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  • Unwanted Attention ✿ Yandere Cousin x Reader
    242K 9.5K 19

    Takumi was always there for you. He often watched you in your sleep, listened to you breathe and loved to play with your hair. But, hanging out with your cousin everyday was a bad idea. The more you were around him, the more he became obsessed with you which never made him regain his sanity again. ❁。•❁。•❁。•❁。•❁。•❁。•❁...

    Completed   Mature
  • Broken(Masky x Reader x Hoodie)
    226K 8.7K 39

    "Y/N. Just say one word. Hoodie or me?" "I-I don't-..." I paused. The words wouldn't come out right. My eyes darted from Hoodie to Masky ¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿? Y/N was a young girl who lived a normal life. She had everything she needed and was prepared to graduate from university and find a job, t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Living with CreepyPastas
    8.2K 322 22

    Title says it all people! It's just your usual reader insert. I'll try to keep it interesting, but if you have any suggestions, please do tell me.

  • Living With The Creepypastas
    104K 2.6K 63

    Y/N was only 9 years old when her not-so-loving parents abandoned her in the woods, hoping she would die. But Y/N managed to survive up to the age of 16, living through the cruelty of the world. One day, she snaps, and ends up on the run from the police. Until she came across a little girl who led her to a home full...

  • Camp Creepypasta (Ticci Toby x Reader)
    970K 33.1K 33

    Slendy needs more Creepypastas. So he takes Splendy's advice and makes a summer camp to train some chosen kids to become Creepypastas. He sends out letters to the chosen kids to tell them that they have been chosen. You live with your little brother and abusive father. What happens when you get one of the letters and...

  • Badass- Fremione
    36.2K 1.4K 9


  • The Veil
    5.4K 252 11

    TimeTravel AU

  • Harmione :: One Shots
    21.5K 568 19

    Book of Harry and Hermione oneshots. Sad, Happy, Funny and hilarious moments of Harry and Hermione. Don't forget to VOTE and COMMENT! I DON'T OWN ANY OF HARRY POTTER CHARACTERS

  • The Shadowhunter Inside Hogwarts Walls
    52.1K 1.6K 45

    [ 1 in the 'Crossover Series' ] Hermione carried a big secret with her since she attended Hogwarts. She is not a witch. She is a Shadowhunter, a Nephilim. She was raised in New York until the Clave decided she should participate in a big project: Project Hogwarts. She gets torn between two worlds. What when she gets...

  • Blame The Weasley Family
    67.1K 797 6

    Fremione Smut-This is really long

    Completed   Mature
  • Safe and Sound
    62.8K 2K 14

    After the War, Hermione and Fred find each other.

  • I'll Fight For You - Fred/Hermione
    611K 16.1K 45

    [FIRST INSTALMENT] Fred Weasley is known as the joker and one half of a twin. His dazzling good looks, gorgeous blue eyes which contrast perfectly with flaming red hair and his ability to do well enough in his exams without actually trying. He's near enough perfect, isn't he? Then there's Hermione Granger. The know...

  • I Learned Your Pulse
    315K 8.5K 45

    Hogwarts is a welcoming place when you've never seen it littered with corpses; when you've never seen the lights fading from a person's eyes, when you've never heard the screams that echoed through the air. Of course, very few of the people there haven't seen it like that. Nightmares wreak havoc among Draco and Hermio...

  • Percy Goes to Hogwarts - [Percy in Hogwarts Series:Book 1] ✓
    629K 10.8K 25

    Percy gets a letter from Hogwarts asking him to attend the school for sixth year after his holidays.What happens when the two worlds crash? Takes place after the Giant War and Wizard war.

  • Knowing How It Ends
    13.9K 562 5

    When her time turner malfunctions, 16 year old Hermione Granger manages to end up in Marauders era Hogwarts, where four legendary hooligans make mischief and wreck mayhem on the school. Among them, she finds Remus Lupin - her future professor. Caught in the midst of the antics of the Marauders and sorting out her feel...

  • Through Her Eyes ✔️
    107K 4.8K 38

    Hermione Granger is cursed by Bellatrix Lestrange during the Battle of Hogwarts, sending her tumbling off the side of a bridge to - supposedly - her tragic end. However, upon awakening after the fall, Hermione finds herself living almost 20 years in the past under the Pureblood name of Lady Hermione J. Black. But with...

  • The Lost Zabini
    62.5K 1.3K 16

    Is the Hermione Granger we all know and love really who she said she is? Are her friends going to ditch her? Being continued.

  • Hermione Riddle, the Dark Lady
    422K 10.1K 53

    Everyone remembers that one, terrible night where Cedric Diggory was murdered and Voldemort returned? That night, someone watched in the shadows. What happened before and after that? + I have done the editing the best as I could, guys! +

  • When Myths Meet Magic || 5
    212K 10.1K 49

    Book 5 of When Myths Meet Magic. Harry has a problem. Several, actually. One of them is his social life, one of them is shaped like a toad, and one of them is missing a nose. Not to mention the old headmaster giving him the silent treatment. Ron and Hermione aren't the only ones there to keep Harry's spirits up, but t...

  • When Myths Meet Magic || 4
    165K 7.3K 30

    Book 4 of When Myths Meet Magic. The triwizard tournament. A tournament that consists of three schools, three representative sorcerers, and three life-threatening courses. Just your normal competitive wizard tournament... right? Fandom Time Period: Takes place during The Goblet of Fire but after Blood of Olympus DIS...

  • When Myths Meet Magic || 2
    285K 11.3K 30

    Book 2 of When Myths meet Magic. Four more demigods join Percy, Annabeth, Nico, and Thalia at Hogwarts, which you would think is enough pain in itself. But when a cat turns up mysteriously petrified and Harry is revealed to be a Parselmouth, things get even more complex. Fandom time period: Takes place after The Blo...

  • When Myths Meet Magic || 1 || a Percy Jackson Harry Potter crossover
    504K 17.9K 23

    When Percy, Annabeth, Nico, and Thalia get assigned a quest to protect Harry Potter, they never expected it to be back in time and in a whole different world: a world of magic. In Hogwarts, no one suspects a thing. But what happens when three young wizards find out the truth? Fandom time period: Takes place after the...