jessiedaviclson's Reading List

  • My Tumblr Boy (On Hold)
    • Hunt-The-Haunted
    • 8 parts
    • Updated 3 years ago
    60.7K 1.8K

    Nova is still getting over being dumped by her ex Nathan when she comes across Mycah, one of the most famous Tumblr bloggers amongst teens. When her best frien...

  • One of the Boys
    • knightsrachel
    • 60 parts
    24.8M 351K

    Samantha Evans. A 17-year old girl in her Senior Year of High School. Stereotype says that she should be worrying about what outfit she's going to wear and wha...

  • The Cheerleader and Emo Boy
    • Bring_Me_A_Cookie
    • 50 parts
    2.6M 56.5K

    The cheerleader and Emo boy. Charlotte or Charlie,is a cheerleader but hates it. She has to be exactly like her sister the slut of the school and the head che...

  • Mr.Possessive
    • missabby
    • 33 parts
    • Updated a year ago
    3.6M 31.8K

    Avery is a shy fragile girl with an abusive father. They moved to a new town near the forest where wolves howl at the moon every night. She is hoping for a fre...

  • My arranged marriage to a cocky...Hot Alpha (Complete)
    • Blue_Flame24
    • 36 parts
    2.8M 40.6K

    Beverly Rachel McAdams the typical fresh out of high school girl. She lives with her single mother, and cannot afford to go to college or university. One day s...

  • Bound for the Monster
    • PPLwriter
    • 7 parts
    • Updated 3 years ago
    88K 2K

    When rumors of evil creatures and monsters spread through Nadia's small village, she never thought she would have to come face to face with them. As her father...