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  • we meet again (sequel to the class nerd) : a ryden fic - ON HOLD
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    after two-and-a-bit years, they meet again, but not for the best reason.

  • the class nerd : a ryden fic
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    brendon is a fuckboy. and he's been with practically everybody in his year group. apart from... the class nerd. copyright 2017 elvisdepressedly on wattpad. cover art is not mine, credit to artist.

  • terms ⇢ ryden
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    ryan is masculine. brendon is feminine.

  • Whatever It Takes | Rydon
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  • Filthy Lucre (Ryden)
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    Ryan Ross is living the American wet dream. He's rich, he's good looking, he's paid just to turn up at parties and he spends his days doing drugs and climbing into bed with eager and willing boys and girls. Brendon Urie is a man bordering on desperation - whoring himself out to wealthy men in an attempt to support him...

    Completed   Mature
  • Platonic | Ryden;
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    this is exactly as the title says. it's just platonic ryden. there won't be any relationship drama in this. they're just friends being doofs.

  • oh what a shame ; ryden
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    ryan ross is a pretty odd boy. he's a sad teen who draws on his face and paints in his notebook and then posts it on his blog. but things get pretty odd, when he gets a message from another pretty odd boy. (lowercase intended) (trigger warning)

  • Home Alone (Ryden/Rydon 3 Shot)
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    Ryan's home alone for a month whilst his parents are away for their second honeymoon, except he's not alone. His boyfriend Brendon happens to be staying with him and well two hormonal teenagers in a house, you can see where this is going.

  • My Heart Speaks. {Ryden Shortstory.}
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    Ryan Works at Build-A-Bear-Workshop, and he isn't really big fan of his job. A customer then walks in one time, and then after that, way too often. It kind of intrigues Ryan a little more and he wonders why this customer is here all the time, not buying much, just there.

  • Kik | Multiship
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    Pls don't read this, it's #trash. I'm only not deleting it bc my friend would actual kill me. - Bebo: Gay? (C)Ryan: Gay. Bebo: Maybe Gay Can Be Our Always or where Gee starts a chat with a bunch of Gays and things get gay - MULTISHIP

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  • Diva||Ryden
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    ✔️Madonna, roller skates and hot pink lip stick those were the things Brendon Urie woreshipped. The 80's came with punks, pop freaks and geeks. Through all of that Brendon found a boy who who was singing Materiel Girl on the subway while chewing hot pink bubble gum.

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    -Everybody talks about the wrong things.

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    "You know we talk a lot. More then we should. When do we listen?" "When someone has something interesting to say." // SEQUEL TO TALK //

  • blocked » ryden
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    in which Brendon comes across Ryans Instagram and takes a strong liking to him ft. fem!ryan cause I live for it

  • periscope ✩ ryden
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    "i still care about us." ✩ ryden oneshot ✩ vicesandvirtxes©

  • Puck//Ryden
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    ✔Ryan Ross plays hockey for Northwestern. He'd figure he would get all the attractive people by playing. Brendon is the president of the drama club, he has temper. What happens when they have to fake date? Will sparks fly or will bruises be left on skin? ©Randomfangir 2016

  • I Thought I Lost You // Ryden
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    New chat with Ryro ! Ryro !: hey Bee boo: hi Bee boo: who r u ? Ryro !: my names Ryan Bee boo: mmmm Bee boo: I used to know a Ryan ✔️ Completed

  • Play Date; Ryden
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    sequel to Training Wheels; Brendon and Ryan never spent a day without each other. But, oh, how things can change. One word: College.

  • Training Wheels; Ryden
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    From Preschool on, Brendon and Ryan grew up together. They laughed together, they cried together. And together, they felt feelings they'd never felt before.

  • redemption // 2 // ryden au
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    (SECOND BOOK FROM LIBRARY BOOKS) bdenurie: I'm done with therapy. bdenurie: And I miss you. bdenurie: How can I redeem myself? (Contains Drug use, self harm, talks of suicide, and many other common triggers.)

    Completed   Mature
  • library books // 1 // ryden
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    New Message Recieved from bdenurie! bdenurie: hi ryonrass: Who is this? How did you even find me on an app where you can't search random names? bdenurie: if I do recall, about five minutes ago I opened up one of my favourite books, and you decided to be the funny person who wrote your username in it. bdenurie: hey bu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ryden Oneshot AUS
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    **COMPLETED**THERE IS A BOOK TWO** So I woke up this morning and I was like "I need to make a oneshot Ryden book." This thought occurred to me when I realized that I've been getting really good ideas but not good enough to write a whole important story and stuff.

    Completed   Mature
  • alphabet boy ; ryden
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    "you think youre smarter than me with all your bad poetry." brendon was popular and did reckless things, like any normal rebellious teenager. partied often and bad douche friends. ryan was a smart kid with high grades. avoided drugs and alcohol and had nice friends. so when the two become friends, it's quickly a to...

  • No Phones In Class
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    Where Ryan gets detention for using his phone in class, but was it really such a bad thing?..

  • hand sanitizer ;; ryden *completed*
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    "you know this stuff is for girls, right?" "fuck off dude." - lol ryan buys scented hand sanitizer and brendon makes irrelevant remarks because he's a werid little shit. !DISCLAIMER! i wrote this book before i educated myself on transgender rights and such so this book is slightly cisnormative and i'm sorry.

  • 『blink back to let me know』 ryden
    7.5K 329 6

    + two boys both obsessed with each other, but neither one knows it + ryden short story + completed + it's really bad and u shouldn't read it

  • Campus (Ryden AU)
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    "Then I see you. You're walking cross the campus. Cruel professors, Studying romances. How am I supposed to pretend I never want to see you again? How am I supposed to pretend I never want to see you again?" (Campus - Vampire Weekend)

  • Little deaths (ryden fanfic)
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    Brendon is left disabled after a car accident and has to go to a special school, but what will he find when he gets there?

  • Blood Rush ➳ Ryden AU
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    Brendon Urie starts Palo Verde high school and is shocked to meet vampire Ryan Ross. Mr. Ross doesn't let Brendon inside his heart. He keeps it clamed shut. But when he gets into a relationship with him he is unable to control his emotions. all rights reserved. copyright © 2014 || Panic-at-the-Ryden

  • love never dies (a ryden fan fic)
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    "brendon i cant." ryan whispers seductively in my ear as i lay there. "ryan, we were meant to be, who cares what your mom thinks?" i see tears in his eyes as he gets up and turns away, ive hit a nerve. i get up and hug him tightly from behind. "no one said loving each other would be easy." i whisper into his ear.