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  • Zodiac Boarding
    60.7K 1.9K 50

    What happens when 24 people are in the same Boarding school? Do I still have your attention? It is a huge Boarding school, a gigantic hotel almost. Except they are the only ones that go there. There are twelve of each gender. Each representing a Zodiac sign. They don't know that yet though, all they know is they went...

  • ♔ Zodiac Signs ♔
    13.4M 692K 201

    |zodiac sign book ! | |daily posts ... | |tag your friends for me please ! | |leo myself ... | | cover made by Euphxnious, ty bb. |

  • Behold The Zodiacs
    630K 23.8K 200

    Hello~! This is mainly "the signs as" and squads and stuff like that! I know there's a lot of books like these, but I decided to make one too for fun ^.^ Until next time~! - Kate ⭐️ [COMPLETED]

  • Creepy Riddles
    301K 8.3K 135

    Highest rank: #12 in Horror, #70 in Random & #71 in Scary WARNING! this book will make sure you check every corner of your house. hey, ermmm... what's that black statue doing behind you? hehehehe there will be slow (but sure) updates because i do have a life and other things that I am working on

  • Murder Riddles
    15.6K 314 23

    [#Highest Rank- #297] 1k reads on:Oct.25.17 - Can you solve these Crimes? Was it a murder? or suicide? Also, some of them will not be about murder, death, etc. I will try to be as descriptive as possible to h elp you solve it. And if I'm not I'm sorry. Comment what you think happened #895- Oct.17 #599-Oct.27 #842-Nov...

  • Zodiac Camp
    6.8K 396 16

    The zodiac signs head to camp! Watch them do your favorite camp activities and more. I may be taking suggestions. Pictures from 10,000+ Wallpapers Cover by @SMaristany Go check her out, the covers are amazing!

  • The Twelfth Zodiac, Pisces
    47.2K 1.4K 30

    Basically, a zodiac story from Pisces's point of view. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

  • Our Legacy
    230K 9.1K 60

    This is a Modern!AU. Hamilton and the rest of the "squad" somehow travel to your home. You then decide to take them to the musical "Hamilton". This is pretty much their reactions to all the songs cause I figured why not? I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC/SONGS OR THE MUSICAL. Those belong to the wonderful Lin Manuel Miranda. I...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hamilton Reacts To Modern Stuff
    304K 11.1K 143

    -requests currently closed- People from 1700-1800 learn about 2000 stuff. Warning, there might be my weird sht in there. ••• #111 in fanfiction #40 in #hamilton #2 in #eliza #5 in #johnlaurens Mature - swearing and sexual references.

  • Undertale Zodiacs
    24K 850 11

    because there isn't any that i have found. and i have been reading a ton of zodiac stuff. So ya. Seeing the possibility of finding out your undertale life fills you with DETERMINATION donate mons to tem, get dunked on, and eat spaghetti. AND SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY i'm sorry. blame public schooling and denver for allow...

  • The Undertale Bible
    4.6K 349 11

    Okay so I'm seeing all these Kpop and other bibles for bands but,,,, Where's the Undertale bible? Oh here it is- This will contain shitposts and little facts about Undertale and its characters. Honestly, this is mostly for fun purposes, but if I feel like it I may share a little fact or two I DO NOT OWN UNDERTALE OR I...

  • Undertale Junk
    73.3K 3.7K 62

    You know the drill.

  • Things Only Undertale Fans Will Understand
    43.7K 3.4K 92

    Hey, Undertale Fans. Here's what to expect from this book: "Big boner down the lane" ☆彡 absolute shit (yes, that was actually in the game... and there's plenty more where that came from :))

  • Underfalls (Gravity Falls/Undertale Crossover) DISCONTINUED
    26.1K 752 16

    What if Chara and Frisk get stuck in Gravity Falls? Just read for explanation.

  • Parallel Personalities
    38.5K 1.3K 13

    What do you think will happen if during a Hamilton performance, the cast is transported back in time to the 1700s and meet the Hamil squad? How will they adapt? And how will they get back?

