• Expect the Unexpected (A Mindless Behavior Love Story)
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    Okay well this is my story. If you like it comment, vote, and request. If you don't then I have nothing else to say to you. If you have any ideas or suggestions just let me know and I'll see if I can fit it in the story. Well I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. *Note: This is not how any of the...

  • Start Of Something New
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    Ray Twin Sister Comes And She Sees Chresanto Who Is A Womanizer Right Along With Ray, Jessica Plays Hard To Get But Read To Find Out

  • Rest Of My Life
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  • Hard To Get.™
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    Trey. He’s the player of the school. Hell, he can have any girl he wants. Except Destiny Munroe. The new girl. Trey decides she is his next victim but he's got his work cut out. He soon realizes Destiny is immune to his charm so he comes up with a new plan. He teases her, but he soon finds she's feisty when she teases...

  • Just Another Diggy Story....
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    This is a story all about YOU and Diggy.. For all the Jetsetters out there.. :)

  • Old Feelings Always Return.(A RayRay Love Story)
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    Kyah is finally 21 years old and has Two Twins. Mircale Rae Rayon And Moni Kay Rayon.Yes these are RayRay from mindless behavior Aka Randy Rayon Kids,Her and Randy use to date since they were 14,2 years later at age 16,She got pregnant With her twins,After she told Him,He said he didnt have time to be Having Any kids...

  • Mindless Behavior Love Story (Rated R) Love Comes and Goes
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    Hi:) Please read through the story of four girls whose dream come true when they meet the most sexiest band on earth for black girls ( and white girls i guess) ages 10 -17. Please Comment & Vote!

  • Straight Up Mindless
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    MINDLESS behavior™ Visits Carnagie High For O5 Months But With Ray Ray And Princeton Fighting Over One Girl And Roc And Prod Struggling With Their Girlfriends, We'll Have To See Whos Just Straight Up Mindless

  • <3 Mindlessly In Love w/ MB <3
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  • Love Doesn't Always Last ~ A Mindless Behavior,Ray Ray Love Story~
    • TeriaLera
    • 25 Parts
    • Updated Apr 05, 2012 11:10PM
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    Ray Ray Has Made Scarlet's Life Hell Ever Since The Beginning Of High School. What Happends When He " Accidentaly" Hits Her, In The Head, With A Sharp Rock And Has To Take Care Of Her Until She Is Better? Will He Fall In-Love? Will Scarlet Ever Forgive Ray? Read And Find Out!

  • You Think YOU Bad (MB Fan-Fiction) * FIRST BOOK, BASIC AF*
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    What happens when 16 year olds get caught up in destruction?