9K 53

    In this demented gay thriller, a high school student named Hunter installs a spy camera in the room of his older brother, Nash, whose sexual adventures are a sight to behold. While watching the hidden cam footage one day, Hunter witnesses something quite troubling, which leads him down a path full of perverse surprise...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Quirky Tale of April Hale (Quirky Series #1)
    51.6M 1.5M 64

    Self-proclaimed weirdo April Hale and the notorious troublemaker Ryder Black have been living side by side for more than ten years. Both never attempted to communicate with each other, but on the night Ryder Black is thrown out by his own father, he asks her a question that might change both of their lives: "March...

  • Sophie's Secret
    2.5M 27.2K 16

    After shedding 30 pounds of baby fat, Sophie Sinora has grown into an insecure teen in bloom. To make her life more complicated, Sophie can sometimes read minds. Sophie's BFFs, AJ and Krysta, are also 'gifted' with paranormal abilities. Keeping their gifts secret proves difficult, as their powers are strengthening, ma...

  • The Return (Book One in the Wattpad Featured Return Series)
    4.1M 38.8K 16

    "Why do I remember every detail of the day I was born? It's not just because of the dream; it's because today, October 10, 1997, will be the seventh time." Eleanor Blackwell is turning seventeen and although excited about her birthday, she already knows what it will bring. At seventeen Ellie will meet the boy of her...

  • All Grown Up: The Story of Jacob and Renesmee Part III
    16.6K 211 42

    We're almost there you guys! Thanks so much for sticking around. Time to really flesh out the characters and add more depth! If you haven't already, read Part I-II

    Completed   Mature
  • Six Issues |BxB|
    27.5K 94 8

    Six boys, six issues. Each of them carrying their scars. Each of them trying to move on. And each of them trying to find love.

  • And All That Was Lost... [An Underworld Chronicles Oneshot]
    382 19 1

    [Oneshot] Millennia ago, something happened. The universe Reset. Fates changed, names changed, forms changed, as did destinies of those once entwined. But some things are not meant to change. The Primordials have a sick sense of humor... ...and those destined to meet come together once more. A.k.a My farewell oneshot...

  • Y.O.L.O (Boyxboy)✔
    3.9M 173K 34

    *COMPLETED* (Y.O.L.O stands for: YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE) *** Carter Jones, the school nerd, and Killian Henderson, the reputated troublemaker, somehow end up getting detention together. "How about we make a bet?" Offered Killian, his pistachio-green eyes drilling into mine as a playful smile lingered on his lips. "A bet...

  • Super Girl ✩ {being edited}
    102K 4.7K 39

    "The favourite food of us all, the pizza, if it's properly baked and has all the right topping on it, it contains over one thousand calories. The American chocolate chip cookies we all love and cherish very much - one of them has roughly three hundred calories. If we drink the three litres we're supposed to drink of w...

  • Counting Minutes |MxM|
    215K 19 2

    This story has moved to my new account at dollygrand! ***** A homeless thief with a carefree life breaks into a house that has nothing worth of stealing - except for the heart of a man who is obsessed with time. ***** Blake has been living on the stree...

  • The Fear of Falling Apart (BoyXBoy)
    974K 46.7K 17

    So, there's this girl. She's perfect. And yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, that's what every lovesick sap says about the girl that they pine after but I'm serious. She's literally perfect. She's smart, she's athletic, and she's got this- this amazing laugh that just makes you want to laugh with her. She's tall like a model...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kill Like A Gentleman ✓
    864K 60.3K 51

    Elliot Huxley is tasked to go undercover and find the killer of CEO Adam Delton--the head of the richest family in the country. But as he uncovers the Delton Family's secrets one by one, things turn out to be much more complicated than he thought it would be. *** Undercover Agent Elliot Huxley infiltrates the Delton m...

    Completed   Mature
  • Knockout Boys
    1.7M 94.3K 27

    Not every kid starts high school in sophomore year. Then again, not every kid is a scrawny gay nerd named Rocky Apollo living in Bum Ass Nowhere, USA. Not every kid has to put up with constant bullying from a childhood friend. As if that weren't enough, Rocky has caught the attention of the volatile school bully, who...

  • The Assistant
    16.8M 219K 41

    ***THIS IS NOT THE FULL STORY!!! "The Assistant" has been published so chapters 20 onwards have been taken down due to copyright reasons! :) Kingston Corp. One of the largest and most successful Corporations Worldwide - and also owned by one of the coldest yet flirtatious males known to mankind - Adrian Kingston. He...

  • Haunted in High School
    40.5K 3.7K 37

    Charlotte Johnson's first few months at high school in grade nine were pretty normal. She got good grades, she made friends, and managed to get to her classes on time. The weirdest thing that happened was that her pencils always went missing... that is, until weird things start happening. As she walks home from...

  • Gothic Riddles.
    5.7M 19.5K 9

    Here you will find a vast collection of story type riddles. These stories are "scary when you know the meaning". Can you find the creepy hidden meaning in each one? welcome to the unknown...Detective. May the odds be ever in your favor. HAHAHAHAHA

  • Light as a Feather, Silent as the Grave
    1.2M 66.2K 39

    This is Book 3 in the Light as a Feather series. Book 1: Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board (available on Amazon & iTunes) Book 2: Light as a Feather, Cold as Marble I would like to extend a giant THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all of you who've stuck with these books over the last 3 years.

  • Light as a Feather, Cold as Marble
    3.2M 101K 34

    This is the sequel to Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board, the first book in the Weeping Willow High School series.

  • Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board
    4.7M 127K 30

    This is the original, unedited version of Light as a Feather, Book #1. This book was the inspiration for the Hulu Original Series. The revised version is now available in bookstores throughout the USA & Canada from Simon Pulse. McKenna Brady thinks her junior year of high school is going to be the best ever when she'...

    3.4M 71.1K 31

    The first book of the USA Today Bestselling series! "Though much of the book is light-hearted and occasionally outright hilarious, the author sneaks in a few home truths along the way that will hit you where it counts, like how even someone’s best intentions can box you in." --Everybody Needs a Little Romance "This...

  • White Lies (Book 1)
    10.5M 174K 46

    Jesabel is a liar. When her only friend mysteriously disappears, she does only what comes naturally. She keeps her truth from the world. Without warning, she is thrown into an interconnected web of lies that are far more dangerous, and far more lethal than any she could have imagined herself. With an annoyingly charmi...

  • The Perfect Hybrid
    17.3K 723 26

    Every 100 years, the moon shall be full and is bound to stay at the nights skies for a whole month. During that time, every supernatural creature will be under a spell. The spell in which the full moon binds its creatures to a curse. Their bodies will no longer be theirs to control anymore. They will kill every supern...