  • Undertale Zodiac Signs
    9.3K 432 16

    This is my first try... I'm sorry if I suck xP

  • Rights and Wrongs (Undertale Fanfic)
    4.4K 278 11

    Hey, Turtle here! Me and @StarryPenName did a collab together! We both will have the full story, so whoever you find first, don't forget to head over to the other person's, and give them a few votes... or something... or just say "hi" for me.... Oh, also throughout the story, there will be a subtle reference to the r...

  • Undertale Shorts
    26K 2.1K 30

    A bunch of Undertale short stories! ... Which, despite the cover, are not only about Frisk, Flowey, Alphys, and Sans. There are other characters in there too. Aww, who'm I kidding? Probably 90% of this is skelefam fluff 'n' feels.

  • Undertale: What If...?
    17.7K 656 4

    Undertale is a game with multiple endings, everything that you do redefines the whole world around you. But... What If...? What if Sans found you first before Toriel? What if Flowey was possessed by someone else? What if Papyrus was evil? What if Undyne never met Alphys? What if Asgore had died before the events of th...

  • @Reply ⤞ Undertale Texting
    12.7K 1.2K 72

    Because no one's ever done this before. "What's a computer? What's a chat room? What the hELL IS A KEYBOARD AND WHY IS IT MAKING WEIRD SYMBOLS ON THIS MAGICAL WINDOW?" -Mad Dummy --- Chatrooms between the cast of Undertale. •Title inspired by '@Reply' by Set It Off.

  • Undertale: Flowey's Growing Soul (Sans x Flowey)
    26.3K 617 22

    RATED 18: WARNING: CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE AND SEXUAL THEMES. Frisk spares Flowey's life for a better chance at life and she gives the flower her soul. But after what he's done, no nobody will accept him. They hate him...except for one, and this "one" has made Flowey have strong feelings for him...maybe fee...

  • Ask and Dare the Undertale Characters
    28.3K 1.7K 73

    What the title says...

  • Undertale Characters React to Ships
    130K 6K 87

    Okay, so basically, I'm going to try to take any canon clues I can find to come up with their reactions to the ship. It will follow the same order as my own opinions if you want to compare or something, xD. But this is all for fun! I don't even know if I'm gonna portray them right, but...HERE WE GO!

  • Random Memes: Part 2
    121K 8.1K 200

    Another book of memes for you to enjoy. Don't even know why I made one again. Welp, stick around and join some memes.

  • [DEAD]~Undertale Ask and Dares~
    1.2K 64 29

    This is my second book so yeah, please, dont judge.. This is the only thing I could think of rn XD

    202 22 6

    featuring some sh*tty "art" by me ugh first book i dont have any ideas enjoy or cringe idc

  • Maybe Just Maybe [Zane x Fem!Reader]
    23.7K 544 76

    ~Hey guys! I'm doing this fanfic for a friend of mine a.k.a @ComebackQueen_12325 because she likes Zane from Aphmau's series MCD,PDH, and Mystreet. Enjoy!!! I would like thank @ComebackQueen_12325, so I made this fanfic and for all those Aphmau fans!! This will be set in MCD! -Liz [Book known as The Reason I Changed] ...

  • Caged
    73.9K 2.1K 26

    "Hearts are wild creatures, that's why our ribs are caged." -Anonymous ~~~~~~~~~~ A PDH au Zane x Reader ~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: THIS BOOK MAY CONTAIN SOME SELF-HARM AND VIOLENCE! NOT A LOTS BUT SOME! Credit to ThatPsychoWoman for the awesome cover.

  • Zane Ro'Meave: (A Zane X Reader)
    107K 3.3K 34

    Book Originally Started: 5.04.16 Book's Rewriting Started: 12.07.18 (You can go read the rewritten chapter(s) first if you want, but you can read the original of course) You and Zane are basically the epitome of partners in crime, since you were mere infants until you two graduated college. When your parents decide to...

  • Zane x Reader (mystreet) BOOK 1 #Wattys2016
    74.1K 2.2K 24

    You and Zane were best friends since childhood but when you turned 7 years old you were struck by a car, causing you to have amnesia. Zane tried his best to get your memories back but it was too late, you and your mother had moved weeks after the accident. Now you had moved next door to him, but you still have your me...