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  • The Serpent Within
    10.4K 2.4K 30

    "Why did you kidnap me?" she asked straight away. "You will be safer here than anywhere else," was his curt reply. "Why?" her voice hinted fear. "Do I count this as your second question?" he asked raising an eyebrow. "I don't mind telling, but you will be left only with--" "No," she cut him off, getting irritated. "...

  • How To Be A Princess
    4.3K 556 41

    What would you do if you found out that you were a Princess? ******* Anna Hastings lived a nice, normal, teenage life for a fifteen going on sixteen years old. She had many friends, loving parents, and two little brothers that o...

  • The Girl Who's Going To Leave
    2K 570 8

    Every story out there will probably make you look forward to one thing. A happy ending. But my story is something that'll promise you many things but one. Laughter? Check. Silly moments? Check. Tears? Check. Love? Well obviously. But one thing that I'm not going to promise is a happy ending. No, it's not a story about...

  • The Secret Life Of Aspen | Wattys 2017 ( Editing)
    4.1K 871 17

    13-year-old Aspen was living with her alcoholic stepfather. Her mother died while saving her from falling off a cliff. Her stepfather Aldrich Faye, believed that she was the reason for his love's untimely death. So he often tortures her and makes her suffer for no reason. When Aspen loses her first teeth, she h...

    38K 1.5K 17

    "My experience with BGBC has been nothing but positive. Since I started with this club, I've gotten more reads in a few weeks than I had in months. When I saw BGBC in my recommended, I checked it out with the intention of finding a way to get more reads, but I've gotten so much more than that. I've gained votes, posit...

  • The Slytherin Girl {Harry Potter}
    1.4K 232 26

    Maybe Bellatrix wasn't always as evil as she seems. Maybe, as a young girl, the LAST thought she ever had was to be You-Know-Who's servant. What if she was a strong student, a nice girl, and the same thing that happened to Neville's parents happened to her? This is a story of a good and normal Slytherin Bellatrix, who...