KeepCalmLoveSeverus's Reading List

  • Almost A Fairy Tale
    4.8K 139

    I love fairy tales. I really do. I want everything; the Prince Charming, the white carriage, the grand ball, the beautiful gown and the glass slippers. In this...

  • On the lines of Wonderland
    1.6K 19

    My name is Alice, I fell down the stupid rabbit hole a week ago and haven't been able to get back since. Personally I think it might be a good thing. I mean go...

  • The Guardian - Rated R excerpts
    • feydoc
    • 3 Parts
    • Updated 3 years ago
    23.1K 357

    These are R-rated excerpts from The Guardian. It wouldn't let me keep the PG-13 rating the rest of the book holds. Enjoy if you'd like, it doesn't add anything...

  • The Guardian Chronicles Book One: Finding Grace
    2.6M 28.4K

    {WATTY'S 2012 finalist} ***Formerly The Guardian*** Evan Whitman is a emergency trauma physician with a special gift. She has the ability to feel the energy of...