hockeychick96's Reading List

  • Will it last?
    5.5K 68

    Ali is dating Jordan. Everything is going amazing but then something terrible happens. Will they make it through the rough patch or will complications get in t...

  • Love is the Feeling; Hockey is the Game (Claude Giroux Fan Fiction)[Finished]
    26.3K 306

    Kiana Jones has done nothing but take care of her family for the past 11 years since the night of her father's death. And since then, there has only been one m...

  • Love Strong Like This Won't Fail ( A Tyler Seguin Love Story)
    13.6K 154

    Riley Bauer now Riley Seguin is probably the best hockey wife a guy could have. She is smart, independent, and supportive. This makes Tyler Seguin lucky and sh...

  • I have never wanted someone as badly as I want you - Braden Holtby Love Story.
    2.6K 33

    Bella Turner is your average 21 year old girl; she goes to college, has a part time job, and hates the Washington Capitols with everything she has. Despite liv...

  • I Do Love You But Do You Love Me? (A Patrick Kane Love Story)
    17.1K 172

    Taylor Kelley is a hard working, down to earth girl, who loves her family. Growing up with the Blackhawks meeting them is a dream come true. But when Patrick K...

  • We'll Give It A Shot (A Tyler Seguin Love Story)
    73.5K 785

    Addison Hall (no relation to Taylor Hall) and Tyler Seguin are the best of friends. Her family was Tyler's billet family when he played in the OHL. She moves t...

  • Pretty Little Pittsburg
    • stotzie
    • 3 Parts
    • Updated Aug 24, 2012 03:37AM
    1.5K 12

    New job, new people, new team.... Ya right! Ava a die hard Oilers fan managed capturing a job with Pittsburgh's NHL team the Penguins. She is the new Medical A...

  • The President's Daughter
    58.3K 974

    Jessica Neely, is the daughter of legendary hockey player, and current president of the Boston Bruins, Cam Neely. Jessica is not the avid hockey fan that most...

  • The Way He's Not
    25.1M 239K

    Bad boys are unreliable, uncaring, arrogant, immature, disrespectful players with no care for laws, rules, guidelines or girls’ feelings, according to Jacey Co...

  • Love Me Hate Me Pick One Already (A Brad Marchand Love Story)
    10.6K 170

    Kelsey Donnie can not stand Brad Marchand. She finds him annoying and cocky, but then a horrible moment happpens in her life. And Brad seems to be a nice guy...

  • The Bro Code
    16M 276K

    So my story was selected by Wattpad and @PPZmovie to receive a kick-ass zombified cover. Pretty cool, right? ****** Rule number 4: If a girl falls into the...

  • My love (Tyler Seguin love story)
    86.5K 920

    Addi Smith has been best friends with Milan Lucic for a while. She is oringinally from Boston, but her dad's job got moved to Vancouver when she was 12. Her ol...

  • Love, Hate and Hockey Skates
    11.1K 136

    When Melissa Sparks is commissioned to write a book on a famous hockey player, she doesn't expect that hockey player to be Christopher Kellar, the most popular...

  • Skate to My Heart
    1M 10.3K

    Angelica Crushly grew up around hockey. Her father used to play for the Philadelphia Flyers winning them a Stanley Cup in '85. Now, he's the coach. All the pla...

  • Malkin and Me
    20.4K 263

    After leaving Russia to escape an abusive relationship, Lida moves in with a distant family friend and famous hockey player, Evgeni Malkin. Though from the sam...

  • You Hold My Heart [Re-done]
    15.5K 190

    Kira makes the long travel from Russia to Pittsburgh for a new job, and moves in with long time friend Evgeni Malkin. Can she survive in a new place, with no f...

  • A Pittsburgh Penguins Love Story
    • Mal8787
    • 28 Parts
    • Updated Mar 01, 2012 12:04AM
    50.1K 315

    Malana is a regular college student. She and her three best friends are having the time of there lives living in the greatest sports city in the world. When th...

  • Breaking Mr. Hockey
    • ursa-maj0r
    • 36 Parts
    • Updated May 23, 2014 04:57AM
    175K 1.9K

    He may be no Gordie Howe, but he sure is making a name for himself. Zachary Howard is the star studded forward and captain of the University of Michigan's Hoc...

  • Thin Ice
    31.4K 485

    * Sequel To Neutral Zone* When Justin comes back for his second year in the OHL, he has a brand new attitude, one that Kae Anderson, his girlfriend of 8 month...

  • Until You're Too Old or Someone Finds Out
    12.2K 124

    Samantha, better know as Samuel, Swift is the only girl playing in the NHL. What's wrong with that? Nothing much, other than it's an all male league. What if s...

  • The Promise of Forever
    10.9K 212

    It's the summer of 2011, and Elena Hart thought that finally she was going to get a chance to kick back and relax. However there are a change of plans when som...

  • Never Date A Hockey Player
    15.2K 265

    "I didn’t he know he was a hockey player. I knew he was just about the cutest boy I’d ever seen in my life, but I sure as hell didn’t know he was a hockey play...

  • Take Me as You Found Me
    5K 101

    The two come from very different backgrounds. One plays hockey, the other is a dance instructor. She has a lot of bagagge for being so young,but will the capta...

  • Breaking Through the Barriers
    129K 1.8K

    Lauren Armstrong is an ice hockey player for her school, Boston University, women's hockey team. But Lauren seems that her playing on the team is a joke since...