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  • California Lovers 3 (Urban Fiction)
    33.2K 2K 65

    Life, Death, Baby showers, and funerals. That's the way of life. Maria is becoming a woman and just might be falling in love for the first time. De'Mario is battling his demons and becoming a better person. What secrets do you think are lying under the surface?

  • California Lovers 2 (Urban Fiction)
    52K 2K 34

    Last book, De'Mario and De'Shawn went through hell and high waters to come to find out that they were all each other needed. Lives were lost and trust was shattered but the only bond that remained to stay strong was the love they had for one another. After sacrifices were made and risks taken, De'Mario grew up to be a...

    Completed   Mature
  • California Lovers (Urban Fiction)
    184K 4.8K 46

    De'Shawn comes from a big family with strict parents. So, I guess you can kind of guess what type of girl she is. Unlike the typical "good girl" Shawny likes to flaunt her classiness.Struggling with her family Shawny decides to move out earlier than she thought. She moves to Cali to start her new life. De'Mario comes...

    Completed   Mature