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  • Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart - GerIta
    358K 11.9K 18

    AU. Italy, WW2. Feliciano Vargas is a passionate, if slightly scared, Italian resistance member. Falling in love with a German fighter pilot was the last thing he expected... and it will test his national loyalty, and his heart, to their limits. \\ I DO NOT OWN THE STORY! I read this online and I wanted to put it on W...

  • We'll Meet Again - USUK
    119K 4.4K 13

    WW2 AU. Londoner Arthur Kirkland's pub, the Emerald Lion, is overrun by American servicemen on leave. One in particular is driving him to distraction - loud, brash fighter pilot Alfred Jones. Unable to stop it, Arthur finds himself falling for Alfred's charms - just as the pilot is preparing to leave for war. \\ I DO...

  • Rusame - I've Been A Naughty boy
    22.6K 960 33

    teacher x student

    Completed   Mature
  • Blue Veins • Rusame
    136K 6.2K 31

    The Cold War left Russia and America on bad terms, but it's been years now, is it possible for them to become friends? Bonding over their troubled pasts might just do the trick. (tiny bit of Prucan) *I do not own Hetalia or any of the characters* -this fic is awful i apologize in advance-

  • Say I Love You (Hetalia RusAme)
    57.4K 2.5K 8

    (Warning kind of gory) Russia absolutely can't stand the sound of America's voice. When America comes over uninvited with a couple of drinks Russia unexpectedly slits America's throat. He isolates America in his home and enjoy's the fact that America can't speak anymore. Although as the months go by America begins to...

  • Loving The Enemy ( America x Russia )
    219K 7.4K 29

    Alfred, who has been told to shut up and grow up all his life, fears the scary and powerful Ivan. But to prove he is strong and to protect his friends, he attempts to face his fear. Ivan, a lonely Russian whose immense power has caused him to be very lonely and feared, hates the childish actions of Alfred. But what ha...

  • My Little Sunflower [RusAme]
    56.4K 2K 12

    I'm not all that great at descriptions ;A; I just hope you enjoy my fan fiction~ It has several tidbits of other ships as well~ There is also some sexual themes in the chapters, so if you are not comfortable with it, please do not read! ^J^

  • Rusame - Lets Fuck
    194K 5.7K 60

    I hate you, I hate you not. I HATE YOU. Fuck me in the ass

  • Book of Rusame
    130K 3.6K 33

    Just fluff, some angst and blah blah. Just lots of oneshots. Taking requests! There will be other ships in the background some chapter. Have fun having feels! Do not own anything.

  • Mine, Forever and Always
    73.4K 2.7K 14

    "Those eyes were ravenous, hungry for power and would do anything to get it.  And in Russia's eyes that is what was truly beautiful. He would do anything in his power to make those beautiful, powerful, icey blue eyes his and his alone."

  • The Secret
    86.8K 3.2K 22

    Everyone knows of the fierce competition the Soviet Union and United States were locked in for decades after the Second World War. The stockpiling of weapons, launching to space and other events that changed history. There was a secret, though, that the two personified nations did not even tell their bosses. A secret...

  • Hetalia Oneshots
    1.4K 36 10

    A book about all your favourite Hetalia characters in Oneshots.